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Ejeas V6 Ski Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset:

Best Helmet Bluetooth Headset Device – Unboxing and Installation | Listen Music & Answer Calls |

The EJEAS V6 Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset is a quality headphone that seamlessly integrates the intercom and music-playing capabilities. It provides reliable audio performance over great battery life.

The complete package of its helmet includes speakers, clips, and other mounts. The EJEAS V6 skiing headphones include your Bluetooth module with an intercom, a pair of speakers, and a mic. The Bluetooth module includes all the music play/pause buttons, volume buttons, power buttons, and intercom buttons for 5 skiers. It is easy to install. Brand out two-speaker pads from this module.

These ski helmet headphones have an intercom feature with a maximum range of 1200m. You can interconnect up to 5 skiers and talk to one in full-duplex mode. The intercom offers accurate operation up to 75mph speeds. They have arranged the mic function with wind noise cancellation. The module itself is weather-proof so no worries about snow spray in the unit. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, the V6 has a 3.5mm port for wired input. And the battery lasts for 8 hours of talk time.

Let us know in the comments section , which Bluetooth headset you are using on your ski helmet . Oh, One think if you love motor riding then these bluetooth headsets also suitable to motorbike helmet . Cheers !

Sena 30k Bluetooth Headset

The Sena 30K is the successor to the 20S, so the 30K is the top of the line. What makes this Bluetooth Headset special is the unique mesh technology. It helps make connecting with a large number of riders easier than ever before.

The Sena 30K can connect up to 16 riders at a distance of 1.2 miles. Dropping down to 4 riders can extend connectivity up to 5 miles. Also, if one rider disconnects due to dropping too far back or taking a wrong turn, they will automatically reconnect with the group once theyre within range.

Just because the mesh system is the big news for this headset, dont think Bluetooth is being left behind. The latest Bluetooth is here too and you can connect to up to 3 other riders at a range of 1 mile.

Additionally, the system comes with all the other goodies youd expect from a premium waterproof Bluetooth headset. You can listen to music, connect to your phone for navigation, etc. The 30K comes with 13 hours of use for just Bluetooth connectivity and up to 8 hours of use for the mesh connectivity. Charge time takes 1.5 hours.

Sena Smh10 Bluetooth Headset Review

If your Bluetooth headset requirement is slightly lower than Senas 20S then you dont need to explore other brands because Sena has designed the SMH10 Bluetooth headset, which has the 3.0 version of Bluetooth along with EDR Class 1 Stereo headset that you can connect to other Bluetooth devices supporting HSP/HFP and A2DP . HSP/HFP and A2DP are very common in Bluetooth enabled cell phones and MP3 players respectively.

So, dont worry about the compatibility mode.

The SMH10 Bluetooth Headset has quite a long range of 900 m which you can use to talk with your fellow riders. Its Multi-Pair function allows intercom functionality for 4 persons, which, by the way, is half of Senas 20S but still a good range to keep in touch with your friends.

The Sena SMH10 comes with a universal microphone kit that includes a boom mic and a wired mic for helmet installation.

Senas SMH10 Bluetooth headset has a Jog Dial feature for an intuitive user interface, which makes it very easy to control while riding. With this feature, you can care less about the controls and focus more on the road.

Overall, I can say that this is a good option for people who are looking for a high-quality Bluetooth headset for their motorcycle at a lesser price. It has many features common with the All Mighty Sena 20S and many others that will work fine just the way they are. Most of all, you will be able to save a lot of money on this one.

Cons: Low Intercom Range, A little too expensive

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Why Use A Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

Whether youre riding solo, pillion or in a group, intercoms make motorcycling more enjoyable as well as a lot safer. Ive ridden all over the UK and Europe and most of the time my husband and I have been riding together. Having helmet intercoms allows us to chat as we ride, as well as point out potential dangers in case the other person hasnt seen them yet.

We also use them on the track- hes teaching me to go faster.

So, if you ever ride with other people, theyre a brilliant way of staying in touch without needing hand signals or fast conversations at traffic lights.

A motorcycle intercom system can also be used to connect with your phone, either to take/ make phone calls or to listen to music. Personally, I dont like listening to music as I ride, but I know many bikers do, so weve reviewed some intercom systems which do that for you. You can even get ones which connect with your motorcycle sat nav.

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There Are Many Benefits When Buying The Best Helmet Headphones

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets: Reviews And ...

1.1. The best helmet headphones are more reliable and provide better quality

The best helmet headphones is more reliable and provides better quality. Consumers need to focus on the durability of a product when they’re in the market for new items.

It’s essential to make sure that you invest in something worth your time and won’t break too easily. It can be challenging to find something that will last however, there are some good qualities to look out for before making your final decision.

Quality materials typically last longer than cheaper alternatives because they don’t wear out as quickly or fall apart at the seams with use like paper does when it gets wet or crumbles in your hands if you try handling it too much. For example, metal is typically more robust than plastic and wood.

Looking for exterior accessories to enhance your car? We have a wide selection of high quality exterior accessories, from full custom paint jobs to mid-range parts. See the full selection below. Read more

1.2. When you buy the best helmet headphones, it will last longer

Have you ever purchased a product that breaks or wears out within weeks? You may have been left wondering how the company could make such low-quality products.

