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Do All Fitness Trackers Need Bluetooth

Willful Non Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker SW307 (Review)

No, not all fitness trackers require Bluetooth to operate and track health-related data. However, many fitness trackers do utilize Bluetooth in order to sync with your smartphone so that the data is more accessible.

Most fitness trackers dont actually use the Bluetooth connection to track data, but instead just to transmit the tracked data to your phone or computer. Some fitness trackers also use Bluetooth so that you can listen to music with wireless headphones while exercising.

Best Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth New 2020

Under Sun Fitness These non-bluetooth fitness trackers will help you track your stats to optimize performance without the risk of radiation!

Echelon Fitness You can even share your dashboards in the data cloud with friends and family. Back to basics: Simple Fitness Trackers and Pedometers without Bluetooth and

Fitness Tracker Non Bluetooth

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Home Fitness Code We can help you with that! You do not have to buy a non-Bluetooth one if you have a fitness tracker with Bluetooth. You just have to disable it. Most of the

Titan Fitness The Willful non-Bluetooth fitness tracker is a stylish and simple device you can use to track your activities. It doesnt require a Bluetooth connection, an app

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Best Stylish

  • Bluetooth Yes, but can be disabled completely

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a stylish fitness tracker from Samsung and like other fitness trackers on this list, it doesnt require a Bluetooth connection to work.

On its features, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is basically a standalone fitness tracker. It comes with fitness features including heart rate monitoring, calorie burned tracking, activity tracking , and more. It is also water-resistant up to 50m meaning you can have the tracker on while swimming, taking a shower, or washing your hands without any issues.

Aside fitness, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro also comes with other interesting features like music playback , dust/scratch resistance, and enhanced fitness tracking via third-party apps like MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, and more.

Like other fitness trackers on this list, you can disable Bluetooth connectivity on the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro if you dont need or use it. To do that, tap the Power button on the fitness tracker, then navigate to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Status > Off to turn off Bluetooth completely on the device.

Note that when Bluetooth is disabled, you wont be able to sync your fitness data with your smartphone or use other third-party apps like MyFitnessPal, Strava, and MapMyRun which require the tracker to be connected with your phone. I highly recommend connecting the fitness tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth at least once a day to ensure you dont lose any of your fitness data.


This Activity Tracker Lets You Turn Off Wireless For A No Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Experience

Willful Non

Still track-real time:

  • Bike Speed
  • Sleep

Unfortunately, you can’t download activity to your phone or app that’s logged while the Blue Tooth is disabled. But you do see all activity for a 12 or 24 hour period on the Garmin Vivosmart. August had never used a fitness tracker until she scoured the market for a fitness tracker without wireless EMF and found this one. She loved it so much that she bought her daughter one for Christmas.

We don’t sell them directly, but you can find them through the link.

In today’s tech driven society wearables come with radiation health risks, not to mention anxiety. This watch unlike the FitBit allows you to disconnect and unplug, greatly reducing EMF exposure.

Note that this fitness tracker is Blue Tooth enabled–YOU can choose to disable it. You can only download sleep patterns, calorie patterns, exercise patterns etc for tracking when Blue Tooth is enabled.

To disable Bluetooth you simply make the change on the tracker like so:

Settings> Phone Icon> Bluetooth Icon> Off

The Newer Models, The Garmin Vivo Smart 3 and The Garmin VivoSmart 4 require you to download, sync and login to their Garmin Connect App in order to set up the menu. The Trackers do not work at all unless you connect them. That’s annoying for sure, but once they are set up you can disable the Blue Tooth and keep all your information on the VivoSmart 3 and 4 instead of using the App.

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Willful Setup Watch Smart

Posted: 2 From the watch to the phone Press the Dialler button on the watch then search for a new device, find your smart watch and connect Buy Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS Phones Compatible iPhone Samsung, IP68 Swimming Waterprof Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watches for Men Women online at …

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Can They Help Improve Your Health

Like any fitness wearables, a smart bracelet without Bluetooth can help you stay active and engaged. However, it would mostly depend on you. You are the one who makes it happens.

If you wish to track your steps, you can set up goals so you can move more. For example, a fitness goal can be to take 10,000 steps a day. That would depend on how many steps you take on average. You can increment a couple of hundred a week.

