Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale Review

Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale White

Weightwatchers Body Analysis Glass Scale Review
  • WW branded Bluetooth scale works with iOS and Android
  • Smart device not required to operate this scale
  • Measures body fat, water, bone and muscle mass, and BMI
  • 9 user memory, 400 pound capacity tap to activate
  • High visibility blue backlight blue accent light
  • Platform size 12.4 inches x 12.4 inches 1.9 inch digital display
  • Operates on 3 long-life AAA batteries
  • Limited ten year warranty

Looks Gooddoesnt Work So Good

The scale took a long time to program and could have outlined the input procedure a lot better. Once I got it set up it actually worked great. It worked for both me and my wife …the first time. The next few days the weight part looked to be working ok but we could never get the additional readings again. We even moisturized our feet as instructed…nope screen would go black. We checked batteries all ok. Bottom line is: If we pay full price for a new item we expect all functions to work with very little trouble shooting required. Its getting returned and I expect to be fully refunded with a smile.

Purchasedin March 2020at Big Wfor $59.

What We Dont Like About The Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale By Conair

If you do not have even floors anywhere in your home, it will not give an accurate and reliable reeding. The same goes for carpeted floors, digital scales shouldnt be used on carpets or rugs.

The Bluetooth feature could do with some more work. When the scales are synced to the app the whole program crashes and freezes, or it just works very, very slowly.

Yes, having an auto shut-off is great because you dont need to bend over and turn it off yourself, but they dont stay on long enough. The scales switch off before you have a chance to connect them to your phone, or even see what the reading said.

You need to be quite aggressive with the touch-on feature. If you just lightly tap the scales, they wont turn on. Over time, the touch-on feature needs to be tapped harder and harder which surely cant be good for a digital device.


  • Gives a reliable reading when used correctly
  • Easy to see and understand the reading
  • No more bending over to turn the scales on, just tap and go
  • Accurately weighs up to 400 pounds
  • Can be synced to the Weight Watchers app


  • The Bluetooth feature is hit and miss
  • Doesnt work well on carpet and uneven floor
  • The tap-on feature requires a lot of force

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Clear Lcd Digital Read Out

Thanks to its large 10.5 x 4.5cm LCD digital readout and white backlight display, the WW body scale is highly visible and provides easy-to-read body statistics.

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  • What Other Features Should I Look For

    Weight Watchers Body Analysis Bluetooth Scale WW310A

    As well as tracking your weight, smart scales can calculate everything from body fat and muscle mass to BMI, water percentage and even your resting metabolism. These measurements can help give a better overview of your general health and knowing how much fat, water, muscle and bone your body is made up of can give insight into whether you are achieving your health goals. However, it’s important to remember that these values are estimates and that you should always consult a doctor for the most accurate measurements and advice.

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    Ok But Could Be Better

    I brought these scales after having to return another brand twice. They are branded as Weight Watchers and manufactured by Conair.

    The good news is that they work. The scale weighs, takes body fat and hydration measurements, calculates BMI and transfers the data via Bluetooth to my phone. The weighing area is large, so heftier people can be accommodated more easily. The bluetooth upload is easy once you have the hang of turning everything on first.

    On the down side I have some niggles:1. The graphs in the application are too “big pic…

    Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales By Conair Faq

    Here are some of the most common questions that are asked regarding these scales

    Q) What color is the display?A) The display is black. This is a newer model so the display does not light up like its preceding models.

    Q) What are the dimensions of the scales?A) It is 13 ½ inches from front to back with a width of 12 ¼ inches and a 1 ½ inch thickness.

    Q) What is the trick to successfully pair the scale with the app?A) Tap on your profile, you will see a page with lots of badges such as your goal weight and the WW in a red circle. Click on the red WW and your scales and app should sync together. Be sure to stay logged into the Weight Watchers app until you have finished your weigh-in.

    Q) Are these scales accurate? Is there much of a difference when the results are compared with other scales?A) The Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale is very accurate indeed. There are factors that you can control to keep what is on the scale consistent. Try weighing yourself with the same clothes every time, at the same time every day, consistently weighing in the same place.

    If you are still not convinced that the scale is accurate, go to your healthcare provider and use their scale and see if there is a difference. Your Weight Watchers group leader will be happy to assess your weight too if you so wish.

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    About Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale

    The Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale by Conair is probably the most versatile and appealing scale that Weight Watchers has to offer. This Conair scale is digital with a sleek and discrete design to ensure it wont stick out like a sore thumb in your bathroom.

