Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones For Swimming

Swimbuds Hydroactive Best Underwater Headphones For Laps

Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming ⺠xFyro XS2 Review â Waterproof Headphones Wireless Bluetooth
  • Type: In-ear
  • Water resistance: IPX8
  • Battery life: NA

Swimbuds HydroActive removes the worry of misfit or falling out from the equation, all thanks to several design elements. Firstly, it boasts a sleek rigid frame thatll sit comfortably on your neck and keep the bud in place.

You also get several ear tips to match your activity and find the perfect fit. Then theres something known as the multiple protection chambers, making it the most watertight of all headphones, i.e., youll get a clear and un-muffled sound.

And while other swimming headphones have dependability on your cap or goggles, this one is free. You can easily wrap on or off the headphone without interfering with other accessories.

Though it might not be suited for deepwater activity, it is great for laps, aqua-aerobics, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

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Underwater Audio Hydroactive Waterproof Headphones


If you want a more fitted wired option, the HydroActive earbuds are a performance-focused model thats also made by Underwater Audio and features a wrap-around design that is guaranteed to keep your buds in place as you let those butterfly strokes fly. However, these still feature a 3.5mm jack and not an integrated MP3 player. And for some, this is a good thing: You can use these with any MP3 player you like for years to come without having to worry about compatibility with file formats or computers, or whether the battery will go kaput.

Why We Like It: Secure wrap-around design, unique design acts as earplugs

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones While Swimming

Not usually, because Bluetooth signals don’t travel far through water. If you can attach your smartwatch to a pair of swimming goggles, you may be able to use it to stream music to a pair of headphones, but not all watches and headphones support this.

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Why Choose Our Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

* Open Ear Headphones,Bone conduction technology allows you to enjoy music still hear the sounds around you

* Bone conduction headphones can not only keep your ears clean, but also protect your hearing to the greatest extent

* IPX8 level waterproof, under water swimming

* Magnetic connection/safe stable and fast,The built-in large-capacity battery can support listening to music for 12 hours.

* Comes with 16GB of built-in storage so you can enjoy music, e-books etc. without another device

* Multi-function button, one button to answer/hang up,pause/play, and call voice assistant

* The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology supports up to 10 meters of usable distance and fast connection

* Built-in 350mAH battery,can enjoy music up to 12 hours at bluetooth mode

* This bluetooth sports headphone is made of ultra-light materials and skin-friendly materials, and it is still comfortable to wear for a long time

Color: Black, Blue,Gray,Red

Best Pick For Low Price: Pyle Mp3 Player Bluetooth Earbuds

Swimming Bluetooth Headset Headphone Waterproof Sport ...

Do you also think cheap things are often of low quality?

Then its time to change your mindset.

When you see the amazing performance of Pyle MP3 Player Bluetooth Earbuds, you are bound to do it.

The headset is designed for both in-water use and land use. And every time, you get nothing but the best possible output.

Anyway, before telling you more about it, let me tell you the key specs of these super affordable earbuds.

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Swimbuds Sport Premium Waterproof Headphones


Swimbuds is the most well-known brand in the underwater audio category, and the Swimbuds Sport wired earbuds are the follow-up to the brands popular classic headphones. These new Swimbuds were designed to offer less drag in the water, and thats because Swimbuds products are designed specifically for swimmers. The downside to Swimbuds? You arent buying a complete audio package, and youll need a separate underwater MP3 player. Swimbuds does offer some bundles if youre looking for a one-and-done solution. If youre looking for a truly wireless solution, then we recommend investing in the more expensive Zygo headset or the JBL Endurance Dive.

Why We Like It: Top wired option, great for swimmers

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

Best Bluetooth Swimming Headphones: H2o Audio Stream 2

Sound reproduction technology: In-ear driver

IP rating: IPX8

View full specs: H2O Audio Stream 2

The H2O Audio Stream 2 are some of the best waterproof headphones for swimming that come with a dedicated waterproof mp3 player. The swimming headphones deliver superior sound and deeply-amplified bass. The MP3 music player has 8 gigabytes of storage capacity carrying over 2,000 songs. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology with an open-air range of 30 feet or 10 meters. That being said, the transmission signal may be affected if you swim too deep underwater past 1 meter.

The H2O Audio Stream 2 can connect to an Apple or Android smartphone and stream offline or online audio content wirelessly. It is compatible with the iTunes m4a file format as well as the MP3, WMA, FLAC and APE formats. Audio files can easily be dragged and dropped from the PC to the player. One full charge of this MP3 player provides up to 10 hours of usage time.

Sound-wise, we really liked the sound quality on the H20 audio stream 2 headphones. They provide good sound clarity and you can hear subtle details in the music with good bass response. Its particularly good for vocal performances and podcasts where you can swim and listen to audiobooks on the go. The voice reproduction is crystal clear and accurate, with pretty decent volume even while swimming underwater.

