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10 Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners 2020

Last on our list is the OBD2 adapter. It has real-time engine sensor data. It is compatible with its own app and system. This adapter can be installed easily, and you need to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your phone to start the diagnostic test. Being compatible with 1966 or newer cars and light trucks, this Bluetooth adapter can be great to identify car problems for car owners.

Technical Features of Foseal Reliable Scanner:

  • It is compatible with many car brands
  • It is compatible with android and iOS devices

Panlong Obdii Obd2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Code Reader Turn Off Check Engine Light

  • This stand-alone OBD2 scanner is very user-friendly. You dont have to install App or software on your phone to activate it. Simply plug it into the OBDII port, it immediately identifies your car
  • Show real-time data in both text and graphic form, determine the cause of check engine light, clear codes and turn off MIL Panlong OBD2 scanner will also display the VIN which is a plus when you purchase a used vehicle
  • Quickly display trouble codes, a brief description of the code tells you what it means. You can check your car at home now without having to go into a shop every time
  • Support 1996 and newer gasoline vehicles, 12V diesel & light trucks that are OBDII compliant. Support J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4 KWP, ISO15765-4 OBDII protocols
  • No need battery or charge supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch 1-year replacement warranty

Autel Al619 Obd2 Scanner

For those that are tight on the budget but still want a quality diagnostic code reader for diagnosing different car make and types, then the Autel AL619 OBD-II scan tool will come to your rescue. Instead of red, if you want the black color of this version, then look at this Autel ML619 scanner. As simple as this gadget looks, the code reader has the ability to diagnose most 1996 and newer major vehicle models such as Chrysler, BMW, Honda, GM, Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, VW, etc. Moreover, it is compact and design and easy to use and carry. It features a large display screen for easy reading of definitions and the buttons are intuitive. It is the best obd2 scanner for the money. You may go with a cheaper option like Autel Autolink Al519, or Autel AL319, but it will also limit the feature.

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The AL619 has the ability to retrieve generic, pending, and car manufacturer specific codes. It can also turn off the warning light ad malfunction indicator light. Utilize it to clear codes, reset monitors, graph live data display, and playback live PCM data stream. On top of that, you can switch the devices language to Russian, English, Polish, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German, Dutch, or Portuguese. When it comes to updating the Autel Al619 code reader, you dont have to worry as it comes with a lifetime free update.

Technical Features of the Autel AL619 OBD2 Scanner:



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Our Recommend Top 3 Best Obdii Bluetooth Scanner Comparison Table

  • 3.7.1 FAQ
  • For most of the part, you wont require the obdII software but just your smartphone and the right applications to pair up your phone with. Read further to know more about these Bluetooth scanners and the best models on the market. Remember, the Bluetooth scan device and the obd2 scanner both work the same way to find out the car problems.

    Foseal Wifi Obd2 Scan Tool

    Best obd2 scanner: 10 Best bluetooth obd2 scanner in 2021 ...

    The Foseal OBD2 WiFi Scanner is not just a scanning tool. The scanner comes with a built-in WiFi connection for mobile devices so that you can read, diagnose, and clear any and all OBD2 error codes in your vehicles computer systems. It is great for all vehicles that are OBD2-compliant and comes with data link connectors having 16 pins.

    The Foseal OBD2 WiFi Scanner can show sensor data in real-time after getting each diagnostic, which is especially useful when you are checking the results of modifying your engine replacing any of your vehicles parts. You can collect information on the horsepower, fluid temperature, and fuel status using the display as well. Another great feature is the scanner allows you to see the load value, time advances, air flow rate, pressure intake, and oxygen sensor voltages among other things.

    All this data can be viewed on your mobile devices with the Foseal OBD2 WiFi Scanner when its connected to the OBD2 vehicle system using a stable WiFi connection. The software is amazingly easy to download and install over WiFi onto your Windows, Android, and Apple devices so your car diagnosis becomes easier.

  • Pros/Affordable, quick and easy connection, fast data transfer, supports Windows, Android, and iOS, reads and clears error codes, works for vehicles manufactured between 1996 to the present, one-year money back guarantee
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    Why Use Bluetooth Adapters

    What does a Bluetooth adapter do?

