Which Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Is Best

Does It Have Voice Command


Like pairing and sound quality, hands-free voice command is also one of the most important features that every motorcycle Bluetooth headset must have. But unfortunately, not all do. Anyways, you must consider this feature when looking for a headset because you wont have to take your hands off the handlebar to use it. Instead, you can use a voice command to take calls even when you are on the road riding your motorcycle. This is a very convenient feature, which will let you ride safely with no worries.

The Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: Fodsports M1

The Fodsports M1-S Pro takes the Budget win because even though its under £100, you can still connect up to eight riders and chat simultaneously, its fully waterproof with strong range and higher grade Bluetooth. The only downside is no FM radio. If this bothers you, then opt for the Lexin it has radio but lower quality Bluetooth tech.

M1s Pro Helmet Intercom

  • Quick info: High-spec entry-level motorcycle intercom,$89.99

The Fodsports M1-S Pro is a budget Bluetooth intercom with higher-tech compared to its direct competition.

This helmet intercom sustains wireless intercom for as many as 8 motorcyclists, permitting you to enjoy the enjoyment of multi-person telephone calls.

If youre after a budget motorcycle intercom and often ride in groups then consider the M1S PRO.

At the same time, it has exceptional compatibility and security, it’s geared up with Bluetooth 4.1 variation.

If there are no obstacles, the optimum interaction distance of motorcycle helmet intercoms is about 2000 meters. The maximum range between the two motorcycles has to do with 500 meters.

It makes use of a premium full-frequency membrane layer monomer with a powerful sound decrease function.

It can maintain high-definition audio top quality when you are speeding at high speed, guaranteeing your riding experience.

At the same time, M1-S Pro is water-proof as well as dustproof, allowing you to take pleasure in the fun of riding without any scruples.

M1s Pro is outfitted with flexible, detachable, and also very easy to install metal clamps. And can be eliminated at any moment as well as set up on other helmets.

M1s pro is a classic design in FODSPORTS, which is really ideal for newbies and also experts.


Long Standby Battery & Removable Metal Clip


  • Quick info: Easy to use, simple, $89.99


Supports up to 6 riders.

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Lexin G16 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Multi

Best Mid-price Motorcycle Intercom Multi-Rider

No need to break the bank to enjoy top-of-the-range features for group bluetooth helmet intercoms. This system falls between the budget and top-shelf units when comparing price points.

The Lexin G16 allows conversation for up to 16 riders with a claimed distance range of 2km. These impressive stats are thanks to the intercoms Bluetooth 5.0. As a result, it is twice as fast and gives four times the range of the 4.2 version.

Thanks to Lexins universal pairing facility, connectivity to other brand intercoms is straightforward. Music sharing is only possible with other G16 units, so the fast streaming and built-in FM radio are primarily aimed at rider and pillion.

The sound quality is impressive, thanks to 40-mm HD speakers. Whats more, the units advanced noise reduction software is clear up to a claimed 144-kph. The intercom is water and dustproof and features an integral LED light.

The LED is useful for night riding. It means you can instantly check out a potential issue without removing your helmet or finding a flashlight. The light facility will drain the battery, but there is power to spare with 15 hours of intercom talk or music streaming. The 2 hour recharge time is impressive.

  • 15 hour talk time
  • Music sharing only possible with other G16 units
  • Not as many features as some other brands
  • Lost connections must be manually re-added

Where to buy the Lexin G16 motorcycle intercom system?

Interphone Tour Bluetooth Headset Review

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best (February 2021)

Quick info: Tough and rugged, Incredible battery time, £160

A record setting 20 hours talk time, 1,000 hours standby time, fast charging , four-way intercom, radio and able to connect to any Bluetooth device all for £160 . Thats pretty good value for money considering the functionality is very similar to its higher priced competitors. The Interphone Tour headset is perfect for riders on long journeys and those who travel with pillions and groups.

  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Voice activated: Yes
  • Incredibly long lasting battery life
  • Fast charging
  • 1000 hours of standby time
  • Rugged and durable
  • Can be connected to other brands
  • FM radio included
  • Comes with advanced noise control to block out ambient noise
  • Hard to pick faults with the Interphone Tour. Its Interphones flagship Bluetooth headset and packs a punch for a reasonable price.

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Ejeas V6 Pro Bt Bluetooth Headset Review

Quick info: Cheapest motorcycle Bluetooth headset, £42

Can connect to 5 other units , 0.7 mile range, plays well with other Bluetooth headsets, noise control, make and receive phone calls, quick charge time and a decent 8-hour battery life. Impressive for a £42 device.

  • Intercom: Connects up to 6 unites, but only works on a one-to-one intercom.
  • Talk time: 8 hours
  • Fast charging
  • Doesnt come with a radio
  • Short range and battery life

Fodsports Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

When you need a perfect Bluetooth intercom that will support more riders, this is a selection you should try out. The Bluetooth intercom supports up to 8 users, which makes it a selection that will suit you better. In addition to this, the set comes with two packs so that it serves two riders. More interestingly, it is a waterproof unit that you can use during every season. It also delivers a crystal clear sound system thanks to the DSP echo canceling system.

