What Are The Best Bluetooth Earbuds To Buy

Jbl Reflect Mini 2 Sport Headphones

5 Best Buy Bluetooth Earbuds | Wireless Earbuds For Android Phones

Clear sound and a secure fit for less than competitors buds

  • 10-hour battery life
  • Very little ambient sound

The JBL Reflect Mini 2 isnt the newest pair of headphones, but a price drop to $40 makes them an attractive value proposition. The buds form a tight seal in your ears and dont move after youve started to trot. The downside for outdoor runners is the lack of ambient sound, which also isolates your tunes from the outside world. Video production manager Jimmy Cavalieri also used them while mowing his lawn. Although I could still hear my lawnmower, the earbuds blocked out enough engine noise that the quality of the audio still sounded clear without having to max out the volume, he said. When I concentrated on my music, I could still identify each instrument. The connecting wire between the buds is lightweight and hardly noticeable midrun, and the Reflect Mini 2 quickly paired with Bluetooth and stayed connected up to 100 feet away. The earbuds also sport reflective cables for nighttime visibility, an IPX5 water-resistant rating, and an impressive 10 hours of battery life.

Master & Dynamic Mw08

Master & Dynamic’s earlier MW07 and MW07 Plus delivered top-notch sound for true wireless, but they were a little lacking in the features department and weren’t so great for making calls. The new-for-2021 MW08 offer some significant improvements, including the addition of solid noise canceling and call quality, that make it one of the top models for 2021. Alas, they’re also expensive at $299.

Battery life has improved a bit , and the earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, active noise cancellation with three microphones on each earbud . The noise canceling on the MW07 Plus was pretty weak the MW08’s is much more effective.

You can opt for two levels of noise cancellation in the new M& D Connect app for iOS and Android, as well as two levels of transparency that let you hear the outside world to varying degrees. The app currently has no way to tweak the sound profile . Each earbud has a physical button to control playback, not touch controls.

These ‘buds may not fit everyone’s ear equally well, but they certainly have a distinct look, as well as excellent sound and a great listening experience if you can get a tight seal . They deliver more of an audiophile sound profile, with smooth, well-balanced sound and well-defined bass. This model has new 11mm drivers, which add a bit of punch to the bass and a touch better clarity. The MW08 works well with all genres of music.

Bose Retakes The Noise Cancellation Crown

The audio quality and noise cancellation of the QuietComfort Earbuds easily outweigh the headaches from dealing with their awkward case. Bose has taken a noticeable lead over competitors and is nearing the noise cancellation effectiveness of full-size headphones. Instead of a simple on / off toggle like the AirPods Pro, Bose lets you choose between 10 levels of noise canceling. At 10, these earbuds do an astonishing job of hushing the world around you better than Apple, Sony, and other competitors. Street noise just fades away the constant hum of an air conditioner or the whir of a fan all but disappears. Im not traveling much by plane at the moment, but Im certain these would do a better job at muting cabin noise than other earbuds. You can even use the QuietComfort Earbuds in noise-canceling mode even when theres no audio playing if youre just looking for some peace and quiet.

The ear tips have an integrated silicone fin for added stability.

On the opposite end, dropping down to zero puts the earbuds into full transparency / ambient mode. Bose has managed to tie Apple at making it almost feel like youre not wearing earbuds at all. The transparency mode on the QuietComfort Earbuds sounds incredibly natural and will appeal to people who want a better sense of their surroundings when outside. When you take out either earbud, the one in your other ear automatically goes into full transparency since Bose figures youre probably trying to hear something.

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Best Earbuds For Mobile Gaming

The Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds have decent sound quality and active noise cancellation for their price. But likely, whats equally as important to avid mobile gamers is their low latency gaming mode that cuts response time down to 60ms.