You can do the same with the calories. If you burned 300 calories in one hour you can still add 20 minutes more. See, whether a device is accurate or not, you can still use the data to motivate yourself to move more.

When it comes to numbers dont think it too much. Just use your health data as a guide to help you improve your performance and stay motivated. No matter the type of fitness wearables you use they will never be 100% accurate. However, you can still the stats to know where you stand.

Self-monitoring is a way to create a habit. We have to start somewhere, right? Also if you are not sure which fitness watch you can use, you can try one that does not use Bluetooth. Thereafter, you can find something more advanced if you want to get a bigger picture of your health and fitness progress.

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Huakua Fitness Tracker Watch

Huakuas Fitness Tracker watch is a really affordable fitness watch without Bluetooth or Apps. If youve always wanted the features of these watches but didnt want Bluetooth technology on your body then this watch is for you.

With a 1.47 inch touch screen, long battery life, Hakuas waterproof Bluetooth-free fitness tracker has a ton of great features and is really easy to use. Ideal for kids, seniors and anyone concerned about their electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Great Features Include

  • All day activity tracking
  • Sleep tracker
  • Useful tools
  • 3 colors to choose from

For more information about this Bluetooth-free fitness watch or to buy one for yourself, go here.

Fitness watches help users get in shape and stay aware of their activity level. Theyre a good idea in theory, but they do come with an inherent risk due to EMF. You can help minimize that risk by purchasing a watch that allows you to disable Bluetooth. Hopefully, as additional research is done on Bluetooth radiation, more watch manufacturers will recognize the need to allow users to disconnect from Bluetooth and create radiation free activity trackers.

Fitness Tracker Or Pedometer Which One To Buy

WILLFUL Fitness Tracker SW025 vs WILLFUL Non-Bluetooth Pedometer SW308 – Which One Is Best For Me?

Every device has its advantage. The main difference between a fitness band and a pedometer device is its Bluetooth connectivity. A fitness tracker comes with Bluetooth, but it has an option to completely disable it whereas a pedometer device doesnt have any wireless connectivity.

Also, fitness trackers are wearable on the wrist, which allows you to carry them wherever you go. However, a pedometer is specially made for measuring physical activity compromising connected features like remote cameras, smartphone notifications, etc.

Therefore, if you are going to use a device just for tracking physical activity like the number of steps taken, distance, calories burned, then a pedometer device will be a perfect choice for you. However, if you are looking for smart features like notifications, alarms, reminders that youll be using in your day-to-day life, consider purchasing a fitness band.

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Garmin Vvosmart Hr Best Battery Life

  • Bluetooth Yes, but can be disabled completely

The Garmin vívosmart HR is another impressive fitness tracker from Garmin that also doesnt require a bluetooth connection to work. It is Bluetooth enabled though and that is because the tracker uses bluetooth to pair to your smartphone but bluetooth can be turned off if dont want it.

Pairing your smartphone with your fitness tracker allows you to use features like music playback control, smart notifications, camera control, and others on the tracker.

This Garmin vivosmart HR is a sleek and stylish-looking fitness tracker that can track your fitness activities including steps, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, floors climbed, activity intensity, and more. One thing I really loved about this fitness tracker is the fact that the display is very visible even when youre under a bright light or outdoors.

Like the Garmin vívosmart 4 which was mentioned earlier, the Garmin vívosmart HR also allows you to completely disable bluetooth connectivity if you dont need it. To do that, connect the tracker to your smartphone via the Garmin Connect app, then navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > Status > Off.

Overall, the Garmin vívosmart HR is an impressive fitness tracker offered at a very low price and the best part is that it doesnt require bluetooth to track your fitness activities although it requires bluetooth if you need to sync your fitness data with your smartphone.


Ozo Fitness Cs1 Best Non

  • Bluetooth No

The OZO Fitness CS1 Simple Step Tracker like the name suggests is a simple step tracker and the second fitness tracking device from OZO on this list.

Like the OZO CS2 Digital Pedometer, the OZO CS1 Simple Step Tracker allows you to accurately track your steps without the need for any form of connectivity, smartphone, or computer.

The device is also pretty accurate in my experience and very easy to use too. It comes with an extra-large non-touch screen which allows you to view your fitness data clearly unlike other fitness trackers on this list with small displays.

Overall, this step tracker from OZO is an ideal fitness tracker for seniors as it doesnt require a smartphone for anything at all.