    An OBDII scanner is a very useful car diagnostic device. Bluetooth adapters are quite convenient and easy to use because they can be paired mobile devices. This way, you can fix minor issues without having to run to your mechanic every time. So, whether you are a skilled auto mechanic or a DIY car owner, you will find this device very useful.It is quite easy to use, all you need to do is plug into your cars OBDII port and pair with your bluetooth device the device will read data sent by the cars on-board diagnostic system, detect problems and give you the possible solutions to fix it. It can also provide data on parameters that are not on your vehicles dashboard such as fuel consumption, pressure, throttle position, mass air flow, intake manifold pressure, etc.Information provided by the OBD2 is commonly used by fleet tracking and monitoring to know when a vehicle has fuel insufficiency and engine problems. Also, vehicle telematics device codes can determine and prevent unsafe driving. OB2 also plays a significant role in assisting in remote diagnostics for the determination of pay-as-you-drive insurance costs and rates. OBD2 GPS-based Bluetooth adapter fleet tracking device are capable of monitoring speed, trip data, idling times and over-revving. It can also be useful in monitoring and blocking of mobile phones used while driving. Also, Bluetooth OBD2 scanners maximizes the usefulness of your smartphone

    Does The Check Engine Light Make You Feel Blue

    The best OBD2 Bluetooth scanner should be easy to use and offer various diagnostics tools. At the very least, an OBD2 scanner can check error codes and clear check engine lights. Some scanners offer advanced tools for ABS diagnostics, live data, and more.

    Even if you arent a professional mechanic, an OBD2 code reader can be a useful tool. Not only can you diagnose and address minor car problems, but you can have a better sense of how much a car repair will cost before you take your vehicle to a mechanic.

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    Who Should Consider Buying Bluetooth Scanners

    Bluetooth automotive scan tools are highly-recommended to amateur and professional auto mechanics.

    • Foramateur auto mechanics, Bluetooth scanners can send out useful data like engine speed, temperature, and fuel economy. These can provide users a somewhat complex, but easy-to-understand view about their cars that can serve as guide when troubleshooting car problems.
    • Forprofessional auto mechanics, reading generic and original equipment manufacturer trouble codes would be a lot faster. Bluetooth scanners likewise offer more features that would surely complement to every professional mechanics existing set of automotive tools and equipment.

    Best Obd2 Scanner For Abs & Srs Trouble Codes

    Best obd2 scanner: 10 Best bluetooth obd2 scanner in 2021

    Now, take a look at this scanner manufactured by a well-known and trusted producer Innova. The company has its own patented products and developments in the field of automobile service and is a leading supplier of test devices intended for the automobile aftermarket. Well, it is not just the brand that has drawn my attention. The model differs from other budget ones featured in this review in its ability to search for and detect faults not only of the engine but also ABS & SRS systems and airbags.

    So for some $100, you get a device that is easy to use and provides you a lot of useful information. It is powered by 3 AA batteries which come with the product. In comparison with the previous model, this one is twice as heavy, with a weight amounting to 2.5 pounds.

    Panlong: Check the current price

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    Why Should I Get An Obd2 Scanner Tool

    • Save time and money

    An OBD2 scanner will let you read check engine light codes and even provide a fix. Thats not all, they will also perform advanced functionalities like check battery performance, do smog tests, EPB, key coding, etc.

    Hence, youd be saving a lot of money by fixing small problems yourself and saving a trip to the garage.

    • Better understand your vehicle

    An OBD-II scanner understandably offers a variety of solutions to fix vehicles. It is great if you wish to know your car issues before talking to the mechanics in shops, which may save you more money, too.

    What Is An Obd2 Scanner

    OBD2, or OBDII, scanner ports became standard on all domestic vehicles in 1996 after the federal government pushed to reduce vehicle emissions. OBD2 devices, also known as OBDII scanners work by plugging into a connector typically found on the drivers side of the vehicles cabin under the steering wheel column. It draws data from the onboard computer and produces an error code that corresponds with a particular issue.

    You can view sensor data in real time on modern scanners or translate it into a car code that refers to a specific problem. Although many universal code definitions exist, some vary by manufacturer. So one problem on a Ford could read differently on a Toyota or Honda.

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    Types Of Obd2 Scanners

    There are two types of Obd2 scanners that everyone should know-Scan Tool: This can provide live and recorded data as well as manufacture codes. This can be expensive too.

    1. Scan Tool: This can provide live and recorded data as well as manufacture codes. This can be expensive too.

    2. Code reader scanner: This system scanner can read and clear codes from a car that OBD2 installed. They cant show advanced data.

    How Does An Obd2 Scanner Work

    Universal OBD2 ELM327 V 1.5 Scanner Auto OBDII Scan Tool ...

    The scanner is connected to the diagnostic block, which is located at the base of the steering wheel. Usually, it is a trapezoidal connector under the steering column or bottom of center console. It has several data exchange protocols: CAN , VPW, PWM, KWP2000, and ISO9141. The machines produced since 1996 are available for diagnosis. It was then that they began to produce cars with an OBD2 connector.

    This is a standard type of connector that transmits the maximum number of errors. It fits most machines, but some brands do not support this format, so read the car’s passport before you buy it to learn which type of the connector is in the car.

    Depending on the model, devices can work by Plug and play principle like portable scanners or with APP for your smartphone like Bluetooth/Wi-Fi models.

