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How Research And Partnerships Bring The Sound To Your Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Verizon using Bluetooth Speaker

The researchers behind Verizon Adaptive Sound pros with backgrounds in audiology, mathematics, statistics, spatial audio, etc. use existing papers and studies while also producing their own IP to nail down algorithms and sonic treatments with more than 70 patents to give you, in theory, a better sound stage all without undercutting any part of the sound. In fact, one of the founders of Boomcloud 360 spent years studying the merger between sound science and consumer tech at DTS. In short, theyve brought in the big guns.

Audi Wants Your Next Car To Be Both A 5g Mobile Device And A Vehicle

Verizon and Audi announce 5G partnership

Good old 3G is at the top of the news cycle these days, as it finally fades into the sunset.

Automakers sounded the alarm that the move would break all sorts of important-sounding functions in their vehicles, but so far few have proposed solutions. Audi and Verizon, however, are well down that path, as the two announced a partnership to integrate 5G tech into upcoming models from the German automaker.

It’s unclear when the services will make their way into a vehicle, but Verizon says it more than doubled its 5G deployment in 2021and notes that it plans to continue expanding aggressively going forward.

Audi drivers will be among the first in the world to experience a new generation of automobiles, one in which their car is both a 5G mobile device and a vehicle, said Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business, in a press statement.

Mobile phones and connected devices got a huge speed boost when 4G debuted more than a dozen years ago, but 5G promises to blow all of that out of the water and open a new world of connected services for cars. Audi says the technology will let passengers stream and download quicker than before and notes that its vehicles will be updated via over-the-air software. The faster speeds also enable enhanced mapping capabilities with high-definition and 3D displays. So, no more pinch-and-zoom trying to read the name of a street in an unfamiliar place.

Verizon Vehicle Aims To Bring Onstar

While you may or may not be a fan of General Motors vehicles, the automaker’s OnStar roadside assistance service certainly looks like it could be useful at times. Well, US-based consumers with other makes of cars should soon be able to take advantage of a similar setup, when the just-announced Verizon Vehicle system launches.

There are two main hardware components to Verizon Vehicle an OBD reader that is plugged into the car’s underdash diagnostic port, plus a Bluetooth speaker that clips onto the driver’s-side visor, and which is paired with their smartphone.

As is already the case with the Automatic and Fixd devices, the OBD unit reads code generated by the car’s diagnostic system, and relays it to the user in the form of easy-to-understand texts or push notifications on their phone. This means that instead of simply getting a “check engine” warning on their dash, users will receive an alert stating the description and severity of the problem, along with other information. Maintenance alerts such as reminders of required oil changes are also provided, and can be managed using a dedicated free app.

Other features of the service include the abilities to guide users back to their vehicle , and to help police locate the vehicle if it’s stolen.

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For Verizon Wireless Ellipsis 10 Bluetooth Speaker More Bass

  • Hands Free Function: Wireless bluetooth speakers allows you to answer, reject and end calls without holding your smartphone.
  • Ultra HD Sound Quality: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offer high-performance dual drivers and an unique enhanced bass. Just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are.
  • Multiple Connetion Way: The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker support Wireless Bluetooth, FM Radio, AUX – USB inputs, TF card and hands free calls with built-in microphone. Enjoy music in various ways.
  • Incredible battery life: 24-hour/500-song playtime powered by a built-in high capacity li-ion battery.

Is This Similar To Apples Spatial Audio

HUM by Verizon Bluetooth Speaker Connected Car Tech ...

Apple has made waves with its lauded Transparency mode. Using multiple outboard microphones, Apples pro-level AirPods products compile a surround-style image of whats going on around you. But this is done strictly on the headphones themselves, and itll work with compatible AidPods product . Its worth noting that many headphones support this technology, not just Apple, though some of the routes they take to get there can be a bit different.

So what does it look like when trying to provide nuanced, three-dimensional sound for Spotify singles? What about a Netflix show? What if youre listening on a cheap Bluetooth speaker you bought on Amazon? Painting an immersive image and polished EQ onto the audio already passing through your phone in the onboard speakers, Bluetooth devices, or even your cars stereo is Verizon Adaptive Sounds main focus. But determining whether this is marketing jargon or the real deal is another thing entirely.

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For $15 A Month Verizon Will Make Your Crappy Car Internet

Next time your check-engine light comes on, your first call may not be to your mechanic, but to Verizon.

The telecoms giant is launching Verizon Vehicle, a service that can make any car built since 1996 into a connected car. Using a module that plugs into the cars on-board diagnostics port and a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that clips onto the visor, Verizon Vehicle connects drivers with a ASE-certified mechanic when the check engine light comes on. They’ll help diagnose the problem and even provide an estimate of how much it should cost to repair.

