Two Way Radio Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

Motorola Mag One Commercial Series Rsm With Swivel Clip And Flexible Coil Cord

Intro and Demonstration of the Otto Bluetooth Revo NC2 Remote Speaker Microphone | Two Way Direct

Allow your workers to talk and listen without removing their radios from their belts. The compact PMLN4008 Mag One remote speaker microphone has features to reduce echoing effects for clear, easy communication. This is a very cost effective speaker microphone and works on Motorola BPR40 radios, as well as other 2 pin audio accessory models like the Motorola CP200d. Please feel free to contact our team and well be able to confirm if this is the right speaker mic for your radios.

Wrea Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Wrea is one of the rare few Bluetooth headsets that actually brings the kind of quality to the table that you would expect. It comes with a Bluetooth dongle and 4.0 Bluetooth earpiece.

It boasts a built-in PTT microphone, and you can put it on either ear. The audio quality is great compared to many of the other options out there, but make sure you pair it with the HB-6B connector.

Its lightweight and easy on your ear, so it would be very comfortable to wear for long hours while working very well overall.


Pair Bluetooth Speaker Microphone To Bluetooth Adapter

1. Before you begin, make sure your portable two-way radio is powered off.

2. Attach the Bluetooth adapter to the side of your radio. Fasten the screw by turning it clockwise.

5. On your radio, press and hold the pairing button on the adapter and turn on your radio simultaneously. Continue holding the pairing button for five seconds after the radio has been turned on. The light should now be flashing blue twice per second. The adapter is now in pairing mode.6. Do not touch the pairing button until it turns to one continuous LED light for 3 seconds and the speaker microphone flashes blue every 2 seconds.7. After a few seconds, you should hear a tone on your speaker microphone. Both devices are connected and ready to use. The devices should now automatically pair when both are turned on.

Note: The BTH-500 can only be paired to one radio. When you pair it to a new radio the old one will be erased.

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Ambient Noise And Receive Audio Quality

What is the ambient noise level of your work environment? Is it low, medium, or high, or a combination? Ambient noise is of the utmost importance when deciding which two-way radio microphone will work best for your needs. Motorola has developed some specific technologies to tackle accessory use in low, medium, high, and mixed noise environments.

  • IMPRES: This feature ensures that your radio will be optimized for use with the mic. If you speak quietly or normally, but not directly into a microphone, IMPRES Audio detects changes in your voice and automatically adjusts the transmitted volume so your listener wont have to adjust volume up and down.
  • Intelligent Audio: Mics with this feature adjust audio come through at the right volume based on the ambient environment of the user.
  • SINC+: With this capability, youll enjoy enhanced noise suppression.

Some of these features can be programmed in the radio itself and can have adverse effects if a microphone is used in conjunction with these features. For instance, you may have negative experience if using a SINC+ microphone together with a radio with SINC+ enabled. Speak to your rep if you have a question on your radio audio profile.

Bluetooth Speaker Mic W/ Adapter For 2

Pryme BTH

P/N: BTH-600-MP: Complete Bluetooth Radio Kit. Easily pair Bluetooth Adapter/Shoulder Mic/PTT only once. This kit will remember the pairing even when all items are powered off.

This Wireless Mic is more robust and weather resistant than other small, bargain Bluetooth speaker mics/lapel mics. Do not be fooled by other models, this water and dust proof mic is up for the battle. This mic has more than 40 hours of talk time , easy pairing, no connectivity loss, and fully functional PTT. Other features include a waterproof front-facing speaker, directional noise canceling microphone, heavy-duty clothing/belt clip that swivels 360°, and strategically placed pairing and low-battery warning lights on the side of the microphone, protected by a weatherproof lens. lightweight and easy to use. The unit is multi-functional, featuring a broad-range volume control, 3.5mm earphone jack, and rechargeable/replaceable battery . It can be paired with several Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth compatible mobile phones. This Kit Includes:

  • Bluetooth Speaker Mic
  • Push To Talk On Mic
  • Dual Pairing-Phone & Two Way
  • Push to Talk on Adapter
  • USB Charger Included

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Remote Speaker Microphone Models For Mid And High Tier Portables


  • PMMN4131 RM730 IMPRES, Windporting, SM, IP68*
  • PMMN4140 RM760 IMPRES, Windporting, LG, IP68* *R7 only

