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TikiTunes Set of 2 Bluetooth Speakers with Ground Stakes on QVC
This item TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker, LED Torch Atmospheric Lighting Effect, 5-Watt Audio USB Speaker, 2000 mAh Battery for iPhone/iPad/Android
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4 x 4 x 7 inchesâÂÂ6.5 x 4 x 4 inchesâÂÂ5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches
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4 x 4 x 7 inches
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1 Product Specific batteries required.
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Included Components TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker, LED Torch Atmospheric Lighting Effect, 5-Watt Audio USB Speaker, 2000 mAh Battery for iPhone/iPad/Android

Tikitunes Ratings And Benefits

The first thing about TikiTunes that impressed me was its design that fits perfectly in the outdoor decor. I like enjoying my music in the outdoors, so when I first used this speaker and noticed what it could offer, I ordered two more so that I would balance my patio area.

Using the speaker is easy. Once you turn it on, it automatically enters pairing mode. You will only need to select it from your devices Bluetooth menu and enjoy your music. I was pleased with the longevity of the battery. Its sound quality is also impressive. In a scale of ten, I would rate it a seven. Music comes from the speaker clearly. In fact, comparing the sound quality of the music from my iPhone XS and TikiTunes, I would say the speaker has a much better quality.

The glorious flickering ambient light is also impressive. It makes for an excellent addition to virtually any entertainment setting. It is warm, relaxing, and gentle. Some of the benefits of using TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker include:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 6.5

Led Flickering Flame Speaker

Atmospheric Lighting Effect

This indoor/outdoor portable speaker offers up to 9 hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device. The warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in. Pair up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound.

Ambient LED Flame

Emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.

Pair Two Speakers

Easily pair two TikiTunes together and enjoy true stereo-sound! Supports up to a 30ft transmission distance.

Water Resistant & Dust Tight

With an IP65 rating, this device is dust tight and protected from water, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use!

Accessory Attachment

The threaded insert on the bottom of the TikiTunes is compatible with various mounting accessories, including the Pole & Ground Stake. Thread specification is: ü-20.

Up to 9 hours of continuous play time

Speaker Pairing Capacity:

TikiTunes is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. Connect to virtually any Bluetooth enabled device including:

  • Cell Phones: iPhone, Android, Pixel
  • Tablets: iPad, Galaxy, Surface, Fire
  • Laptops: Mac, Chromebook, Surface
  • TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker + Ambient Light
  • Micro USB Cable

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Tikitunes Review: Is It Really Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I hear about Tiki Tunes all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? In the first use, its punchy bass and flickering light amazed me. The authentic stereo sound system provides me high-quality music experience without any problem. The LED lights work without audio and provide ambiance at night. I tested it in the deep rain and it worked fine and still now working. Also, I carried it with me on all excursions to enjoy songs because I am a music lover. It can be connected from 30 feet distance and I paired two tiki tunes on my birthday to cover a large area. After all, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

9.5out of 10

Tiki torch is one of the popular party decoration items that has been using for a long time. The TikiTunes works like a tiki torch and provide flickering yellow light with punchy bass sound but not hot as tiki torch. It is the perfect gadget for outdoor parties and al weather conditions. In this article, I have presented my experience with the Tiki Tunes Bluetooth speaker and how I am using it.

  • High-quality sound and produce punchy bass.
  • Flickering LED light provides a cool environment.
  • It can cover from 30 ft distance from phones.
  • You can turn on the light without playing music.
  • Lightweight and durable to carry everywhere.

    Pairing The Tikitunes Bluetooth Speakers

    Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Review
    • First The 2 TikiTunes devices need to be one beside the other
    • Second Turn them both on, by pushing the power key in the center one time
    • Third Wait until they begin flashing, and keep holding down the power key on just one of the devices
    • Fourth Repeat the above with all other TikiTunes following the same steps
    • Fifth Open up the device you are using, a smartphone , and make a connection with TikiTunes.

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    Tikitunes Portable Bluetooth 50 Indoor/outdoor Wireless Speaker Led Torch Atmospheric Lighting Effect 5

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  • Limitless Innovations
    Model NameTikiTunes Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker, LED Torch Atmospheric Lighting Effect, 5-Watt Audio USB Speaker, 2000 mAh Battery for iPhone/iPad/Android
    Recommended Uses For ProductFor Smartphones or Tablets

    How Tiki Tune Work

    The look of this speaker attracts users. It looks quite like a torch and it merge comfortably right in with ambiance. When I added 2 speakers to set up environment, it was lot easy. There is no complicated set-up or assembly needed. The set up is provided in the manual as well as in video demo. Charging is not written as pre-requisite, however I do recommend to charge the speaker before use. Connecting the speakers is easy like other Bluetooth speakers. Just pair with the media device and you are good to go.

