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Extra Stable Extra Reliable

Creative BT W3 USB Type C APTX LL Bluetooth Transmitter

The C81 USB Bluetooth adapter features Bluetooth v5.0 technology. It is not only more stable and more reliable and less prone to interference, but also much less energy consuming than its predecessors. However, it is completely backwards compatible with audio devices equipped with earlier Bluetooth versions, theres no need to worry about compatibility.

No Driver Installation Needed

Purchased a different USB dongle and had to go through some complicated driver program download & installation process? No worries, the C81 does NOT require any driver simply plug it into your device, pair it with your Bluetooth headphone/speaker, and play away! On your next use, its just as easy power both devices on, and good to go!

Bluetooth V50 Pair In Seconds & Stereosound

  • 2 times faster and stable than 4.2 version, Reduce music delays and signal interruption by up to 30%, Hear your phone conversations in full without interruption thanks to Bluetooth 5.0
  • 16K high definition audio with special sound of the DSP technology and Bluetooth 5.0 transmission is not distorted, ensure lossless sound quality and ultra secure connection between your phone and FM transmitter Blutooth Adapter Car

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Perfectly Synced Visual & Audio

The DG80 adapter features Qualcomms aptX Low Latency technology. When used with a Bluetooth headphone/speaker that also supports aptX LL, the Bluetooth audio lag will be lowered to less than 40 ms, significantly lower than the 220 ms of Standard Bluetooth Codec. The audio will be perfectly synchronized with what you see on screen.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

TRYER Nintendo Switch USB Type

The ML300s controls are not as intuitive as those of our previous favorite, the now-discontinued Mpow BH259A. Youll likely need to use the instruction manual to get everything set up, especially if youre pairing to two devices. Theres only one button that serves multiple functions, including power and pairing, so you have to use a Morse-code-like system of clicks and holds to connect your headphones, and the only real indicator of success is a flashing LED light thats equally ambiguous. Its not obvious when you have things in pairing mode, nor when you get that second set of headphones connected, unless youre closely following the manual.

1Miis warranty is unclear. The companys website states that all quality-related defects on items sold directly by 1Mii or 1Miis authorized resellers are covered by an extensive warranty, starting from the date of purchase, but it doesnt specify what that extensive warranty period actually is, and our emails to the company have gone unanswered. The ML300 is more affordable than similar models, and theres not much that physically can break, but if youre concerned about support, consider one of the models in The competition.

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Best Portable Bluetooth Transmitter: 1mii Ml300

*At the time of publishing, the price was $22.

The 1Mii ML300 is the best portable Bluetooth transmitter because it matches the audio features of every other device we tested and actually does everything it claims to do, which wasnt always the case with other transmitters. It pairs with two sets of headphones at once, allows you to toggle it to be a Bluetooth receiver, and supports aptX Low Latency for improved audio and video sync. And its flat design, light weight, and decent battery life make it easy to use on the go.

Performance is key among these devices, and the 1Mii is as good as any other transmitter. In our latency tests, when using the SBC codec, we found that the lag was 139 milliseconds . This isnt a problem if youre only listening to audio, but the lag is noticeable if youre watching video. When we used the aptX Low Latency codec, the latency measured a much more acceptable 29 ms, just under the 31.4 ms average. At that rate, there wont be a noticeable lip-sync lag. In terms of both frequency response and gain, the ML300 matched the rest of the contenders, as well.

1Mii says the ML300 has a 10-hour battery life . Although thats long enough for many flights or a week of trips to the gym, it falls short of the 15- and 16-hour figures some pricier models promise. If you need a longer-lasting battery for lengthy flights or any other reason, consider Alurateks ABC01F or Twelve Souths AirFly Pro.

Enjoy Crystal Hands Free Calls

  • The latest Bluetooth V5.0 with a more stable and faster connection of FM signal.
  • GINDOLY CVC Noise-cancellation technology with high performance microphone dampens the road noise & gives you clear, crisp sound for hands free calls. You can easily answer / hang up / reject / redial calls while driving. Drive safer.
  • it will automatically switch hands-free mode from music playing mode when receiving a call, seamlessly connection.

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Maintains Audio Quality During Chats

Tried a different USB Bluetooth adapter and noticed bad audio quality drop when you have the background music playing while you chat? That wont be a problem when you pair the DG80 up with an Avantree FastStream headphone with our special Bluetooth codec, the sound quality will be just as good even when you chat while the in-game music is playing.

Aptx Low Latency Certified

Avantree Switch Lite USB-C Bluetooth Transmitter | Works On PC AptX

The Avantree C81 Bluetooth USB adapter is Qualcomm aptX Low Latency certified when you pair it up with a Bluetooth headphone or speaker that also supports aptX-LL, the notorious Bluetooth audio lag issue will be effectively reduced to less than 40ms virtually unnoticeable, making the combination perfect for watching movies on your PC/laptop.

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Bluetooth Fm Transmitter For Car Usb Fast Car Charger

  • Get a convenient and safer driving by using this Bluetooth FM transmitter car adapter. Its not only can stream music and calls directly from Bluetooth device to your car FM stereo system but also provide PD fast-charging for your devices.