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Nocmpic Bone Conduction Headphones


Using the latest Bluetooth technology, these bone conduction headphones pair and keep a strong connection with your mobile device, even when youre in the pool. You can also forgo pairing it with your phone and store music directly on the headphones thanks to 8GB of onboard storage that allows you to keep thousands of songs readily available. It sports about eight hours of battery life, plenty for your morning run and afternoon swim before it needs a recharge. This is also one of the top-rated options in the underwater headphones category, which is full of buggy products that dont perform as advertised.

Why We Like It: Strong customer reviews, onboard MP3 player and bone conduction audio

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Mpow Flame Ipx7 Bluetooth Sport

5 Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming In 2020

Are you looking to get the best bass sound off your music during your swim sessions or other sporting activities at a low price? Look no further. The Mpow Flame are one of the best waterproof headphones for swimming that are pocket-friendly but do not operate cheaply.

Unlike most headphone earbuds, the Mpow Flame comes with 4 pairs of silicone tips and one pair of foam tips for a comfortable and stable fit. So if you are into sports with intense movements, you will enjoy the comfort and an almost perfect seal.

Hip-hop and dance lovers will find the Mpow Flame very useful as they feature a Richer Bass HD Stereo which provides the perfect bass and sound quality. Additionally, they feature an in-built CVC 6.0 mic for noise isolation, thus a guarantee for crystal clear phone calls.

They also have IPX7 waterproof protection, and you can use them for any activity in water, during a shower or when it is raining. The cream topping feature is the Bluetooth dual point connection function that allows you to conveniently switch between 2 phones.

With the Mpow flame waterproof headphones, you will get about 7 to 9 hours playtime after charging it for about 2 hours.

Since the headphones allow you to listen to music for such a long time, you will be motivated to work out or enjoy swimming longer.



  • Not suitable for classical music lovers.

Williams Take:

Here is a video of the Mpow Flame headphones. Check it out and see if they will be your next favorite cheap headphones.

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List: 5 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds For Swimmers

I know you want to see my chosen earbuds as soon as possible. Thats why, before going into the details, I have made a comparison table below.

See it at a glance.

SONY Waterproof and dustproof Walkman with Bluetooth earbuds NW-WS623
  • Working Range Under The water:2 m.
  • Battery Life:12 hours.
H2O Audio Sonar Underwater Waterproof Headphones with MP3 and Bluetooth
  • Working Range Under The Water:3 m.
  • Wireless Range on Air:10 m.
  • Battery Life:7 hours.
H2O Audio Stream 2 100% Waterproof MP3 Music Player with Bluetooth Headphones
  • Working Range Under The Water:3 m.
  • Wireless Range on Air: 10 m.
  • Battery Life: 10 hours.
MTYBBYH Waterproof earbuds for Swimming
  • Working Range Under The Water: 1.5 m 5 m.
  • Wireless Range on Air:10 m.
  • Battery Life:8 hours.
Best Pick for Low PricePyle MP3 Player Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Wireless Range on Air:10 m.
  • Battery Life: 10 Hours.
See details

After seeing the table, now you have known the basic information about these swim headphones.

While making this list, I have considered a few criteria. These are the things you should also think about when you will make your decision.

So, let me give you a clear idea about them.

Flextreme Waterproof Headphones With Mp3 Player

Another all-round set of swimming earbuds is the Flextreme by Pyle. It can be used in water at any depth as its rated at IPX8. You can then use it for running and other workouts as well.

It has a great battery as itll only need a charge after 10 hours of listening. As most swims last only a few hours at most, youre sorted for a few days of great tunes.

The music can be easily transferred to the earbuds through a drag-and-drop method from your computer with most formats such as MP3 and WMA supported.

The design is a seamless one whichallows you wrap it around your head without any distractions as you swim. Italso comes with 2 pairs of earbuds for use in the water and 3 pairs for use inother sports outside the water.


  • IPX8waterproofing for swimming at any depth.
  • Workswith most audio types such as WMA and MP3.
  • Batterylasts for 10 hours per charge.
  • Canbe used in and out of the water.


  • The ear-tips may not fit everyone tightly underwater.

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Here Are Some Choices That Work

I’ve been using an AudioFlood waterproof iPod Shuffle, which is , and it works like a charm. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a retrofitted iPod Shuffle that works underwater. A Shuffle was my jogging buddy for a long time until I jumped on the wireless bandwagon, and I’ve always loved its design and simplicity. I have it strapped to my goggles, and it’s unobtrusive and delivers music without fail when I’m swimming laps, OR EVEN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL! The Wavetooth had a bulky receiver and big lanyard, and this is a far more elegant solution that actually works.

My wife uses a pair of Go Waterproof Mp3 Player Headphones, and while their sound isn’t as really as good as the headphones that come with the Waterfi Shuffle, they still sound surprisingly good underwater. They’re also not as comfortable, and have a tendency to fall off sometimes, especially when you’re swimming fast. Still, they’re a little bit cheaper than the waterproof Shuffle, so it’s a decent option if you’re strapped for cash but still want to swim underwater while listening to music, WHICH IS FRANKLY MIRACULOUS! Seriously, nobody in the entire world has reason to complain about that.

