Vintage Style Car Stereo With Bluetooth

Long Beach Radio Series

reviewing the cheapest vintage car radio from EBAY $15 with bluetooth, AUX, USB, and SD (single DIN)

The Long Beach series of radios is going to be a bit higher in price than most of the other brands that have been mentioned previously. However, depending on your vehicle, desired features, and the aesthetic youre going for, you may just find it well worth the investment. The Long Beach series comes in several different looks and fits a wide variety of classic vehicles. Additionally, most models of Long Beach radio come with a Sirius tuner, built-in Bluetooth, two USB ports, and two auxiliary inputs, which makes it really for pairing external devices.

Vintage Stereos With Modern Features For Your Ride

Having a classic car doesnt mean that youre stuck with the OEM radio the car came with. You have plenty of options that will have all the shiny chrome finishes of a vintage stereo with all the features of a modern in-dash unit. Its really a matter of finding which look best fits your aesthetic and narrowing down to the correct model that will fit your older model car. The following are the eight best retro in-dash stereo units that you can get for your classic car or truck.

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Make Your Car Look And Sound Better

Whether you’re looking for a radio that’s been pulled from an old Jaguar or a vintage Ford Escort, or you want a classic Sony radio or a Hitachi, you’re sure to find something to go with your vehicle. Available with various built-in features, including radio, CD and cassette vintage radios, buyers can find a model that best suits their needs and preferences. If you want to go old-school, simple radio units are also available. However, you will also find newer units that boast CD technology and excellent multi-functionality.

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Our Classic 200 Classic 200b Vintage 100 Hidden Bluetooth Amplifier And All Loudspeakers Now Include A 2 Year Guarantee

Our systems give you a range of SD, USB, DAB, CD and radio audio playback, plus amplification, concealed speakers and MP3/WMA playback with ipod connectivity to get the most out of your special car.

Our systems are perfect in a huge range of classics such as Mini, VW Camper, Classic UK and German cars and classic cars with spindle radios

Classic Car Stereo is a subsidiary of Autosound. Autosound was established in 1964 and our main business activities are the distribution of audio/video equipment to the bus, coach, rail and leisure markets.

Retrosound Classic Car Radio

Vintage Car Stereo With Bluetooth

RetroCarStuff offer a large range of classic styled modern radios with Digital radio, USB, Bluetooth and many more features available, Spindle mount Classic Car Stereo or DIN mounting options available.

Choose the basic bare-bones unit and add style with special facia panels and knob sets to make up your own classic car stereo model. Aerials, Speakers and accessories are also available.

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Huntington Radio Motor Series

The Huntington Radio Motor series comes in three different models and are designed to fit a 1961 1966 Ford F-Series truck, a 1961 1967 Ford Econoline, or a 1966 -1977 Ford Bronco. This Ford-specific classic radio is heavy on chrome and features an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, authentic push-button styling, and a 32,000-color display. The high-end Huntington model also features USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and 4-channel RMS power amps built-in with RCA pre-outs.

Buying Guide For Best Retro Radios

Device upgrades are synonymous with the 21st century. While they afford us modern conveniences, electronics are often more focused on function than appearance. Music lovers can get the best of both worlds when they buy a retro radio.

Listening to the radio terrestrial or satellite delivers a sense of nostalgia. Retro radios embrace the traditional features of popular models of the past, right down to colour schemes, dials, and displays. Some designs even boast modern features like Bluetooth compatibility or jacks for headphones or auxiliary cables for other devices. Next time you jam to your favourite tunes, make sure theyre coming from the speakers of a retro radio.

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Main Purposes Of A Retro Radio

$20 hidden Bluetooth stereo for classic cars!

Aesthetic value: If youre investing in a retro radio, its probably because youre looking to add a touch of throwback style to your space. Retro radios are popular choices for simple yet functional office décor, and they can serve as genuine conversation pieces in homes.

Gifting: Retro radios make great gifts for recipients who enjoyed the original designs of radios. Theyre also suitable for new homeowners, newlyweds, or individuals who like off-beat, unique items.

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What About The Radio

Our quality radios have the appearance of the factory original that came with your car, but with today’s electrics. Imagine having the original factory look with CD changer convenience, along with speakers that fit in the original space, giving you the sound quality you are accustomed to in today’s modern vehicle.