XPR 7000e, XPR 7000, or XPR 6000 Series

  • PMMN4024 Windporting, SM
  • PMMN4040 Windporting Submersible IP57, SM
  • PMMN4046 IMPRES Windporting Submersible IP57, LG
  • PMMN4050 IMPRES Noise Cancelling, LG
  • PMMN4099 IMPRES Windporting Submersible IP68, LG
  • NNTN8382 IMPRES Industrial Noise Cancelling, Dual Mic, Submersible IP57, LG
  • NNTN8383 IMPRES Industrial Noise Cancelling, Dual Mic, LG
  • RLN6561 Wireless Bluetooth Windporting, LG

XPR 3000e or XPR3000 Series

  • PMMN4073 IMPRES Windporting Remote Speaker Mic, SM
  • PMMN4071 IMPRES Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Mic, LG
  • PMMN4075 Windporting Submersible IP57 Speaker Mic, SM
  • PMMN4076 Windporting Speaker Mic, SM

Motorola Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone

The Motorola PMMN4024 Windporting RSM in Dallas conveniently clips onto the lapel or shirt pocket, eliminating the need to remove radios from the beltline. An audio jack is also available so that earpieces can be attached for discreet communication. With the windporting feature, background noise will be lessened so that your team can hear and be heard clearly. This speaker microphone is compatible with the Motorola XPR6000 series radios, as well as current XPR7000e radios

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Best Bluetooth Headsets For Two Way Radios

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no cost to you.

A Bluetooth headset can be a great way to go hands-free with your two way radio experience. However, if you decide to get a quality Bluetooth two way radio headset, you would find yourself dealing with quite a challenge.

This is because the options are few and most of them lack the quality you would want, so it can be hard to find the products worth your consideration. But as with pretty much everything amateur radio, we have done all the hard work for you and found the 5 best Bluetooth headsets for two way radios that arent crap.

Motorola Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone With Battery And Clip

Retevis HK009 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Mic for Two-way Radio

The RLN6544 model includes the wireless remote speaker microphone Dallas, battery and clip, without the charger. With a large recessed push-to-talk button and volume toggle switch, the controls are easy to access and built to avoid accidental activation. Designed with government and public safety customers in mind, this Motorola Solutions wireless speaker mic is for P25 APX Series

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Introducing The Interceptor Bluetooth Speaker/microphone For First Responders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Valencia, CA January 2018:

The patent-pending INTERCEPTOR from the The Earphone Connection is the first of its kind on the market, offering the user both Wireless capability and Dual Pairing and 2 Push-to-talk buttons. The microphone is unidirectional allowing the user to move freely without sacrificing audio clarity and quality. The INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Microphone delivers strength and performance with 20+ hour talk time, 128-Key Bluetooth Encryption, and comes equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack for field versatility.

The Earphone Connections INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth wireless speaker microphone with 2 PTT buttons and simultaneous listen feature can pair to 2 different Bluetooth enabled devices plus listen to dual audio from 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. The INTERCEPTOR is able to transmit outgoing communication to two talk groups by two separate PTT controls.

The Earphone Connections INTERCEPTOR can be paired to two Bluetooth Devices simultaneously. Connect with the following dual link pairs:

Two Bluetooth enabled smartphones. One Bluetooth enabled smartphone and one two-way radio with BlueWi Bluetooth adapter/dongle. Two two-way radios with BlueWi Bluetooth adapters. Pair with the BlueWi remote PTT . 18+ Hour Talk Time.

About The Ear Phone Connection, Inc.

The Earphone Connection, Inc. has become a leading force in bringing innovative communication tools to the consumer and professional markets on an international level.

How To Choose The Right Speaker Microphone For Your Two

6/28/22 The article has been updated with information regarding the R7 and Ion radios.

Once youve decided on the best Motorola Radio for your needs, the next step is to determine the right audio accessory for your two-way radio. For many businesses the Remote Speaker Microphone is the accessory of choice for audio clarity, wear-ability, and durability.

Carefully selecting the right speaker microphone for your use case and operational environments can make a huge difference in terms of user satisfaction and adoption of the equipment. After all, without a usable microphone thats suited to the requirements of your personnel, two-way radios would cease to provide the reliable, instantaneous communication that you need.

Carefully consider the following factors to choose the right microphone for your two-way radio.

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Wishring Bluetooth Wireless Adaptor +ptt Headset

We would like to say something similar about this unit that we said about the above product, but the biggest difference being that its more expensive and more functional. Its a good way to go hands-free with your two way radio experience with absolutely no wires at all.