    Compatible with most devices on the market.

    Dual USB charger with one PD 18W USB-C port and a QC 3.0 USB port.

    CVC technology is anti-interference performance and noise suppression.

    Bluetooth 5.0 for strong and stable connection.

    With bass booster button helps to add bass to songs fast and easy.

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What You Really Need To Know About Bluetooth Audio

What are the different Bluetooth audio codecs and how much do they affect a devices sound quality?

Our initial research turned up 42 models across both the portable and home categories. We dismissed many for failing to hit all of the above criteria some didnt support aptX Low Latency, for example, or could pair to only one set of headphones at a time. Once we had narrowed down the list, we began hands-on testing of the remaining models , first with a simple setup and then with more-advanced audio testing. For our summer 2021 update, we tested an additional five transmittersthree portable and two stationary.

We used the following criteria to evaluate each transmitter:

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Great For Meetings As Well

The DG80 is not only great for gaming, but its also perfect for conference calls and meetings while working-from-home. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet & more, the Bluetooth adapter provides 16-bit audio quality when used with an Avantree headset so you can always hear your colleagues loud and clear, even when youre not in front of your computer.

Best Bluetooth Transmitter For Your Tv: 1mii B03

2X(USB C Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Type

If youre looking for a stationary transmitter to use with your TV or another home audio source, we recommend 1Miis B03. It has the same features as the ML300, including good audio quality, aptX Low Latency, support for up to two pairs of headphones, and a receiver mode. But it adds features that are tailored to TV use, including an optical digital-audio input and output so you can pass audio through to a soundbar, an AV receiver, or powered speakers. The B03 lacks an internal battery, but thats not a crucial feature for a device that will remain in your equipment rack.

In our tests the B03 had lower latency when using the aptX Low Latency codec than any transmitter weve tested, at what our resident audio expert Brent Butterworth called a screamingly low 10 milliseconds. It may not guarantee perfectly lip-synced video, but its as close as youre going to get with one of these devices. When using the SBC codec, we measured latency at 120 ms. Thats still laggy when youre watching TV, though, and you may be bothered seeing peoples lips on screen being out of sync with the audio. If your wireless headphones lack aptX Low Latency support and you notice AV sync issues, you can try connecting the Bluetooth transmitter directly to your AV source device , which may cut down on some lag created when the signal has to pass through the TVs audio processor. Or, consider dedicated wireless TV headphones designed specifically for this purpose.

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Who This Is For

Bluetooth wireless headphones and earbuds are rapidly becoming the preferred choice in headphones, especially as more smartphone makers remove the headphone jack. But if you want to use your pair to listen to an audio source that doesnt have built-in Bluetoothsuch as an in-flight entertainment system, the equipment at the gym, or an older smart TVyou just cant do it.

Bluetooth transmitters provide a solution to that problem, essentially adding Bluetooth to devices that lack it. They connect to the source via an audio cable and wirelessly broadcast the audio to your headphones or even to a Bluetooth speaker. Some models are small and portable, with a built-in battery, while others are designed to be stationary and used with your TV so that you can listen to what youre watching without disturbing others or keep listening as you leave the room.

Connect Two Bluetooth Devices

The dual-link feature of Avantree C81 lets you connect two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously. Stuck in a long layover with your partner? Connect two headphones to your laptop and enjoy a movie session together! We recommend using aptX low latency compatible headphones for the best audio experience.

  • Support profiles: A2DP1.3, AVRCP1.6, HSP1.2, HFP1.7 Audio codecs: aptX low latency, FastStream, aptX, SBC Operation range: Up to 30m/100ft without obstruction Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz Size: 14mm X 26mm X 7mm Net Weight3g

  • Avantree C81 Type C TransmitterUSB A to Type C cable 3.5mm microphone adapter

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How We Picked And Tested

You can find a ton of Bluetooth transmitters, and most of them are relatively similar to one another in functionality, design, and price. Because theyre all so comparable, we focused our search on transmitters that included a few more-advanced features:

  • aptX Low Latency: Many Android devices, and some headphones, support this streaming audio codec, which can reduce latency to below 40 milliseconds. This means that if youre watching a video, the audio is synced up to the characters lips, without the disorienting lag that can happen with Bluetooth codecs such as SBC. For you to enjoy the benefits of aptX Low Latency, both the source device and the receiving device must support it. Notably, Apple devices, including iPhones and AirPods, dont support aptX Low Latency.

Bluetooth codecs, explained

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How to Use Avantree C81 – Type C Bluetooth Transmitter for PS5, Switch, PC and Cellphones

Ive been reviewing all manner of things at Wirecutter, from phone cases and tablets to selfie sticks and barware, since 2014.

Wirecutter senior staff writer Brent Butterworth conducted lab measurements of all the transmitters we tested to make sure the devices reproduced the full range of sound and had no excess latency. Brent has 30 years of experience reviewing audio gear and is one of a very small number of journalists who are equipped to measure Bluetooth devices.

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