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Best Small Bluetooth Speaker: Jbl Clip 3

Top 10 Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon OontZ Angle 3 JBL FLIP Bose SoundLink Anker

Why it made the cut: The JBL Clip 3 is a stalwart when it comes to travel speakers the included carabiner easily clips onto any backpack, belt loop, and moreplus you wont sacrifice when it comes to volume.


  • Available in over 10 colors


  • Lacking in the low-end

The Clip 3 is the best small Bluetooth speaker for those who want to spend less than $50 and stay on the go. It is specifically designed to travel with you, weighing less than half a pound and featuring an integrated metal carabiner to clip to a backpack or belt loop, a waterproof IPx7 rating, and rubber housing that provides shock absorption. While it utilizes a somewhat outdated Bluetooth 4.1, the noise and echo-canceling speakerphone and built-in microphone will keep you connected when youre on the move, and the connectivity range is solid at roughly 10 meters . With a 120Hz 20kHz response range, the bass is less powerful than it would be with a larger speaker, but the mids and highs come through loud and clear. Onboard controls let you play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume they also let you pick up or end phone calls. The Clip 3 is available in 12 colors and you can even design your own on the JBL website, making this tiny but mighty speaker the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts. If youre able to extend your budget to around $80, JBL released the Clip 4 just over one year agoit has improved connectivity with Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C charging, and an IP67 rating.

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

Update 11/25/2021: Users have reported differences in the performance and build of variants of this speaker depending on the first two letters preceding its serial number. We’ve updated the text to include the letters preceding the serial number on our model.

The JBL Charge 5 comes in nine color variants: ‘Black’, ‘Red’, ‘Blue’, ‘Teal’, ‘Grey’, ‘White’, ‘Pink’, ‘Khaki’ and ‘Squad’. We tested the ‘Black’ variant, you can find its label here. The serial number on our speaker begins with ‘TT’.

If you come across any other variants of this speaker, let us know in the discussions and we’ll update our review.

How We Pick And Test

  • Panel testing

    We test Bluetooth speakers with expert listeners, and we conceal the identities of the products to eliminate bias.

  • Wide product range

*At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is as euphonious as Ariana Grande but as tough as Lara Croft. In our brand-concealed tests, our panelists picked this Bluetooth speaker as the all-around most versatile choice. With clear vocal reproduction and a decent amount of bass for its size, it offers satisfying sound for a small area, such as across a picnic table or a couple of lounge chairs on a patio. It has an IP67 rating and is one of the most rugged Bluetooth speakers weve tested, able to survive a 5-foot drop and a dunking in 1 meter of waterbut because it floats, itll probably never dive that deep. The Wonderboom 2s only downside is its battery life, which at 8 hours in our testing is adequate but not impressive. We like the Wonderboom 2s compact design, even if the almost-spherical shape makes this model a little tougher to pack away in a suitcase pocket or laptop bag.

Budget pick

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Also great

Also great

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Best Jbl Bluetooth Speakers Of 2020

  • JBL Xtreme 2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $349.95
  • JBL Boombox 2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $499.95
  • JBL PartyBox 310 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $499.95
  • JBL PartyBox 1000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $1,199.95

Next, we assorted them into ergonomic categories. The outdoor experiences below are where each JBL Bluetooth speaker performed the best.

Best Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker For : Jbl Bose Sony And More

Top 10 Best Bass Bluetooth Speakers in 2020  Bass Head ...

Looking for a wireless speaker to take on the road and don’t want to spend too much? Here are our top picks for affordably priced mini and micro Bluetooth speakers.

    Aside from a good pair of headphones, a portable Bluetooth speaker is the best way to hear music whenever and wherever you are. Not only can you stream your tunes from a phone, tablet or computer, but some of the best Bluetooth speakers also have built-in microphones so you can use them as a speakerphone for .

    Luckily, wireless Bluetooth speakers have improved with time, and now offer better sound, longer battery life, increased Bluetooth range, more reliable connectivity and increased durability, particularly when it comes to water resistance. In fact, several models are fully waterproof and a few can even float.

    Prices have come down a bit too, so you’re getting more for your money. True, when it comes to smaller portable Bluetooth speakers — I call them mini or micro speakers, depending on how small they are — there are some limitations to their sound usually they can only output just so much bass and volume. But for their compact size, many models manage to exceed expectations when it comes to sound quality.

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    Jbl Pulse 4 Wireless Bluetooth Ipx7 Waterproof Speaker Bundle With Divvi Portable Hardshell Travel Case



    The Portable Hardshell Case comfortably fits JBL Pulse 4, making it ideal to bring along on your daily commute or a vacation getaway!

    Product Features

    • Kick start your party with JBL signature sound and a dazzling LED light show all in 360 degrees.
    • The bold, IPX7 waterproof design shines bright and will keep the tunes flowing for up to 12 hours on a single charge.
    • This bundle includes JBL Pulse 4 portable Bluetooth speaker and divvi! portable hardshell travel case
    • Tap the JBL Connect App to change the sound-responsive colors and patterns and connect with other JBL PartyBoost compatible speakers to make your party epic.