It comes with a dual connection charger, the PTT function works well, is easy to connect, and works pretty well overall.

The sound quality is better than you would expect compared to other products, and the build quality wouldnt be a problem as well.


  • Good build quality


  • It doesnt transmit well every time for some users and they have to re-seat the plug multiple times to get it to work

Hys Motorcycle Bluetooth Earpiece

Motorola RLN6552B Long

As you can tell, this is actually designed to be a Bluetooth earpiece for motorcycle two way radio users. However, it would also work well for general use, as the earpiece is long enough. But again, its not a headset and an earpiece, though as the options are few and this is a pretty solid one, we decided to review it as one of our top picks.

It comes with a more advanced Bluetooth version of 4.1, and boasts a solid standby of 300 hours. Its also very versatile and allows you to do a lot of things besides just listening to your radio.

Its also waterproof and comes with a noise reduction design, so the annoying external noise wouldnt be much of a problem with this one, something very common with other products.


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Inrico B02 Bluetooth Speaker Microphone Ptt For Android & Ios Phone


Inrico B02 Bluetooth Speaker Microphone PTT for Android & iOS Phone

Inrico B02 Zello mini speakers Wireless Microphone PTT Android IOS walkie talkie microphones portable Bluetooth speaker

Product NameZello mini speakers Wireless Microphone PTT Android IOS walkie talkie microphones Inrico B01 portable Bluetooth speaker
90 x 64 x 29mm

* Features: Big PTT, Group switch, Wireless Microphone work with realptt, zello, TX/RX indicator* Bluetooth version is 4.2. Work with Real PTT/Zello PTT Wireless Handheld Microphone.* Application: This Bluetooth microphone is compatible with android 7.0,android 8.0 and IOS system* Please note: it does not support iOS system, only supports Android. Only work with the zello app,not support Echolink and Eschat. No sound when working with zello? Please select Bluetooth mode on the zello call interface* Package contains:

Otto Bluetooth Revo Nc2 Remote Speaker Microphone

The Bluetooth® Revo NC2 brings wireless convenience and HD Voice audio to a speaker mic. It offers hands-free listening, a noise-canceling mic and clear, convenient, push-to-talk audio transmissions for a growing number of Bluetooth®-enabled two-way radios, mobile phones and tablets.


  • Built-in HD-Voice audio ensures transmission clarity.
  • Top-mounted microphone offers unparalleled passive noise-canceling performance.
  • Integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of service. Charges easily via the included USB cable.
  • Built-in debris screen keeps dust and dirt from impacting transmission clarity.
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G for high performance in harsh environmental conditions including 40 mph blowing rain.
  • Compatible with selected Bluetooth®-enabled two-way radios, smartphones and tablets.
  • Available with 3.5mm or 2.5mm sealed audio jack for an earphone kit. High-output earphone is recommended.


  • Compatible with a growing number of two-way radios, smartphones and tablets
  • Battery discharge time is approximately 12 hours with an 80-10-10 duty cycle
  • Bluetooth® operating range: 10 meters
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication standard
  • PTT switch life: 200,000 cycles
  • Operating temperature: -20° C to +60° C
  • Storage temperature: -40° C to +70° C
  • 1-year warranty on battery 2 years on speaker microphone

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Shipping Cost:

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Alafone Hb980 Bluetooth Ptt Speaker Microphone Support Cellphone With Walkie Talkie Two

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Microphone For Kenwood Motorola Baofeng TYT Wouxun Anytone Two-Way Radio

The best quality Bluetooth Speaker Microphone on the market!

It is an upgraded model to include the popular HD Noise cancelling DSP earpiece providing excellent audio response and also superb noise cancelling on both the microphone and earphone functions. Dual pairing Bluetooth version 4.1 allows the headset to simultaneously operate with both a HT walkie talkie and also with another Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or tablet.

K Type :

For TYT: TYT-300 /500 /600 /800 /900 /9900 /T3 TH-F2 /F3 /F5 /F6 /F7 /F8 UVF9

For PUXING: PX-777 PX-777+ PX-666 PX-888 PX-888K PX-328 PX-333 PX-999 PX-555


For WOUXUN: KG-699E, KG-689, KG-689 PLUS, KG-669, KG-669 PLUS, KG-659, KG-659 Plus, KG-679, KG-679 Plus, KG-889, KG-869, KG-819, KG-816, KG-UVD1P, KG-UV6D

For BAOFENG: UV-82 UV5R UV5RA UV5RB UV5RC UV5RE UV5RA+ UV5R+ UV3R+ UV5 UV6 V85 B5 B6 BF-K5 BF-480 BF-490 BF-320 BF-V6 BF-V8 BF-888s BF-666s BF-777s BF-999 BF-888 BF-777 BF-658 BF-668 BF-530 BF-520 BF-658 BF-C1 etc.