Victrola Radios And Clocks

It’s a classic phenomenon you’ve probably seen in films before. There’s an entire family crowded around a single device…the radio, listening to the ballgame or the latest hit song, glued to every word. It’s the only speaker in the house, tuned into their favorite channel. The radio, alas, was once the life of the party.

Nowadays, internet radio and car stereo are where most of the radio’s popularity still lives. For many people, the radio is an integral part of their working hours or daily life but they lack a convenient modern device to enjoy it outside of their car.

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Finding A Stereo For Your Classic Car

Every classic car owner knows that as long as you keep your vehicle in good condition, it’ll appreciate progressively in value.

Every classic car owner knows that as long as you keep your vehicle in good condition, it’ll appreciate progressively in value. Still, car parts often deteriorate with age, and some may be difficult or expensive to find. Therefore, classic cars may need more maintenance to keep their vintage appearance. If you view your classic car as an investment and take care of it, you’ll reap the financial benefits of its appreciated value.

Owning a classic car does not mean that you have to keep the original OEM stereo it came with. Nowadays, there are many alternatives that combine the shiny chrome finishes of classic cars with the features of a modern in-dash unit. There are hundreds of stereo systems that can add a little musical flair to your car without altering the vehicle’s interior look or value.

We dug through the latest stereos on the market to find the most highly rated and recommended stereos for your classic car. Here are some top stereos that you should consider:

Upgrade Your Classic Cars Stereo Today

Vintage Look Car Stereo Bluetooth

If you are looking to upgrade your classic car interior with a stereo that has all the looks of a vintage radio with the features youd get out of a modern in-dash unit, then any of these models will be perfect for your next upgrade. When it comes to classic radio shopping, the most important thing is that your new in-dash unit actually fits with your specific year, make, and model of vehicle. If youre second-guessing yourself on which one to go with or not sure about the install, car stereo installation in San Diego is available at several shops in your local area.

Not only can they help you select the perfect vintage car stereo for your type of vehicle, but they can also perform a professional install and get all your amp and subwoofer connections hooked up correctly. Vintage car stereo installation can be a bit tricky, so its always best to hire a professional installer if your budget allows it.

*Products in our Buyers Guide section are carefully chosen and we recommend only the best for our loyal audience. Bear in mind that this article contains affiliate links and if you purchase via our links Old News Club will earn a commission.

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Get Cd Players Bluetooth Stereos Consoles And More For Vintage Autos

Vintage car stereo. Established in 1977 is the originator and industry leader of classic car audio. Kex 73 kex 500 kex 900 kex m800 cdx 1. Leading global supplier of audio components designed for classic cars family owned and operated since 2008 meticulously designed with the enthusiast in mind award winning customer service and sema member licensed by major us manufacturers.

Unfortunatley these radios are between 35 and 80 years old and in desperate need of restoring. Englishwriting group for collectors of pioneer car stereo from the 80s. The stock radio is an integral part of the cars interior and can add or detract value depending on the condition of that radio.

Vintage car radio modern radios stereos and accessories to fit classic cars. 100 series classic car amfm receiver with usb port and built in bluetooth by qrp. Hidden bluetooth integration for your existing system.

Classic pioneer car stereo. At classic car audio we are proud to offer owners of classic vehicles the ability to have modern digital quality sound in their classics. Custom autosound mfg inc.

Top of the line stereos from vintage car audio feature the most advanced technology available for your classic gm vehicle. We offer classic car radios and vintage car audio for vintage lincoln vehicles from 1946 1957. Whether your vehicle is from 1948 or 1978 we have classic car stereos from custom autosound kitted to fit your classic lincoln vehicle in the factory dash location.

Autosound Classic Car Stereo

Listen To Your Favourite Radio Shows

You’ll find a selection of vintage radios that are ideal for those who appreciate the unique aesthetics of previous decades. Whereas most modern units utilise digital connections, vintage radios typically only feature radio, CD or cassette tape compatibility.

They also use classic designs to control the radio system. This lends these car radios a satisfying weight and heft that’s no longer found in modern electronics. Sliding tuning bars are also a popular feature of many vintage radios. If you want to journey back and experience radio as was intended, vintage radios are the only way to do so. Make sure your vintage vehicle is equipped with a stylish, fully functional radio.