Additionally, it can connect within a longer range of 2000m to allow for better performances. The hands-free system allows for easy answering and dialing when making calls. This also makes it a breeze to listen to your favorite playlist as you ride.

  • 900mAh built-in battery

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Ease Of Use And Installation

Installing the intercom headset can be done via taping it inside the helmet or by screwing it using clamps. If you ride daily, it is recommended that you install the headset using clamps as it will make sure it stays in place for a long time.

You should also check for units that can be operated via voice command. This will lessen the need to tinker with the headset by hand while riding. Remember, safety must always be placed front and center when it comes to the rules of the road.

Scs Etc Helmet Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth 2021

For elementary communication with other riders, this is a perfect selection of helmet intercom that will suit you. The intercom is highly durable thanks to the rugged material used in the construction. This makes it both rainproof and dustproof hence a selection that will suit you better. In addition to this, it supports up to 6 riders, which makes it a unit that suits every rider. More interestingly, the Bluetooth intercom supports hands-free communication. With this, you can make calls and listen to your favorite channels and playlist when riding. You can use the intercom with both full face and half face helmets.

Additionally, it functions within a longer range of 1828 yards and connects relatively faster. The intercom comes with four magic stickers so that you can easily attach it to the helmet. Also, it comes with a high-capacity 900mAh built-in battery for up to 15-hours runtime. Due to this, you get to ride without worrying about the battery.

  • USB charging cable

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Guides For Buying The Best Bluetooth Headset In 2020

So there you have it! You have seen and read the reviews of these Bluetooth headsets for a motorcycle helmet. These headset reviews will maximize your benefits of staying connected with your fellow riders and eliminate of feeling lonely on the road.

If you are planning to look for the best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle headset, there are certain buying guides to keep in mind when searching for the best Bluetooth headset. This will allow you to find the best helmet communication system.

These guides mention below:

The 3+ Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets In 2021

Whether you want to listen to music in high quality, chat with your wife at home, or stay connected with the people youre riding with, the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets will let you do all of that. Instead of relying on noise cancelling earphones or having to stop and take a phone call, a motorcycle Bluetooth headset makes it easy to stay connected.

With the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset you can enjoy your favourite music with excellent noise cancellation technology, listen to accurate GPS directions, and communicate with people around you. You can also take and respond to phone calls with surprising clarity. When it comes to audio communication, these motorcycle Bluetooth headsets have it all these days.

With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best motorcycle Bluetooth system that matches your requirements and writing style. In this post, we put together a list of the best motorcycle headsets to help you make the right decision. Dont forget to scroll to the bottom for helpful buyers guide and FAQ. Lets jump right into it!

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Communication And Audio Quality

This is the most important element you need to look for when you shop. Look for headsets that offer impeccable audio quality during calls. As loud noises will most likely bombard you from traffic and the wind, a headset with excellent noise cancellation capability should also be considered for maximum communication.

The range capability of the headset must also be taken into consideration. You dont want a headset that loses its connection with partnered devices quickly whenever reaching a minimum set distance between motorcycles. Go for the 500-yard minimum range when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity.

How Much Is A Quality Bluetooth Speaker For Motorcycle


Finding the best price Bluetooth motorcycle speakers can be tricky because the features of each product differ with its price range. Kick off your search with a budget-friendly small speaker that typically retails for under $50.

These smaller Bluetooth speakers are categorized as budget or entry-level models and they do not include many of the advanced features found in premium or mid-range speakers that can cost anywhere between $100 to $500.

Bike riders can now enjoy their favourite music or podcast as they cruise through the city streets. The speakers are small and portable so they can be stored away in your backpack, glove box or even under a ponytail depending on how long youre planning to stay on the road.

Above $100 are speakers featuring advanced Bluetooth technology that dont need wires to connect and include a remote control for wirelessly changing tracks or inputting a call. The premium range speakers are high-quality and, in most cases, come with multiple drivers or a subwoofer to provide crisp, powerful sound.

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What Is The Cost Of The Device

No doubt! The very first thing you must keep in your mind is the COST and just because a Bluetooth headset is expensive, it doesnt mean that it contains all the features you require. Or, in other words, go for the Bluetooth headset that has all the features that fit your needs. Whether it costs $50 or $500.

Keep in mind that the prices may differ a lot in the US, UK and EU. Thats because of the value added tax for electronic devices that some countries have to pay while others dont.

Take And Make Calls Talk To Other Riders And Listen To Tunes

You can make and take calls, connect to up to 3 other headsets, listen to music from your phone or audio device or get turn-by-turn instructions from your Sat Nav. It has a lower operating time than most other headsets and a shorter range and lower quality audio but as a first step into the world of Bluetooth headsets its a great choice.