    And then theres the Chroma. Unlike the first-gen Hammerhead True Wireless, these ones have fully customizable RGB lights on each earbud. Its an eye-catching effect, though it does eat into battery life a little. Razers mobile app for the earbuds allows for control remapping and extensive EQ adjustment. The Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds are average in metrics like battery life, and their transparency mode is merely passable, but if youre big on Razer gear, now you can flash the brand while playing your favorite mobile games at the coffee shop.

    The Nothing Ear 1s have a very cool look, but they can be buggy.

    Aftershokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones

    Best wireless Bluetooth earbuds and in

    The ultimate headphones for urban running awareness

    • Most ambient sound of any workout headphones
    • 8-hour battery life
    • Thinner, quieter sound than in-ear buds

    For road runners who arent comfortable jamming an earbud in as cars whiz past, theres AfterShokz. These headphones use bone conduction technology to transfer sound through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open to hear potential hazards before they sneak up on you. Compared to in-ear designs from Jaybird and Bose, the sound is admittedly thinner and quieter, but I find it totally suitable for running, said Dengate. This sleek update to a longtime favorite pair of headphones has a slimmer design and noticeably vibrates less at loud volume. Despite that change, the sound has improved, and feels more well rounded and slightly clearer when running along loud city streets. The Aeropex is also IP67 rated, so itll survive a heavy sweat and rain storm, and the battery lasts up to 8 hours.

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    Skullcandy Indy: Best Budget Earbuds

    If youre looking for a cheap pair of earphones but with good overall performance, check out the Skullcandy Indy earbud set. With removable wings for stability and a custom feel, these earbuds are able to connect you to your devices easily, quickly, and at a budget-friendly price point. Their tiny shape allows you to feel connected without being weighed down or tethered to any fixed point. This makes workouts without getting your earbuds yanked out of your a breeze.

    The Skullcandy Indy earbuds are sweat-resistant, dust-resistant, and give you 16 hours of cord-free listening. Between the lower price point and the included protective features, these are earbuds that you truly wont have to worry about at all. High-quality sound, easy-maintenance earbuds thats the dream, right?

    Best for: A reliable lower-cost set of earbuds that are resistant to sweat and dust.

    As an alternative, weve found that the best earbuds under $50 are the TOZO T10. Theyre particularly strong with bass support, and they come in five chic colourways.


    List Of Best Bluetooth Earphones In India

    Here is the list of popular Bluetooth Earphones available in India-

    Warranty1 year

    For boAt Rockerz 255 Sports design, the look and feel are solid. It is made of premium metal and has a comfortable fit. The cables are flexible, strong, and robust. The ear tip is comfortable and fits well in the ear.

    The aesthetics is superb. And then comes the features that are provided in it. Connectivity is with Bluetooth 4.1 version with the Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset. This makes functioning easy and hassle-free. Next up to make it sweat and water-resistant, it has IPX 5 certification. The sound quality is exceptional and has extra bass. With this, it has a CVC noise cancellation that provides good quality voice calls.

    Further, the battery life of these bands is 6 hours. It also supports fast charging with 45 minutes of playback time with 15 minutes of charge. And one surprising feature is it has dual connectivity.

    Last but certainly not least, it comes with a 1-year warranty packed with it.


    Weight28 g

    Oneplus is capturing the mobile market gradually with its innovative and exceptional products. Along with the superb design and best fit, it has IP55 certification that makes it sweat and water-resistant in rain and around water. For connectivity, it has the latest Bluetooth version 5.

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    Weight89 g


    Weight45 g


    Weight21 g


    Weight22 g


    Weight195 g


    Weight272.16 g

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    Jabra Elite Active 75t Earbuds

    All the features for a bargain price

    • IP57 full waterproof and sweatproof
    • 7.5-hour battery life
    • HearThrough mode allows you to adjust ambient sound
    • HearThrough ineffective in high wind

    Jabra nailed the shape on the Elite Active 75t. Credit that to the angular build that nests snugly in the outer ear canal, without giving you that tightly sealed, high-pressure thud with each foot strike. The sound quality is crisp, dynamic, and fullrivaling Apples AirPods Probut these Jabras will cost you less and offer about 90 more minutes of battery on a single charge. For dust and water protection, theyre rated IP57, meaning they should withstand a sandstorm or a monsoon. Competing earbuds from Apple, Bose, Jaybird, and others may offer even better sound, superior comfort, or exceptional ambient-awareness modes but, no brand does all of those things better than the 75t.