Duplicitous mechanics, you will scam us no more!

The service also can contact roadside assistance or emergency services in the event of a breakdown or accident, and locate your car it it’s been stolen .

Verizon Vehicle will cost $14.99 a month, and the hardware comes free. Our strategy here is to deliver this to as many people as possible at a price point that works, says Erik Goldman, president of Verizon Telematics. In this case, those people are young enough to want the technology, but too poor or thrifty to have bought a relatively new car with these features.

Verizon Vehicle Can Turn Any Junker Into A Connected Car

Image Credit: FlightCar

Verizon is bringing fancy diagnostics and the Internet to almost any car already on the road.

At the North American International Auto Show, Verizon announcedVerizon Vehicle, an aftermarket connected car service that works with any car model since 1996 .

Through an onboard diagnostics reader that plugs into the cars diagnostics port and a two-way Bluetooth speaker, Verizon Vehicle tracks problems with the car and alerts the driver through the companion mobile app or email. It also provides roadside assistance, emergency help, a mechanics hotline, and more with location accuracy by tapping into the smartphones GPS.

Drivers can sign up for Verizon Vehicle on a subscription basis and use it regardless of their smartphones mobile carrier.

Verizon Vehicle is now available for preorder before it starts shipping on April 10. It will cost $15 per month for the first car, and $13 for each additional one. To compare, Automatics car adapter that runs diagnostics and connects to the drivers phone for alerts, costs a flat $100, with no subscription fees.

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How You Hear Sound

Before analyzing any virtual surround sound, its important to learn a bit more about how we hear as human beings. How do we know when a car goes from left to right as its passing by? says Paul Riker, VP of User Experience at BoomCloud360. And, more specifically, how do we know when its really far left and then really far right. It turns out, the science of spatial audio is pretty hard to nail down.

When we position a sound in our real world, we use factors like its volume, spectral makeup , and how it interacts with the environment. When you turn your head, that whole equation changes in real time. While many tech companies aim to offer virtual surround sound, many fail to keep the integrity of the source sound because so many variables change. In short, its not just about more bass or pure gimmicks like virtual surround sound.

Rokkan Hums Along In First Campaign For Verizon Connected Car Device

First Look: In-Drive Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone


Rokkans Get Where Youre Going campaign highlights the new Hum by Verizon system, an aftermarket connected car device that gives drivers insights about their vehicle and their driving experience.

The campaign employs nostalgia, emotion and humor to connect with customers. The first two spots highlight the features of Hum with real-life situations. In Big Poppa,’ above, a man sees that the check engine light is on in his car, so he pulls over, family in tow, and says hell have it fixed in a minute. His wife, utilizing the Bluetooth-enabled speaker and app, hears right away what the problem is and is told by Hum that the car will be fine for the time being, while dad now looks a bit dejected since he didnt solve the problem.

In Paradise, a family is seen entering an airport parking lot after a beach vacation, and the father looks like he has no idea where he parked. Mom, using Hums vehicle location service, leads the way to the car.

The campaign is the first major ad work done for Verizon by Rokkan since the agency was named as its full creative and digital lead for the product launch for the telecoms Telematics division.

Four more digital spots will follow, each focusing on a car problem Hum helps solve, from needing to fix a flat tire, to diagnosing the smoke coming from under the hood, to getting pinpoint emergency assistance that brings help to you in the event of a crash.

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For Verizon Wireless Ellipsis 10 Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Shower Aqua Bass

  • Portable Outdoor/Shower Radio: IPX5 waterproof design makes it safe and convenient for all kinds of outdoor activities even in a rainy day. Use it in a bathroom to enjoy wonderful music when bathing.
  • Ultra HD Sound Quality: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offer high-performance drivers and an unique enhanced bass. Just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are.
  • Multiple Connetion Way: The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker support Wireless Bluetooth, FM Radio, AUX input, TF card and hands free calls with built-in microphone. Enjoy music in various ways.
  • Daylong Playtime and Connecting Distance: Syrox can stream music of up to 8 hours on a charge of only 2 hours. With advance Bluetooth 4.2, the pairing and reconnecting only take few seconds.
  • You can buy this item faster from Amazon’s Warehouses. Just go to this ASIN: B075NX6NBT

Coming To A Phone Near You Hopefully

The most important part of this story is how VAS gets to you. Verizons goal is to provide something that wont require consumers to buy specialized headphones or lock themselves into a single-device app. Ironically, right now, the technology is not on very many phones, so you do have to buy a specific smartphone to get in on it. Our hope is to get this into as many Verizon phones and devices as possible, no matter what manufacturer makes those devices, says George Koroneos, a Verizon spokesperson. We arent there yet, but because we want this technology to be turnkey and accessible, were having a lot of conversations with a lot of smartphone brands.