    The bold, ipx7 waterproof design shines bright and will keep the tunes flowing for up to 12 hours on a single charge. This bundle includes JBL pulse 4 portable bluetooth speaker and divvi! portable hardshell travel case Tap the JBL connect app to change the sound-responsive colors and patterns and connect with other JBL partyboost compatible speakers to make your party epic. Kick start your party with JBL signature sound and a dazzling led light show all in 360 degrees.

    Product Features

    Product Features

    Product Features

    Product Features

    Product Features

    Product Features

    Product Features

    The Jbl Flip 6 Is Extremely Versatile

    The Flip 6 has the same IP67 rating as the Charge 5 and works with JBL PartyBoost to connect up to 100 PartyBoost speakers for extra-loud output. Oddly, only two JBL speakers of the same generation work with stereo mode the Flip 6 and Flip 5 will not work together for stereo sound. You get an improved IP67 build, compared to the IPX7 build of the Flip 5, and Bluetooth 5.0 this time around.

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    What Are The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

    The best cheap Bluetooth speaker for most people is Ankers Soundcore 2. Anker is best known for its cables and computer accessories, and with this accessory, theyve nailed it. The Soundcore 2 delivers on the things we think are most important in an affordable wireless speaker: it produces well-balanced sound, is water-resistant, and plays for an amazing 24 hours on a full charge. Those are the kinds of features you used to find in Bluetooth speakers that cost $200. Its also easy to take with you, since its not too big or very heavy. To beat the Soundcore 2, youll need to spend a bit more, like on the UE Wonderboom 2.

    If youre someone who often has their hands full and likes to wear their speaker, the JBL Clip 2 is a perfect fit. This sequel in JBLs popular Bluetooth speaker series improves on its predecessor in several ways, including design, sound, and battery life. The several color options Black, Blue, Red, Teal, and Gray are also enticing to accessorize with your wardrobe.

    Those on a tight budget might find the Oontz Angle 3 to be almost as good as the Soundcore 2. The Angle 3 is lighter and smaller, which makes for better portability, but you give up some battery life 14 hours versus 24 hours for the Soundcore 2 and it doesnt sound quite as rich as the Soundcore 2.

    Here are the best cheap Bluetooth speakers you can buy today.

    Jbl Go 3 Vs Go : The Cheapest Jbl Speakers

    Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Put to the Test

    Want to go smaller and cheaper? The JBL Go is the company’s most affordable speaker. The JBL Go 3 is the latest model, launching this year, while the JBL Go 2 joined the range in 2019.

    Differences? The 3 has had a design overhaul, with the metal grille now swathed in fabric. Though it is still a small speaker, its almost 1cm thicker and 30g heavier than its predecessor, and it has a more rounded feel.

    There’s a new chord loop too, the USB-C port is now uncovered, yet it’s actually dust-tight as well as waterproof . It’s also lost the Go 2’s LED power indicator.

    There are new reinforced rubber panels to protect the device, and the Go 2’s 3.5mm port for wired listening and the mic for speakerphone duties have both been nixed.

    It’s all change on the inside, too. Bluetooth 5.1 comes as standard, instead of 4.1, upping the wireless range from 21m to 40m, and power is up to 4.2W . The battery life remains unchanged at a slightly disappointing five hours, and it still takes 2.5 hours to charge it up fully.

    Which is the better bet? The Go 3 has plenty of improvements over the 2, but the 2 can be had for a song right now. So unless the new features seal the deal for you, the 2 could be money better spent.

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    How To Make Sure You Choose The Right Jbl Bluetooth Speaker

    If you are an early or new user, it might be difficult for you to find the proper jbl bluetooth speaker. You might be unaware of certain facets of the jbl bluetooth speaker that you might have been thinking about. But we are here to help you out with that! The recommendations below might be helpful in your chase:

    What Is The Jbl 3 Bluetooth Speaker

    Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of jbl 3 bluetooth speaker is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the jbl 3 bluetooth speaker listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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    Are There Any Jbl Bluetooth Speakers For Karaoke

    Yes, as we have seen, there is at least one model of JBL Bluetooth speakers designed for karaoke lovers too. The Partybox 1000 has an input for an external microphone. So, in addition to offering many functions designed for parties, it will also allow you to organize evenings dedicated solely to karaoke. However, it should be noted that the microphone is not included, so you will need to purchase it separately.

    Hard Case For Jbl Boombox

    Jbl Link 10 Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Google ...

    Ordinarily, the Hermitshell hard storage carrying case will protect your speaker from bumps, thus making it long-lasting as seen in this jbl speakers review. Besides, they are made from quality Eva material that is very strong and robust, making them more durable.

    Furthermore, the best buy jbl bluetooth speaker hard case storage is specifically made to fit JBL Boombox portable best buy jbl bluetooth speaker, protecting it from splashes since its also waterproof. Also, these Hermitshell hard cases for carrying JBL Boombox are made with handles and a large shoulder strap to help carry your best jbl speaker with a lot of ease.