    Battery Life Comfort And Range

    The Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy!!

    A guiding principle with mono headsets: If you don’t want to charge, go large. Bigger headsets mean more room for big batteries.

    Comfort is a very personal choice. The best in-ear headsets have a range of fit stylesâfor instance, several different sizes of eartips, plus an option for an over-the-ear hook if headsets always fall out of your ear. If you absolutely can’t bear to put something in your ear, go for an over-the-ear stereo headphone pair.

    Most Bluetooth headsets offer about 30 feet of good range before they start popping badly or devolving into digital artifacts. Larger headsets, with larger antennas, can have a bit more range. BlueParrott’s products tend to have very good battery life and range, but at the cost of size and weight.

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    Best Earbuds For Voice Calls On Android

    Okay, so maybe theres one not-insignificant reason to get the Pro Galaxy Buds instead of the Galaxy Buds 2: theyre fantastic at handling voice calls. The Galaxy Buds Pro hardware includes a windshield chamber that helps prevent distortion and annoying wind noise if youre taking a call outside. And if you watch our video review of the Galaxy Buds 2, youll hear that it actually works quite well.

    Noise cancellation on the Galaxy Buds Pro is slightly better than the Buds 2, and they also include bonus tricks like 360 audio and a voice detect feature that drops the volume and activates transparency mode if you start speaking to someone nearby.

    Razers Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds have flashy RGB lighting.

    Best Wireless Earbuds 2021

    ByAlex Bracettipublished 3 December 21

    We test the best wireless earbuds to find the right fit for your budget and style.

    Included in this guide:

    Soundcore Liberty Air Pro 2
    Elite 7 Pro

    The best wireless earbuds afford you many of the same perks that an elite pair of wired or wireless headphones would, maybe even more. They free you of cables, letting you consume music on the go without being physically tethered to your portable devices: smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Even better, they pack lots of performance great sound, call quality, and special features into a compact design.

    As the category continues to grow in popularity, so does the demand for wireless earbuds, especially with modern smartphones slowly doing away with the headphone jack. Le sigh. Nonetheless, this hasnt stopped tech staples like Sennheiser, Samsung, and even Apple from releasing stellar cordless buds. Were also seeing other popular electronics brands such as Beats and Anker jump on the wireless earbuds bandwagon, releasing superior products that hold their own against the top dogs.

    In compiling a list of the best wireless earbuds, we take many variables into account, from battery life to connectivity to design to sound. Other notable hallmarks such as mobile app support, setup, and special features are factored into the equation as well.

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    Soundcore By Anker Life A1 True Wireless Earbuds

    Anker Soundcore wireless earbuds are affordable yet can easily compete with some pricier alternatives. They provide up to nine hours of music on a single charge from the wireless-support charging case.

    Furthermore, a quick 10-minute charge ensures an additional 1.5 hours of use. On-ear touch controls let you easily adjust the volume, playback, and deal with calls.

    A microphone with noise reduction delivers clear audio during calls. For utmost versatility, the earbuds support three sound modes.

    Signature Mode is perfect for daily listening, Bass Booster Mode enhances low frequencies, and the Podcast Mode makes voice stand out and reduces background noise.


    How Do I Keep Wireless Earbuds From Falling Out Of My Ears

    Buy JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds online in ...

    With wireless earbuds, it’s important that you get the right fit so they not only stay in your ears but so they sound and perform at their best . If the buds come with silicone ear tips, you should use the bud that’s a little bigger rather than too small for your ear. Also, in some cases, like with the AirPods Pro, you can buy third-party foam ear tips that grip the inside of your ear better and keep your buds from falling out. Note that sometimes people have one ear shaped differently than the other, so you might use a medium tip in one ear and a large tip in the other.