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Jzaq Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth 50 Intercom

You should check for the Bluetooth technology that the intercom uses before making the order. This is a perfect selection that uses Bluetooth 5.0 hence a selection that will suit you better and connects seamlessly. Because of this, you can connect to two mobile phones to enjoy your music and allows for a stronger signal. It is a reliable unit that comes with a 700mAh built-in battery, which allows for up to 50-hours runtime.

It also uses waterproof technology so that you can conveniently use it during all weather conditions. With the DSP noise cancellation system, you get a crystal clear sound when communicating with other riders. It is elementary to install in the helmet and can connect within a range of 20m.

  • Wide application

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For 2021 [Easy To Install]

So youve decided to take the plunge? But youll be wearing a helmet so how are the headphones going to work?

Well, if youve not looked into this yet, youll automatically assume it to be complicated. However, these products are specifically designed for this particular vehicle so the entire system will be laid out to fit onto pretty much any helmet.

The utilization of wireless technology will form connections with your cell phone, mp3 player and even your GPS navigation system.

All of this combines with the easy connectivity aspect of these products to minimize any issues that you think might occur.

The one issue that we will experience is when were about to choose the right product. Due to the availability of so many products, itll be difficult to pick the right one. After all, there are so many things you need to consider.

In order to focus on this, we have carried out the research and concluded this by listing 5 of the best sets you can buy in 2018. Make sure that you compare each of these products by checking out our comparison table below.

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Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Headset


It has a smart design that will fit in several helmets easily. Do you know why we chose freedom as our top pick? Because it is the top-leading motorcycle Bluetooth headset in the market.


Other than that, this motorcycle Bluetooth headset has an intercom mode, and you can use it for communicating with others. So if you are going on an adventure with friends, this headset with an intercom will allow you to communicate with a hands-free option. More than that, this motorcycle Bluetooth headset will deliver sound smoothly. And you can hear the clear music with your other paired devices. Best of all, it has an echo-canceling feature that blocks the outside noises, and you will listen to the sound of your friends through the intercom.


The freedconn offers a stand by time of 300 hours, but the talk-time is 10 hours. Besides, the intercom talking time is 7 hours. The battery of this headset will work for 300 hours.

Speaker And Microphone

Other than that, you can answer or reject the calls with this headset. Due to its hands-free operation, you can control the music as well as the sound volume. As if thats not enough, the freedconn motorcycle Bluetooth headset has a hard mic that is ideal for half motorcycle helmet users. And you can connect the Bluetooth with three people at a time.

Extra Features
FreedConn TCOM-SC Alternatives
Speaker And Microphone

Sena 20s Evo Bluetooth Headset Review

The Sena 20S EVO motorcycle Bluetooth communications system is the upgraded version of Sena 20S-01 motorcycle Bluetooth headset. First, we havent given much thought to the Sena 20S EVO because its just newly launched and the Sena 20S-01 had already been amongst the most popular Bluetooth headset available on the market. But, a while back one of our readers asked us: why havent we mentioned the Sena 20S EVO instead chose the Sena 20S-01 over it?

Well, I have to admit It was a mistake not to add the Sena 20S EVO in the list of best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. But, weve corrected it now. Because, the communication system is amazing!

When the Sena 20S-01 was first introduced on the market, the industry was already struggling with designing a decent motorcycle Bluetooth headset. But, this all changed when the 20S-01 came out. The Sena 20S-01 showed riders how to communicate when riding. It was the first dual Bluetooth module communication system.

So, when it comes to upgrading the communication system, it was very challenging for the Sena development team to represent a level of refinement that wouldnt disappoint riders. After in-depth research, innovative technology, and hard work the proven market leader Sena, finally, designed the 20S-EVO Bluetooth headset.

The headsets dual microphone enhances the user experience. One microphone is inside for the intercom function and the other microphone is outside for listening to the sounds of the environment around you.

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best

Motorcycle bluetooth headset can be of many uses.

Imagine youre travelling at a high speed and suddenly your cell phone starts to ring. What if this is an important call? If this ever happens to you, youll be left with 2 options either pull up by the side or risk missing what may be an important phone call. This is exactly where a wireless set comes into play.

The importance of such an accessory has risen in the past few years due to strict state laws which have targeted drivers.

If you end up buying this accessory, at least youll be able to go out with a sense of freedom. Not only this but theres another important benefit of buying a motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset.

Whether you like to ride because its your hobby or this is the most appropriate form of travel for you, one thing is clear everyone loves music !

Just imagine racing away against the wind while listening to your favourite tunes on full blast. That image seems like a scene from a movie! The truth is that we cant live without music and a helmet set certainly satisfies this requirement.

So along with an element of safety, this accessory can be extremely beneficial for many other reasons.

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