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    Tiki Tunes Reviews: Benefits

    The Tiki tunes is an exceptional product. It brings the magic you have been looking for in your parties and outdoor events. Ait can be used to set the mood when spending time with your partner. This section of this write-up contains many benefits of purchasing the Tiki tunes.

    Robust Sound Quality

    TikiTunes has impressive high-quality sound. The bass and stereo are fantastic and will help you appreciate your favorite songs. A single tiki tune can produce enough sound to fill the atmosphere with beautiful music.

    Pair Speakers Together

    This feature is the brainbuster for most customers. You can pair two tiki tunes and speakers, together this is more appreciated when you are to host a vast audience that would typically require hiring a DJ. Connecting two tiki tunes gives the perfect vibe of having a powerful stereo device.

    Lit up your evening gathering

    The warm LED light fitted with the tiki tunes flickers like fire. It creates the perfect ambiance. It can be used to watch videos also.

    Take It Everywhere

    The tiki tunes are portable and light in weight. The tiki tunes are dist free and water-resistant, so they will not develop any fault when used outdoors. The devices lightweight also makes it possible for you to carry it anywhere without needing help. The tiki tunes can serve as an alternative to cumbersome speakers and a DJ set that requires different transportation plans.

    Keeps Going and Going

    So Easy, Anyone Can Use It

    Works With both iOS and Android-powered devices

    Tikitunes Review: Best Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

    TikiTunes Bluetooth Wireless Outdoor Speaker Review Tiki Tunes SALE

    Do you love to hear beautiful songs with amazing effects wherever you are? An outdoor party without good speakers and a powerful internet connection make it very mundane and lifeless.

    Enjoying a cold winters night next to a bonfire and remembering old memories of your childhood days with the old songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and the speakers lose the connectivity.

    It is a moment doomed by the horrible functioning of the speakers. Do not let this happen and buy a one-of-a-kind light show TikiTunes Wireless Speakerand experience great happiness listening to the golden oldies or the latest rock songs and let the party be a hit instead of a miss.

    Speakers with mediocre quality and connectivity are show spoilers. Let your social gatherings be show stoppers with amplified music and smooth connectivity.

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    Have A Question See Our Faqs

    Can I turn the LED flickering light off?

    Yes and its very easy to do! Just press the center button on the TikiTunes with the lightbulb icon to power ON and OFF the LED flickering light.

    Can I listen to music while charging the TikiTunes?

    Absolutely! You can listen to music and use the LED flickering light while charging the TikiTunes.

    Is the TikiTunes rechargeable?

    You bet! The TikiTunes has a rechargeable battery and can be charged using the included Micro USB Cable.

    How long does it take to charge?

    The TikiTunes takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge from a fully drained battery. Once fully charged it will play for a minimum of 6 hours. Many of our customers report much longer play times.

    How do you pair 2 TikiTunes together?

    Press and hold the power button on each unit at the same time. Once they both power on, they should automatically sync to on another. If they do not automatically pair, simply press and hold the play/pause button until the devices pair together.Please Note: You must pair the 2 TikiTunes Wireless Speakers together before pairing to your device. Simply power off both TikiTunes and start from the beginning if you experience any issues pairing your speakers. Please contact customer for additional assistance at 843-4828.

    How do I connect my phone to the TikiTunes?What name will appear for the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker in the Bluetooth settings?


    What Is This Tikitunes

    Tiki tunes is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that makes the room ambiance by flickering yellow light. Produced by a reputable company called Limitless Innovations, TikiTunes is a small, portable, Bluetooth speaker thats perfectly designed for both the outdoors and indoors. The speaker packs a very impressive sound quality and other features that are sure to give you a great music experience.

    According to the manufacturer, the speaker can offer you up to six hours of continuous music playtime from a variety of compatible devices. It comes with an in-built 2000mAh battery thats rechargeable. You can connect two TikiTunes speakers using dual synchronization abilities. The connection range is up to 30 feet. So even if you have a large apartment, or you are out, say on the beach, you can be sure to enjoy a true stereo-sound with TikiTunes speakers. In addition, its Bluetooth technology works on Android, Apple and Windows devices.

    Perhaps the most outstanding feature about TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the warm ambient LED lights it produces, giving you the perfect ambiance for the evenings out with friends. Another thing that sets the speaker apart is its IP65 rating, which means it is both water-resistant and dust-proof. It is, therefore, one of the few high-quality Bluetooth speakers suitable for use in the outdoors.