    The original AirPods and AirPods 2nd Generation didn’t fit all ears equally well, and a lot of people complained about how they would stay securely in their ears. You can buy third-party wingtips — sometimes called sport fins — that lock the buds in your ears. But you have to take them off every time you use your buds because they won’t fit in the case.

    If you have trouble keeping earbuds in your ears, your best bet is to look for a model that includes wingtips.

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    Powerbeats Pro: Best Earbuds For The Gym And Working Out

    Looking for the suave matte feel and high-intensity focus so often evoked by the Beats headphones? Now, with the Powerbeats Pro, you can have that power packed into a tiny, hard-working earbud.

    Equipped with flexible silicone ear hooks to keep the pressure off your ear canal while anchoring these earbuds sturdily in place, the Powerbeats Pro are a great choice for music during motion. As an added pro, these earbuds come in four subtly chic colours: moss, ivory, black, and navy. These true wireless earbuds in true neutrals are a functional accessory for working out, whether at the gym or outside.

    However, their hardware allows them to look good and work well, too. Class 1 Bluetooth allows these buds to experience fewer drops in connectivity as well as a longer rangegreat for when you need hands-free mobility for your activities.

    Their materials are specifically made to be water- and sweat-resistantleaving you one fewer thing to worry about as you work in your reps. The Powerbeats Pro earbuds allow you to concentrate on the beat of your music, letting your workout simply turn into an active dance.

    Best for: A stable, sweat-resistant option for those in need of gym-ready music.

    As an alternative with a total of 28 hours of energy, wed like to present the Jabra Elite 75t.


    Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2

    • Waterproof
    • Mid-range sound quality not on par with Apple, Jabra, and Bose

    Ankers Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 are among the best-fitting truly wireless earbuds weve tried. Like almost all buds, they use silicone ear tips to secure the drivers in your inner ear. But unlike other buds, theres a second layer of silicone that wraps around the earbud itself, with a wing tip that presses up against your upper ear. The design keeps the earbuds in place and minimizes the amount of plastic touching your ear, making them comfortable for a long period of time. The Spirit Dot 2 check all the other fitness earbud boxes, too. Theyre IPX7 waterproof, the touch controls work with sweaty fingertips, and you get an hour of music playback from a 10-minute charge. The sound isnt quite as dynamic and full as pricier options from the likes of Jabra and Bose, but Ankers sound nearly as good for half the money.


    • HearThrough mode allows you to adjust ambient sound levels
    • HearThrough is ineffective in high wind


    • Secure fit
    • HearThrough mode is just wind noise at high speed


    • 5-minute quick charge yields 60 minutes of battery
    • 6-hour battery life
    • Bluetooth interference in urban areas


    • Flimsy charging case
    • Minimal ambient sound


    • Excellent sound quality
    • Pricey


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    Jabra Elite : Great Sound On A Budget

    Jabra earbuds havent historically been the cheapest, but the Elite 3 finally buck that trend with an $80 price tag that frequently drops below that during sales. And fortunately, they dont cut many corners at this low price. The Elite 3 offer very good sound quality, a superb fit with multiple ear tips and around nine continuous hours of battery life thats some of the best weve tested on any pair of buds. You even get the same HearThrough mode found on Jabras more expensive buds for amplifying the outside world when you need to stay alert its perfect for when youre walking through a city or at the airport.

    The big trade-offs here are that the Elite 3s plastic case feels a little cheap compared to its more premium siblings, and the bass doesnt pop the same way it does on other Jabra buds. You also wont get ANC, which isnt a feature we expect at this price but one youll find on other cheap options like the EarFun Air Pro and TCL MoveAudio S600. But youd be hard-pressed to find a higher-quality set of earbuds at this price especially considering weve seen them as low as $60.

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