In essence, how you get access to VAS is through your Verizon smartphone at the moment. Should you drop your current phone and go buy a Moto Edge+ just for this? Well, probably not. The Edge+ is a solid flagship phone and VAS is really cool, but its not a must-buy. Its sort of the cherry on top a cool thing to have that will undoubtedly bring your music and video consumption to a new level.

But whether the audio revolution Verizon is hoping for actually happens depends almost entirely on one thing: Will Samsung, Google, HMD, and the rest of the consumer tech giants be willing to bring it to their phones? Time will tell, but Ill be here listening when it does.

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So Does It Actually Work

To be fair, Riker and his team knew Id be skeptical when they were giving me more info over the phone. We lead with the default tuning that we think will provide the best experience, says Riker. But were well aware that people have specific preferences and want more control. And were confident enough in this technology that we give you the power to adjust sliders, EQs, and more, all to tailor your sound.

Sometimes really brings out parts of the music you never hear.

I spent about a week putting this new software to the test across a lot of different applications. Right now, the Moto Edge+ is one of the only devices that has the tech built-in, and I tried everything I could think of to see if Verizon Adaptive Sound improves the audio experience. First, I used headphones of all types from Bluetooth flagships like the Sony WH-1000XM4s I use for most audio and mid-range IEMs like the Shure SE425. This is the scenario that really shines. Without VAS enabled, the sound is one-dimensional: Good, but nothing new. When VAS is turned on, it adds a feeling of space to your music or YouTube video. Sometimes, this is overkill, but sometimes this really brings out parts of the music you never hear like room mics on a drum set or some mid-range nuance in the vocal track.

I even found a mild improvement on Bluetooth-connected car stereo with podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Verizon’s Hum Can Turn Your ’97 Stratus Into A Connected Car

Hum by Verizon Auto Assistance Telemetric Device Bluetooth ...

If you want in on the connected car action but your vehicle is nearly as old as the internet, Verizon’s new Hum service may help. It’s a $15 per month plan that includes an iOS or Android smartphone app and CDMA-enabled hardware that plugs into an OBD-II port, something all 1996 and newer vehicles have. The device gathers engine diagnostic data and relays warnings to a visor-mounted speaker device and the smartphone app. If something’s wrong, the app can provide more info and even an estimated cost for any repairs.

It has a built-in GPS to track your vehicle, giving you a one-touch link to roadside and emergency assistance. The same tech can help police find a stolen vehicle or guide you to your car if you forgot where you left it. The visor-mounted module also functions as a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone. If all of this is giving you deja vu, the operator first revealed the service at the Detroit Auto Show in January as Verizon Vehicle. However, Big Red changed the name to just “Hum,” since you can sign up even if you’re not a Verizon mobile client. A two-year plan costs $15 per month, including hardware, but is only available at the Hum site — you can’t get it at Verizon stores.

Engadget was owned by Verizon between June 2015 and September 2021. Engadget’s parent company is now Yahoo Inc.

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Ways The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker Keeps Drivers’ Eyes On The Road

Clear sound and clean design help keep everyone safer on the road.

With the significant safety risks posed by distracted driving and the number of states cracking down on mobile device usage behind the wheel its more important than ever for drivers to find hands-free solutions to take calls in the car. However, many older cars dont have a built-in Bluetooth option, and some newer ones that have it don’t provide quality sound.

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker offers an answer. This Bluetooth car kit is rated as the best of its kind by multiple websites, including and Top Ten Reviews.

Here are five features of the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker that assist in going hands-free:

Jbl Portable Audio Products Debut In Verizon Wireless Stores Nationwide Just In Time For Summer Fun

STAMFORD, CT HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, the award-winning maker of outstanding audio and entertainment solutions, announced today that products from its award-winning JBL® portable audio product lineup will now be available for sale through all Verizon Wireless stores nationwide and

With long-lasting battery life, JBL® portable wireless speakers are the best way to enjoy your music away from home. And since each JBL portable wireless speaker features Bluetooth® connectivity, they make the perfect audio companion to a variety of Verizons selection of wireless devices. As an increasing number of people using their mobile phones to listen to streaming music services through their device, portable speakers from JBL make it easier than ever to share your music wherever you go.

Verizon Wireless will now assort the top wireless products from JBL, including:

  • JBL Flip 2portable speaker, providing room-filling sound from a compact cylindrical enclosure small enough and lightweight to carry in your hand
  • JBL Charge portable player/charger combo, delivering unsurpassed portable audio while providing more than 12 hours of playback time. It can also charge your other mobile devices on the go via its built-in USB port
  • JBL Pulse wireless speakerfeaturing high-fidelity, room filling JBL sound pulsed to a series of pre-programmed light themes controlling brightness and color.


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