The truth is, it’s not about making low-quality products instead, they are just using lower-cost materials to keep their prices down.

So if you want your purchase to the last longer, there are some things you can do:

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What Is The Best Bluetooth Headset For Helmet

  • Headset and Camera from Senas 10C Pro for iPad & iPhone.
  • Among the women is Sena number 50S
  • Bluetooth Headset: Sena 20SEVO, Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset
  • This product is Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset Dual Pack in which you can receive a universal microphone.
  • This is the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset.
  • the Bluetooth Headset of the Shivena 30K is powered by 30KmAh battery.
  • PackTalk BOLD headsets come from Cardo, Inc.
  • Bose 10S Bluetooth Headset with microphone from Sony.
  • Sena 20s Evo Bluetooth Intercom

    Enjoy your favorite music in stereo, call hands-free, or listen to your GPS for navigation, along with having conversations with other riders or a passenger. The Sena 20S proves to be the market leader, representing a level of refinement. The device ensures enhanced intercom stability with a promised 1.2-mile range.

    This state-of-the-art communication system provides a unique sleek, aerodynamic design, all while offering a great communication system with Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The versatile jog dial feature contributes to maximized ease for users. The reliability of the product is strengthened by its dual communication modules. The audio quality is hands down impeccable.

    Unlike the other Bluetooth devices that interrupt audio, this model will ensure that you will have no such complaints by creating a seamless blend of incoming and outgoing audio. This creates a mixed audio experience. The 20S left little to no room for faults. Hence it came to be recognized as the best in the marketplace.

    It comes with exceptional, crystal clear audio and limited interference. Notable features of the 20S EVO include an integrated shark fin antenna, advanced noise cancellation, versatile conference intercom, quick and easy Bluetooth pairing, along with much more. The device can be used in harsh weather conditions without fear of damage. Plus, it comes with a promised two-year warranty.

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    Sena 50s And 50r Bluetooth Headset Review

    Quick info: High-end, Senas best device, £291 and £309

    The Sena 50S and 50R Bluetooth headsets are two of the most advanced motorcycle communication systems on the market today. The Sena 30K mentioned above is top notch, but these are newer, have even higher spec tech and push the bar just that little bit higher.

    First up, the difference between the S and the R. The S model has an extra hour on the battery and has a slightly larger profile as it comes with a turn dial for adjusting sound. The R model comes with buttons, which Sena say make it more rugged. Really, the main difference comes down to if you prefer buttons or a turn dial and an extra hour of battery.

    Next, the 50 series is better than the 30K because it comes with Mesh 2.0 which allows 24 riders to connect in private mode , you get a Wi-Fi adapter to keep the headset charged and updated with the latest firmware and the 50 gets upgraded speakers and Bluetooth 5.0 .

    • Range: 1.2 miles
    • Intercom: 24 connections in private mode, unlimited in public mode
    • Talk time: 14 hours and 13 hours
    • Mesh intercom: 9 hours and 8 hours
    • Charging time: 1 hour
    • Voice activated: Yes
    • FM radio: Yes
    • The Sena 50 S and 50 R are the highest priced motorcycle intercoms on this list, but theyre also two of the best, absolutely rammed with functionality and extras and warrant the extra price tag.

    Freedconn Bluetooth Headphones For Motorcycle Helmet

    Best Bluetooth Helmets 2020

    The TCOM VB helmet communication system delivers top-notch features at a reasonable price. It has two microphones so that two riders can communicate simultaneously, and it has an integrated FM radio receiver so that riders can listen to their favorite music or news stations during their ride.

    Those who really love to ride their motorbike or drive around on motorbikes will know how dangerous it is to drive without using some kind of communication system or intercom. These systems are quite simple in nature and are utilized by all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

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    Motorcycle Bluetooth 50 Headphones Outdoor Helmet Earphone Bluetooth Stereo Music And Voice Microphone Soft Cable Earphone Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset Universal Helmet Audio System

    as of January 12, 2022 8:07 am


    • Bluetooth 5.0: Bluetooth V5.0, Effective Distance 20m, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled smart devices,Strong signal connection. HandsfreeThe phone automatically answers after 3 rings to allow you to speak with your friends or business partners freely
    • Long Play TimeA built-in 700mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery supports 50 hours of continuous talk and play time and 500 hours standby time. Convenient for motorcycle driving, takeout, express delivery, outdoor sports, snowboarding, skating, etc.
    • Louder Volume & Noise Reduction: Engineer replaced a better quality speakerBy using windproof and noise cancelling technology, this helmet headset transfers clear and high-quality stereo music sound. Solves the sound problem of high-speed driving
    • Waterproof No disturb Dustproof and IPX7 Waterproof by using Nano coating technology. No matter if you ride through the rain or on dusty streets, the headset is protected.
    • Support one-for-two and Battery Display: New version of the helmet headset can connect two mobile phones at the same time, and the battery power can be displayed on the mobile phone screen. Guarantees 12 months of after-sales serviceEasy to InstallDesigned with detachable velcro, one can easily install the headset into the helmet.