For Kenwood KPG: KPG27D, KPG29D, KPG48D, KPG49, KPG55D, KPG56D, KPG62D, KPG66D, KPG69D, KPG70D, KPG74D, KPG75D, KPG77D, KPG82D, KPG87D

M Type:

For Motorola GP Series: GP2000 GP2100 GP308 GP68 GP88 GP88S

For Motorola XTN Series: XTN446 XTN500 XTN600

For Motorola XTN XV Series: XV1100 XV2100 XV2600 XV4100 etc.

For Motorola XTN AX Series: AXV5100 AXU4100

Motorola Submersible Remote Speaker Microphone

Bluetooth speaker mic for two way radios

With the Motorola PMMN4027 Submersible Remote Speaker Microphone, an IP57 submersible rating gives this model reliable communications even when its wet. Its also rated intrinsically safe with an FM-approved radio, suitable for safe use in hazardous environments and conditions. This speaker microphone works with older generation Motorola radios for the HT Series , as well as the older MTX radios

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Protection From Water And Dust Ip Rating

Radio users who work outdoors or in rugged environments may need a higher ingress protection rating than office or light duty workers. The first digit in an IP rating refers to the ingress of solids, while the second digit refers to the ingress of liquids.

All Motorola speaker mics have at least a 5 rating for dust and particles, meaning dust protected. A few models have a 6 rating which is the maximum on the scale which would be considered dust tight.

All Motorola speaker mics have at least a 4 rating for water, meaning it can handle splashing water. Speaker mics that are considered water submersible carry a 7 rating or better, meaning they can handle water submersion for 1 meter for at least 30 minutes.

Collaborate with internal stakeholders to determine the IP rating thats necessary for safe, continuous operation of your two-way speaker microphones.

Bluetooth Headset For Two Way Radio Buyers Guide

You see, Bluetooth headsets in general and Bluetooth headsets for two way radios are two completely different things. So while the former are insanely popular, you would be hard-pressed to find more than a few options for your two way radio.

Secondly, the demand for them isnt much either. So none of the major brands take any interest in manufacturing these devices, meaning you have to rely on some small Chinese manufacturers.

And this is one of the reasons the options are so few. These small Chinese manufacturers dont try to be creative and offer unique products, but just copy whats already available. This is the reason you currently have many different brands and sellers selling the same Bluetooth headsets for two way radios.

Finally, this also means a lot of products that are crap and near useless. And this is precisely why the quality options are few and hard to find.

However, our top 3 picks are great quality products that should work well and last you for a long while. Our last two picks arent too bad too they are good budget options that work well too albeit with a couple issues.

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Motorola Impres Remote Speaker Microphone

The Motorola PMMN4025 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone in Dallas also conveniently clips to shirt pockets or lapels and enables easy, hands-free communication. The IMPRES audio feature optimizes your audio when in use in noisy environments or harsh weather. An audio jack is available to attach earpieces as well. This speaker microphone is compatible with the Motorola XPR6000 series radios, as well as current XPR7000e radios

As for wireless Bluetooth speaker microphones in Dallas, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of wireless accessories in addition to IMPRES features. Designed to support officers on the beat, maintenance workers making repairs, or utility workers out in the field, a Bluetooth speaker microphone helps your team stay connected when away from their vehicles.

Motorola Industrial Noise Cancelling Submersible Speaker Mic

Motorola RLN6544 Long Range Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone ...

With Motorolas Industrial Noise Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone, your team will be heard above all the noise. This fully submersible model is optimized to perform in noisy, dirty, and harsh environments.

With its durable construction and exceptional noise canceling technology, the NNTN8382 INC remote speaker microphone overcomes excessive noise. Ideal for environments with heavy equipment, factory processes, or large crowds. An innovative dual-microphone design suppresses background noise so that your team can communicate effectively. This speaker microphone is compatible with the Motorola XPR6000 series radios, as well as current XPR7000e radios

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