    To date, Weight Watchers has six scales on the market, however, unlike Conairs Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale, the others cannot compare in the high tech features arena, such as calculating body fat percentage, water content, bone mass, and muscle mass. However, keep in mind that you do not have to use all of these helpful features every time you weigh yourself.

    This scale is designed to be used no more than once per week while you are dieting. This is to ensure that regular, non-diet related weight fluctuations do not leave you concerned or disheartened about your progress. For anyone that is maintaining their weight, you should weigh yourself a couple of times per week and stick to the 5-pound rule.

    The 5-pound rule is a proven weight maintenance strategy. People that keep their weight within a 5-pound range maintain their weight for longer than those that fluctuate above and below 5-pounds.

    The Verdict: Bathroom Scales

    Naddy’s Fitness Friday – Vlog 1 – Weight Watchers bluetooth body analyser – bathroom scale Weigh in

    The Withings body+ body composition wifi scale is our top choice for its impressive syncing capabilities, sleek style and thorough measurements that give a great insight into overall health. The Eufy smart scale C1 has almost as many features for half the price, so is an excellent investment if youre curious to know more than just what you weigh.

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    What Can Smart Scales Analyse

    Smart sales use a process called bioelectrical impedance analysis to gather as much information about your body as possible. By passing a painless electrical current through your body, analyser scales measure the resistance also known as impedance your body gives against the current.

    Different tissues such as bone, fat and muscle impede the current at different rates which is how the scales can provide such an array of measurements including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, bone density, your resting metabolism and more.

    But, it’s important to remember that these values are estimates. For the most accurate measurements you should consult a doctor, and if youre pregnant or you have a pacemaker, you shouldn’t use these features.

    Weight Watchers Scales By Conair Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale

    Achieving your personal best â thatâs what the Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale is all about. This scale not only tracks your weight, it also delivers a body analysis that keeps you in sync with the whole you. Simply sync your scaleâs data to the free Weight Watchers tracker scale app for in-depth charts and an at-a-glance dashboard you can view anywhere, anytime. Subscribers can automatically sync their weight to the Weight Watchers App. Earn badges for your progress towards your weight goal!

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    Are Smart Scales More Accurate Than Mechanical Scales

    While mechanical and digital scales can give you a basic reading of your weight, smart scales can provide you with even more information about your body, allowing you to log your weight and track changes remotely on your smartphone. They are the most accurate of all the options and also offer the most comprehensive view of the composition of your body.

    How The Weight Watchers Scales Work

    Weight Watchers Body Analysis Bluetooth Scale WW310A

    This body fat scale operates in the usual way, tapping the centre, waiting and then stepping on.

    Then to connect it to the app on my phone, I just turned on Bluetooth at in seconds it displayed the results on the app!

    You can sync your results to Apple Health or Google Fit. Also to the Weight Watchers app if you have an online account.

    I love this stylish smart scale and it looks great in the bathroom but is slim enough to store away easily too. Its the best bathroom scale weve had.

    The Weight Watchers Body Analysis Bluetooth Diagnostic scale weighs up to 182kgs and has a 10 year warranty.

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    Types Of Bathroom Scales Which Is Most Accurate

    There are three main types of scales mechanical scales use springs to measure and display weight on a dial, digital scales measure electronically and display weight digitally, and smart scales measure by sending a safe electrical wave through the body, connecting to smartphones over Bluetooth.

    Analyser scales tend to be the most accurate, offering a comprehensive breakdown of your bodys composition some on our list can take up to 17 different metrics.

    When it comes to the size, a 30 x 30cm scale should be large enough for most feet without taking up too much space in your bathroom or cupboard.

    Weight Watchers Scale Review

    The new Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is a great electronic scale to go along with my weight loss journey. Im attending some group coaching sessions but predominantly following the plan online on their website and phone app.

    Online just fits into my lifestyle so much better.

    The new Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is the most technologically advanced home body composition scale Ive ever seen. More advanced than our previous Weight Watchers bathroom scales.

    As well as measuring body weight, it also works as a body analysis monitor. I connect the scale to the app on my iPhone via bluetooth although the body weight scale itself tells you the analysis results. The weight scale app, or even a smartphone, isnt necessary.

    The Weight Watchers scale analyses and provides results on my weight, body fat, body water, bone mass, muscle mass and BMI. Everything on one scale! You can also set up a number of different Users and the scale remembers each persons results. I added my height and age:

    It was a bit scary stepping on for the first time but thankfully my fears were put at rest when I checked my results on the handy table included in the kit.

    The Body Analysis table shows ranges for each measurements and so you can check if you fall onto the Too Low, Lower than Normal, Normal, Higher than Normal or Too High category.