    Generally, its interior is well molded and furnished with soft material that will protect your jbl pulse 3 speaker from scratches, making it look as new as possible.


    First, have you been starved with entertainment from low-quality Bluetooth speakers? Worry not as the JBL Flip 5 is nowhere for you. Generally, it will give you more than 12 hours of playtime, keeping the music going longer and louder due to its impressive in-built battery.

    Besides, the JBL Flip 5 is well covered with the IPX7 water-resistant material so you can bring it to the beach, poolside, and in the rain, as they will not be spoilt. Again, theit partyboost feature will allow you to pair this best JBL Bluetooth speaker with more than one smartphone or tablet, and they will take a turn to give you quality entertainment.


    • Cannot connect with other JBL speakers

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    Other Good Portable Bluetooth Speakers

    If you want smart-speaker functions or a speaker that works with a Sonos system: The Sonos Roam is technically a portable Bluetooth speaker, with a small, travel-friendly, IP67-rated designbut its so much more. It offers Wi-Fi support and can join a Sonos S2 multiroom speaker system , automatically reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network when you bring it home from an outing. It also works as a smart speaker, with built-in support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it serves as a Bluetooth interface for a Sonos systemso you can stream content from a Bluetooth source to the Roam, and that content can stream to your Sonos S2 system. Its about the same size as the Tribit XSound Go and plays only 1 decibel louder. But thanks in part to its TruePlay technology, which automatically optimizes the sound for the space youre in, it sounds much smoother and more natural than any small Bluetooth speaker weve tried. As you can read in our first look at the Roam, the two downsides are a short battery life and a high price.

    If you want a non-Sonos, Bluetooth-capable smart speaker: The Ultimate Ears Megablast Bluetooth speaker also doubles as a Wi-Ficonnected smart speaker. Its one of the picks in our guide to the best Alexa speakers.

    The Characteristics Of The Jbl Bluetooth Speakers

    Given that the catalog of JBL Bluetooth speakers is so vast, it is difficult to identify technical characteristics that apply to the vast majority of the available models. However, in this paragraph we try to briefly collect some of the most important data to take into consideration before proceeding with the purchase, summarizing the most relevant specifications.

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    Bluetooth Speaker Tribit Xsound Go Speaker With 16w Loud Sound & Deeper Bass

    • KILLER AUDIO: With crystal highs, crisp mids and rich bass, XSound Go creates an immersive listening experience unlike any other.
    • EXTREME WATERPROOFING: Pool parties? Definitely.
    • SLEEK & SOPHISTICATED: Tribit XSound Go is as stylish as they come.
    • ALL DAY PLAY: Keep the music pumping all day long.
    • WIRELESS CONNECTION: Dont let cords tie you down.

    Jbl Partybox 1000 Bluetooth Speaker

    Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Exciting Full-Panel LED Light Show
  • Concealed Wheels For Easy Transport
  • 1.) Karaoke & DJ Performance Machine

    Similar to the PartyBox 300, you can plug in a guitar or a microphone and add karaoke to your next outdoor party as well. Just like the PartyBox 300, you can stream music from a phone or a tablet directly to the speaker over Bluetooth or play music offline from a USB stick.

    But, what sets this one apart is the included DJ launchpad and karaoke machine built inside. Your friends will be impressed when you use the DJ launchpad to play the drums, guitar, or piano to record and loop your performance on the fly! This feature adds a whole new dimension to your typical Bluetooth speaker and it will bring a ton of fun and excitement to any outdoor space you set this speaker up.

    2.) Exciting Full-Panel LED Light Show

    The full front-panel will light up and change colors to provide you and your guests a dynamic light show that will recreate the dance club experience right in your living room! Plus, you can connect two PartyBox speakers together wirelessly with the TWS feature or wired from one RCA output to another RCA input for a bigger sound with exciting lighting effects that will rock the house and make your party the one people will remember.

    3.) Concealed Wheels for Easy Transport

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    Are There Jbl Bluetooth Speakers With Integrated Radio

    Yes, as we have seen, there is the Tuner line, currently consisting of only one model, which offers an integrated radio receiver. However, let us remind you that a vast majority of radio stations are now also present on the web, where they can be listened to live. So just take advantage of this online streaming option and connect your smartphone or computer to the Bluetooth speakers, thus listening to your favorite programs.

    The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers In 2021

    SB510 HD

    The best cheap Bluetooth speakers are designed to give you more bang for your buck. They might not match the hardware, specs, or feature set of the best Bluetooth speakers overall, but that doesnt mean these portable music systems cant deliver top-tier performance for a bargain.

    Some of the latest low-cost speakers have stepped up their game, boasting audio-sharing capabilities, longer battery life, and even waterproofing thats on the level of what premium models like the Sonos Roam and UE Megaboom 3 offer. Some even come with app support that extends functionality, though the selection is scarce. Below is our list of the best Bluetooth speakers based on performance and value, helping you find something that will suit your budget very nicely.

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