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    Can You Pair More Than 2 Tikitunes How

    TikiTunes is designed with a dual-sync capacity that allows pairing up to two devices together. So, you cant pair more than 2 TikiTunes. But by pairing two TikiTunes, you can have a true stereo-sound. While pairing them, make sure the wireless transmission distance is 30 feet, not more than that. Lets see how to pair 2 TikiTunes.

    • Keep More then 2 TikiTunes side by side and turn them on.
    • They will automatically connect within 10 seconds. If that doesnt happen, take any one TikiTunes and press twice the play/pause button.
    • After that, they will sync and press the play/pause button again for un-syncing them.
    • When properly un-syncing, you will hear a sound, and the indicator light will start flickering.

    Tikitunes Review: Tiki Torch

    Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers (Set of 2) @ Sharper ...

    Homewood, IL – – July 29, 2020 – TikiTunes is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker with wireless benefits by Limitless Innovations and offers tiki torch-look-a-like designs with ultimate portability, all while glowing just like a traditional tiki torch while in use. Since this outdoor wireless speaker is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity, users can link it with their smartphone, mp3 player, and more to play any audio and answer phone calls.

    Found only at GetTikiTunes.io, the Wireless Tiki Tunes Speaker is being hailed as the coolest WiFi Speaker ever made and can fit in with indoor or outdoor decor.

    According to Tikitunes, this unique tiki-torch shaped speaker can also be paired to other TikiTunes devices to create a multiple sound setting. Perfect for a backyard party or playing music outdoors, TikiTunes can be a good option for those looking to create a surround sound ambiance or just to have around different areas of their home/office. For more features and the only place to purchase TikiTunes online, keep on reading.

    What is TikiTunes?

    Streaming services like Amazon Music Player and Spotify are essential downloads to any smart device, giving access to millions of soundtracks within seconds.

    Pairing The TikiTunes Bluetooth Speakers

    Buying a TikiTunes Speaker

    For anyone that wants to get a few speakers for surround sound music or just to have around different areas of their home/office, the company offers free shipping for all of the following packages:

    Key Specifications

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    Whats The Best Way To Combine Two Tikitunes

    Switch on both TikiTunes by placing them next to each other. Press and hold the power button on one of the speakers until it begins to flash. Repeat with the other until it flashes as well. Simply pair your phone with one of the speakers through Bluetooth, and youre done. Whatever you play on one speaker will also be heard on the other.

    Tiki Tunes Reviews Consumer Reports

    This section of tiki tunes reviews features comments from verified users of tiki tune.

    ConnieI love my tiki tunes theyre fantastic! Easy to use, put out great sound, I use it all the time. I wish I had ordered more than one, everyone who sees it wants to have it. It would have made a great Christmas present.

    PepperLoving our Tiki Tunes Love that it comes w/usb charger no batteries to worry about & long-lasting charge 1st time we used it after full payment, we played music for 8-9 hours straight & it was still going when turned off . Bonus Love the ambiance of the flickering flame usable with or w/out music Hope to be able to order more in future would be Fun to have several synced together for gathering.Highly Recommend.

    GinniThe quality is exceptional! I bought these as gifts, and every person raves about them. I purchased a few extra, which family members quickly snapped up. I will repurchase it.

    Liz WalkerPleased with this purchase! Purchased 5 for my family members. The sound quality is excellent, the ambient light is a nice touch, the overall look of the speaker is very lovely, and its easy to sync. Very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to friends.

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    Does Tikitunes Work Read Our Special Report

    As a former camping and travel pro, I will confidently tell you that there are three things essential for the best camping experience: a perfectly executed camp-fire, enough beer to you through the night, and, most importantly, a great speaker. Now, if you are looking for a great wireless Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate music experience while in the outdoors, then look no more. Heres a review of TikiTunes, a Bluetooth thats sure to give an excellent atmosphere with your tunes.

    We have looked at the products features, how it works, what customers are saying about it, and why you should consider having it.

    Holiday Shipping Not Guaranteed

    TikiTunes Set of 2 Bluetooth Speakers with Ground Stakes on QVC

    This item is not guaranteed for holiday delivery. Due to the unprecedented shipping volume carriers are facing this year, your package may be delayed. This item is still available to order and ship, but unfortunately we can not promise delivery before Christmas. Each brand has an indicated holiday cut-off date. Please note that our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you’re not entirely satisfied with your order, we will offer a full refund.

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    The Tikitunes Bluetooth Speaker Brings Ambiance And Sound On A Budget

    As Bluetooth speakers have become more common, companies have had to get creative with their design, while also aiming for an affordable price point. The end result is a product like the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker.

    It looks more like the top of a tiki torch than a speaker.

    Weve been testing the TikiTunes speaker for the past week, using it in place of the normal outdoor speaker setup we often use when we hang out.

    The verdict? Its a solid speaker that brings more to the experience than just mediocre sound.

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