The Verdict: Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Waterproof Wireless bluetooth earphone headset bluetooth ...

Choosing our best buy proved to be a lot more challenging than we thought. And ultimately, it came down to two choices and the seemingly minor details that separated them.

For us, Naenkas runner pro headphones take the gold. Not only did these offer great storage space for our MP3 music, but its Bluetooth function was almost unmatched. Our music barely cut out while swimming and was always crystal clear. And even though the charger is delicate, we still found ourselves reaching for these the most a clear winner and something we now wont be hitting the pool without.

However, if Bluetooth hadnt been a factor in our testing, then the Aftershokz xtrainerz would have been our choice. These offered supreme sound, had a great case, earplugs and were super easy to use. But as we personally havent downloaded music for five years, we found their function rather limited. If the brand ever does decide to create a pair with Bluetooth though, you can bet well be one of the first in line to buy.

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What Headphones Are Good For Swimming

A lot of bluetooth designs are waterproof in terms of being resistant to rain and sweat, but that doesnt necessarily mean theyre able to withstand the depths of the pool. The key is searching for headphones that are designed specifically for swimming, if that’s what you want, or that tell you how much water they can take.

The Xtrainerz Swimming MP3 Headphones from Aftershokz seem to be the top rated pair of waterproof headphones for swimming, for the innovative way that they allow you to hear music. An ears-free solution, Aftershokzs Xtrainerz are built with their own storage system – up to 4GB – and use bone-conducting technology to play your fave tunes. Clever!

Elsewhere, these Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones are designed to stay put during flip-turns and the most rigorous aquatic workouts. Theyll maintain a watertight seal up to three meters throughout your swim, no matter how much of a splash you like to make.

H20 Audio Waterproof Headphones For Swimming


These wired headphones use special tips to produce a tight seal inside of your ears, so you can still get premium audio quality underwater. And deep underwater you can go, with an IPX8 rating that means these headphones can handle being submerged up to 12ft. The headphones come with five unique tips for small to large ear canals, making them great for your entire workout regimen. Although these arent self-contained, theyre still a solid pair of waterproof headphones, specially made with swimmers in mind.

Why We Like It: Swimmer-friendly short cord, flexible ear fit

Waterproof Rating: IIPX8

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Wired Headphones Are Better For Swimming

Wired waterproof headphones are usually designed for swimming.

Thats why most active people get wireless workout headphones.

When it comes to water resistance, though, wires present another issue. The AUX plug needs to be resistant to corrosion. Usually, its plated by a non-corrosive metal like gold.

Waterproof Bluetooth earbuds are another option, though arent suitable for swimming because Bluetooth connectivity doesnt work in water.

Water is too dense for Bluetooth signal to get through. Thats why you wont find any wireless headphones for swimming.

Also Consider Battery life

This feature is only relevant if you go for headphones with integrated MP3 player. You need to know they can last long enough for a swimming workout. Going for a long swim and having your sport headphones run out of juice early is frustrating.

H2o Audio Interval Swim Best Waterproof Headphones For Apple Watch

Dacom P10 | WATERPROOF Bluetooth Headphones for Sports
  • Type: In-ear and bone conduction
  • Connection: Bluetooth Apple Watch
  • Water resistance: IPX8, up to 12ft underwater
  • Battery life: 6 hours

Interval Swim is a specially designed accessory for swimmers with Apple Watch . And as the brand claims, it is the only waterproof headphone system for the watch currently available.

Interestingly, you can choose between an in-ear or bone conduction variation. Both models house integrated goggle loops to securely hold almost any swim goggles.

Another native benefit of the Interval Swim is that you can enjoy the media app of your choice, Apple Music/Podcasts. Spotify, Audible, and more. Notably, the watch will use offline play and might need a subscription.

You also get access to the My Swim Tracker app thatll log your swims, give audio lap counting, help you reach your goal, and close Apple Watch rings.

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How To Pick The Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

IPX67 vs. IPX8 Waterproofing

The IP waterproof system is a rating scale that helps you determine the water resistance rating of your devices. For Bluetooth headphones for swimming, you dont even want to entertain anything that is rated below IPX67 or IPX7 your headphones will get ruined. An IPX7 rating means your headphones, or any device with that rating, can handle being submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, which makes an IPX7-rated device suitable for activities in and around the pool.

Youd think that IPX8 would be a step up from IPX7, and in some regards it is, but not quite how you might think. IPX8 ratings are determined by the manufacturer. Devices that are IPX8 essentially go through the same testing protocols as IPX7 devices, but manufacturers can bump it up to an IPX8 rating if, lets say, a device handles submersion for longer than 30 minutes. Either way, if you plan on doing anything in the pool, you should only be considering headphones specifically rated for submersion underwater.

Ear-hooks vs Earbuds

Alternatively, the best waterproof headphones with ear-hooks stay securely on your head even during flips and turns, so you wont have to worry about wearing a swimming cap. As long as the ear-hooks are on firmly, and the plastic ear tips have a good seal, you should be good even when you are swimming laps.

3.5mm Connector vs. Integrated MP3 Player

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