    Integrated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

    Sena Outrush Modular Smart HelmetImage links to

    A final option, one that is the newest to the market, would be to go for an integrated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, where the entire Bluetooth system is integrated into the build of the helmet.

    So speakers, mic, control unit, battery are all built into the helmet with no external module at all.

    There are two ways to go about getting yourself a motorcycle helmet communication system, either by using your existing helmet or opting to buy a new one.

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    Sena 20s Evo Bluetooth Headset Review

    Quick info: Higher spec than 10S model, Suited for bigger groups, £209

    The Sena 20S headset is a step-up from the 10S for people who tour in bigger groups. The 20S is an eight-way device as opposed to the 10s four-way system. The 20 also has a slightly better range and charge time and also has multitasking functionality, which means you can have an intercom convo while simultaneously listening to music or your GPS system.

    • FM radio: Yes
    • Audio multitasking allows you to listen to music or GPS while using the intercom at the same time
    • Can be connected to other brands
    • Group conversation with up to eight sets
    • FM radio included
    • Comes with advanced noise control to block out ambient noise
    • More expensive than the similar Sena 10S, but the extra features are worth the money if you ride in groups of over four people.

    Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Faq

    Top 10 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

    There is a lot of uncertainty about wearing a Bluetooth headset while riding a motorcycle. Some people might think that it is not a good idea to modify your helmet in any way, because you can make it less safe. Others will tell you that listening to music while driving any type of vehicle is against the law, because it makes you less aware of the traffic situation. Well, I can tell you that these arguments are mostly wrong.

    Q: Is It Safe to Ride Your Motorcycle with a Bluetooth Headset?

    It is completely safe and legal to use a Bluetooth headset while riding your bike. However, you must always pay enough attention to the road. Also, you should never operate the headset at maximum speed or in heavy traffic.

    Q: Can You Listen to Music While Riding a Motorcycle?

    Yes! It is absolutely legal to ride a motorcycle and listen to music at the same time. Listening to music can be quite relaxing. So, why not play some of your favorite songs and enjoy your ride even more? Keep in mind that the volume should never be too loud, otherwise you wont able to hear the sounds of your surroundings.

    Q: What is the Best Bluetooth Headset for a Motorcycle Half Helmet?

    Q: Which One is Better, Cardo or Sena?

    Well, this question is not that easy to answer. Some people prefer Sena while others are much happier with their Cardo units. Both of these brands offer great Bluetooth communication devices with innovative features such the Mesh network and noise-cancelling technology.

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    Where Will You Be Riding

    A big problem with wireless motorcycle intercoms is that objects can lessen their range.

    For example, lets say that you are riding in a city. You go around a turn, and your riding partner is stuck at a red light. The buildings between you can interfere. Suddenly, youve lost contact with your partner!

    • City riding = need a larger range
    • Open country = need a lesser range

    Nikomaku Bluetooth Headset Helmet :

    NikoMaku Bluetooth Headset Helmets headphones use Bluetooth v4.0 to connect wirelessly to the playback source. An audio-only device that means just enjoying and enjoying music, but these headphones also have an intercom.

    Although it does have a mic, the model I tested does not combine intercom capabilities, although that option is available. Their audio quality ranks them among the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers. NikoMaku ski helmet headphones claim a super slim form factor as their main strength. The earpieces are joined with the Bluetooth module, which is very thin and only 0.27 inches thick.

    These two speaker pieces are connected by wires and are further attached to the mic which is clipped to the helmet. There are 54 velcro strips for attaching the mic and earpiece. The mic has a super-flexible boom that gives it plenty of space to move. Most of these units use Bluetooth v3.0 The latest version offers better details and battery economy. The battery of this unit lasts 7 hours on one charge .

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    Motorcycle Intercom Features To Look For

    When reading motorcycle intercom reviews, try not to get overwhelmed by all of their fancy-sounding features.

    These are the ones you need to pay attention to:

    Intercom Range

    If you are only going to use your motorcycle intercom for talking to a passenger, then range isnt so important. With city riding or larger groups, though, youll need more range. As a general guideline:

    • For smaller groups or open-country riding: Range of up to 500 yards is adequate
    • For larger groups or city riding: Range of at least 1000 yards is necessary

    Sound Quality

    I tried my friends Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system. It was working great until we hit 40 mph . Suddenly, the wind was so loud we couldnt make out what the other was saying.

    To make sure you can communicate with your intercom, look for:

    • Noise-reducing capabilities
    • Wind and engine sound reduction

    Wireless Technology Used

    If you are going with a wireless motorcycle intercom , know that there are various technologies used. Bluetooth isnt the only option!


    Look at the battery life and also how the battery is charged. You dont want your intercom dying on you during a ride!

    Voice Control/Hands-Free

    Many of the top motorcycle intercoms are voice-activated. There are some situations where you wont want your intercom coming on when you speak .

    So, look for an intercom that lets you override voice control and use manual switches instead.

    Number of Connections


    If you want this feature , be sure to check for it before buying.

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