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Fine Tune Your Car With Vintage Vehicle Radios

Create a retro look with a vintage radio to complete your car. On eBay, you’ll find an extensive range of vintage vehicle radios that will ensure you can replace malfunctioning models, renovate older cars with authentic parts or install a retro radio in your new car for a touch of retro style.

There are vintage radios available that can be used in a wide variety of vehicles. However, it’s vital that all buyers ensure that their vehicle audio technology is compatible with their specific make, model and year of their car.

Daytona Radio Motor Series

Classic Retro Style Spindle Radio Demo AUX USB and Bluetooth Retrosound Model 2

Manufactured to be compatible with vintage Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs, and Chevelles, the Daytona Radio Motor models 2 and 4 nail down the classic look while also providing modern features. The Daytona has several push button and knob combination options to customize the look. It also features an enhanced 32,000 color LCD display, a USB port, and two auxiliary inputs for connecting portable devices. Another big win in the features category for the Daytona is that it has Bluetooth, so you can seamlessly pair your Apple or Android device.

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The Best Of Times The Worst Of Times:

There are all kinds of current aftermarket stereo decks that will easily mount into classic rides, but as Autoblog rightfully points out, these smooth-face decks with snazzy displays look decidedly out-of-place in something from the glam rock era. There is a literal price to pay, however, for maintaining that vintage 1980s design. The Bremen SQR 46 DAB lists at 449, which is approximately $500 in U.S. currency. Its not outrageous by any means, but it is a bit more than your average high-quality aftermarket deck. If, however, you want to maintain a proper digital look to your classic 1980s ride, we reckon its money well spent.

Fyplay Classic Bluetooth Car Stereo

The FYPLAY classic Bluetooth car stereo is a 60-watt remote control stereo that comes with plenty of advanced features to keep you entertained. The stereo supports Bluetooth input, FM radio, and MP3/WMA/WAV sound play. It also has a built-in microphone and allows hands-free calling as you drive. Since the Bluetooth device is high-powered, you can listen to calls clearly without strain. You can also watch time more conveniently on the stereo display.

The stereo comes with a unique design with backlight LED display dual knobs that are metal textured, giving you a vintage appearance. To avoid touching your phone as you drive, you can control the functions using the wireless remote control of the car radio system. Inside, the system has a powerful breakpoint memory playback function that allows you to continue from where you left off even after restarting.

Jensen JCR311 high-resolution LCD single DIN car stereo is a powerful stereo that uses 50 watts. It comes with a Siri or Google Assistant voice button, allowing you to summon your favorite assistant using voice commands to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. You can also play music from CDs or a USB device, or you can connect to your phone using Bluetooth.

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Detroit Radio Motor Series

The Detroit Radio Motor models 2 and 4 are designed to be compatible with Ford Mustang, Falcon, and Ranchero. The radio comes with choices of knobs and features an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets. To add a little modern technology, this classic-looking radio is SiriusXM-ready, has built-in Bluetooth, and features two USB and two auxiliary inputs for your portable devices. Finally, it also features an enhanced 32,0000 color LCD display.

What Do We Sell

Vintage Car Stereo With Bluetooth

We are proud to carry the full line of Custom Autosound radios the Secretaudio SST hidden audio system the RediRad AM RadioAdapter that works with your original radio to give you access to enjoy the music from a CD player, iPod®, Sirius/XM® satellite radio, cassette player, or a simple portable FM radio without removing or modifying the original AM or AM/FM radio and now the amazing Repro Radio line, which look original by anyone’s standards, but offer today’s technology! We also carry an assortment of accessories and seatbelts for your vintage car.


Modern Radios To Fit Original Classic Car Dash Openings!

Please take a look and with any questions. Ask about package pricing. Be sure to visit our sister stores to stay updated with the latest classic radios!!

Vintage Car Radio has everything you need for your classic, restored or full hot rod ride. You can get everything from radio systems for your Chevy, or speakers for your Ford, Vintage Car Radio has it all. You’ll get the best service in the business and at prices that you can’t beat. So don’t go anywhere but Vintage Car Radio because we do more than just radios!

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