    Having connected the device to the connector of the electronic control unit, it is necessary to start the car so that it can read errors. Diagnosis is instantaneous. Data can be transferred not only through a standard USB cable, but some scanners can work via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is convenient because the absence of wires is much more comfortable. Immediately after switching on, you will be able to see the main indicators:

    • Coolant is the current temperature of your engine
    • Vacuum – the state of the vacuum brakes,
    • Pressure – for brakes and cylinder
    • Speedometer and odometer – violations are detected here. Drivers can cleverly remove the mileage readings.

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    Carista Bluetooth Obd2 Adapter

    For a universal smartphone adapter that checks all the boxes, the Carista adapter is basically your only choice. Designed to be an adapter that works flawlessly with Caristas companion app , this adapter opens up nearly universal compatibility.

    Unlike BlueDrivers proprietary system, this adapter will connect with Touchscan on a Windows PC or Harrys Lap Timer on an iPhone, and its compatible with Caristas modification and service tricks.

    On our test car, Carista wasnt able to do anything but basic OBD diagnostic scans, so BlueDriver still has an edge for compatibility, but if Carista does include features for your car you might be able to do things that BlueDriver just cant do. This adapter works very well with OBD Fusion, and thats probably your best bet for adapter/app combinations if you dont want to be locked in with BlueDriver.

    Best Overall: Innova 6100p

    The best overall option in terms of price/performance is from INNOVA. Not only will this read codes, but it also offers live data, battery or alternator testing, a built-in color screen, and even the ability to do active testing. This means you can make changes to your system on the handheld and push the changes live to your vehicle. Most scanners dont offer such a feature, especially at this price, making it a great option for everyone. Just be careful with some of those advanced features unless you know exactly what youre doing. Otherwise, you could damage your vehicle.

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    Scantool 427201 Obdlink Lx Bluetooth: Professional Obd

    Next up is the ScanTool 427201. ScanTool is a top brand and trusted in the scanning tool industry. This means that when you buy this scanner, you know you will get getting something good. Customers lvoe the service from them. One great thing about this scan tool is that it comes with its own dedicated app. This means that you don’t have to worry about it not working when you need it to. To make it even better you can still use it with third party apps if you want too. This way you get the best of both worlds because you might find an app that you like the layout better, then the one that it comes with.

    The 427201 can do pretty much anything and is only limited by the app and the car. This scanner is compatible with all 1996 or newer gas vehicles, and most small trucks. If you have an everyday common vehicle, from a common make, then this scanner should work. This scanner may not work however on exotic cars. This scanner uses all five OBD2 protocols, which helps with the compatibility.

    Another scanner from this company is the ScanTool OBDLink MX Bluetooth: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool for Windows and Android DIY Car and Truck Data and Diagnostics . The main difference between the two is that the 426101 is a bit faster.

    It allows single-wire CAN and Medium Speed Can, where the 427201 doesn’t. This is the only difference between the two.

    Best 5 Obd2 Bluetooth Adapters And Scanner 2022 Reviews

    10 Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners 2019

    Are you in search for the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapters and scanners? Surely you are at the right page. This article is meant to help you make most informed decision.

    Why are we writing it? Because this is our field, so we share our expertise.

    The OBD2 Bluetooth adapters and scanners works for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Although iOS will have limitations, as Apple limited ELM327 support years ago.

    If you have less time, you dont need to read all review. The best choices have been selected for you below.

    If you love to read more, you can scroll down with the detailed review. It is always better for you to know more about different types of scanners available, their price tags, compatibility and usability.

    Once you are with the information, the risk of making the wrong choice whenever you are willing to buy will be minimal. Read more about them all and get it right.

    OBD2 Bluetooth Scanners are new and exciting products in car diagnostics.

    In recent times, almost all are not related to mobile devices. You will love it when you have your car details displayed on your mobile.

    The OBD2 Bluetooth Review you have been searching for overtime is now at your doorstep. This is here to help you make right decision.

    Well start with first 5 Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters and Scanners Comparison Chart right below:

    5 Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters Comparison Chart

    Product Name

    Information from the comparison chart is the fact for the review and posted below in details.

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    Best Bluetooth Obd2 Adapters And Scanners In 2022 Reviews

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    Finding the right OBD2 adapter and scanner takes a lot of time. It also takes a lot of research and plenty of product testing.

    For the hardworking car enthusiast, this is not great news.

    Want some better news? You dont have to be the one that does all of the research. In fact, you dont have to do any of it. Thats right, we have done your homework for you!

    Todays guide reflects all of the deep research we have done in the world of Bluetooth OBD2 scanners and adapters. All that is left for you to do is to sit back and enjoy your guide to the best Bluetooth OB2 adapters and scanners.


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