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    Weight Watchers Body Analysis Clear Glass Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale

    The Weight Watchers Body Analysis Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale provides an interactive way to track your measurements. Measures body fat percentage, body water, bone and body mass index. Allows multiple users track their statistics.

    The Weight Watchers Body Analysis Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale provides an interactive way to track your measurements. Measures body fat percentage, body water, bone and body mass index. Allows multiple users track their statistics.

    How Do Smart Scales Work

    Fit Index Body Fat Smart Scale vs. WW Conair Body Analysis Scale

    Smart scales help to give you a clear picture of your health and fitness by offering additional metrics besides weight, including body mass index , body fat percentage, muscle mass and more. They do this by sending a small non-harmful electrical impulse through your body to measure the resistance, or impedance, your body gives against the current in different tissue types like bone, fat and muscle. They must be used barefoot and it is important to note that they should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or uses a pacemaker.

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    Weight Watchers Body Analysis Bluetooth Scale

    Take control of your health in an easy and fun way with this smart digital scale. Personalise your weigh-in by creating a user profile, entering your age, height and gender for accurate body measurements. Then, simply sync your scale to the Weight Watches Scale via the Conair App and step onto the scale. And thanks to the in-built Bluetooth technology, you can instantly view a detailed full-body analysis – including body fat, body water and BMI. Plus – if you’re a member – it automatically syncs to the official Weight Watchers App!


    How We Test Bathroom Scales

    We tested 15 scales at the Good Housekeeping Institute to find the most accurate on the market. To measure their reliability when measuring weight, we placed two calibrated kettlebells, weighing 7.64kg and 12.25kg, on each scale three times and assessed the results given. We also timed how quickly it took for the scales to respond to the added weight.

    For smart scales, we used a bioimpedance machine to get an initial body fat percentage measurement, then took three readings from every set of scales within a 30 minute window to compare results.

    We also tested any associated apps, looking at what the user experience was like, before finally scoring each set of scales for ease of use, design and product information.

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    Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale Review

    Ive been doing Weight Watchers for a couple of months now and have loved reviewing the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale recently too.

    Ive lost 4.5kgs so far if youre interested!

    I was looking for the best scale that was accurate and tracked more than just weight.

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    Bluetooth Weight & Body Analysis Scaleww912f

    Weight Watchers® by Conair⢠Body Analysis Bluetooth® Digital Bathroom ...

    A step on this bathroom scale is a step in the right direction for well-balanced living. With WW Scales by Conair® you can keep track of your wellness journey.

    Our body analysis scale is as accurate as it is aesthetically pleasing. From the high visibility LCD digital display thats refreshingly easy to read, to the comfortable large sturdy frame, this scale was designed with your needs in mind. Not only does this scale track your weight, but it delivers a body analysis that keeps you in sync with the whole you. The WW Bluetooth® enabled scale is designed to work for free with the WW Scales by Conair® app, providing a fun way to track your measurements.

    Product Highlights
    • Works with iOS and android devices
    • 9-user memory
    • Bio-impedance analysis measures each users body fat, body water, bone mass, and muscle mass also displays body mass index
    • High-visibility back lit LCDlarge 1.9 in / 48mm digital readout displays weight in 0.1 lb. or 50 g increments
    • Blue light accent and impact resistant safety glass platform 12.4 in x 12.4 in.
    • Scale operates on 3 AAA batteries
    • Smart device is not needed to use this scale will operate as a standalone body analysis scale, if desired

    Similar Products

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    Who Is The Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales By Conair For

    These scales are perfect for dieters that are 300 pounds and above as the scales give an accurate and reliable weight reading. The glass platform is easy to get on and off from comfortably and quickly too.

    Fortunately, this scale is so well made, that you wont be looking to replace them for the next few years. Its durability and longevity certainly are not reflected in the price either, and you will find that the Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale by Conair is super affordable.

    If you are looking for a fussy and complicated scale, you will be disappointed with this one. Conair has stripped it back to the basics with this scale. If you are expecting the scales to write you a detailed diet plan, or for them to tell you what food you are intolerant to then look elsewhere. Your water retention, bone mass, muscle mass, fat percentage, and weight in lbs or kgs is more than enough information for you and these scales tell you all of that.

    The digital screen is extra large and easy to read. Hey, you might even be able to take your glasses off for the weigh-in! An easy to read digital screen is more important than you might think, especially because some digital scales only display the results for a couple of seconds and then they turn themselves off. No one wants to get on and off the scales multiple times just to see the results.

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