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How Good Is A Willful Non

Willful smartwatches and fitness tracker are quite popular in the market because it provides several useful features in an affordable price segment.

The Willful non-Bluetooth fitness tracker meets your requirement of not having Bluetooth connectivity. Along with, features like exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, alarm, etc. Besides, the battery life is impressive as it can last up to 7 days with a full charge.

Fitness Tracker That Doesnt Need A Smartphone Aka Step

Willful Fitness Tracker Non Bluetooth Simple No App No Phone Best Offer ...

How to Turn Off Bluetooth on Your Fitness Tracker Heres a look at the options. Non-Bluetooth Options, Type, Turn off Bluetooth? iGANK Simple

100% non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker that does not require a smartphone or This cheap basic activity tracker still tracks your walking,

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Willful Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor Review

Posted: Dec 15, 2019 · Willful Fitness Tracker SW352. The Willful SW352 fitness tracker is a good option for the price. With an IP68 waterproof rating, long battery life and smartphone notifications it competes functionality wise with more expensive trackers. Given its price point it would be ideal as a first fitness tracker or as a gift for children.

Functional View More

Willful Willful Simple Pedometer Watch Non Bluetooth No App No

Posted: Non-Bluetooth pedometer watch: no need to connect to the mobile phone no need to link to app accurate fitness tracker accurately track your steps distance calories sleep quality. The Fandom Shop is bringing you great deals on lots of Willful Activity Tracker including Willful Simple Pedometer Watch Non Bluetooth No App No Phone Needed Waterproof Fitness Activity

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What Is A Non

Fitness watches without Bluetooth are fitness wearables that you do not need to connect to a tablet or smartphone because they dont have any Bluetooth connectivity. Besides they do not need an application either. They are usually more affordable due to the lack of features. Also, you do not have to synchronize any data into the phone.

These simple wrist companions can help you stay in shape like any other fitness watch. The only difference is that they do not need to be paired with any device. Keep in mind they do not have any Bluetooth connection at all.

However, they are a great alternative to many complicated smart bracelets. If you like simplicity, a smart bracelet without Bluetooth is the way to go. They also help you stay away from your phone and you dont have to worry about connecting it to a weak internet signal.

They can be a great product for those who are busy, want to keep it simple, and concerned about privacy. You can get peace of mind since no data need to be shared with any apps or third parties. Besides, a fitness watch that does not require a smartphone is easier to use. They are simple but also functional and of course, can help your fitness motivation.

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

How to Connect Willful Kids Fitness Tracker to the VeryFit App

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a feature-rich watch but quite a bit more expensive than the Garmin Vivosmart 4. Its water resistant up to 50 meters and comes with a heart rate monitor, step tracker, GPS tracking, and a long-lasting battery. And best of all, you can completely disable Bluetooth.

To do so, swipe left from the home screen over to the settings window. Under settings, scroll to Bluetooth and uncheck to disable. Just like the Garmin Vivosmart, you will need to enable Bluetooth at least once a day to allow the Gear Fit Pro 2 to sync. .

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What Are The Features And Functionalities

Fitness trackers without Bluetooth come with different features such as step tracking, walking/running distance monitor, and track calories burned. Most of them have a 3D motion sensor to track physical activities with high accuracy.

Depending on the tracker they can even monitor your daily activity all day such as running and walking. Besides, they can have a long battery life, can monitor your sleep, and can be swim-friendly. Keep in mind that they do not require the internet or WIFI either.

Because they have fewer features, non-Bluetooth fitness watches do not have many buttons and hence, very easy to use. Also, they do not use any applications and you can access stats or data right on your wrist.

Please note that although they are not a Fitbit replacement they can be useful, easier to use, and more economical. Besides, they cannot synch to smartphones or tablet which means that you will view your stats on your watch face.

You Will Not See Your Long Term Progress

Most of them will clear the data or stats by midnight which means that you have several hours to see how you did during the day. Although some of them can store health data for 30 days this can be a problem for those who want to keep a longer history. A fitness tracker with Bluetooth will show your progress by month, week and day. However, a non-Bluetooth one will show you daily progress.

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Can I Use A Fitness Tracker Without A Phone

Yes, this is completely possible. First of all, you can use a simple fitness tracker like the OZO I mentioned above that doesnt require any connectivity whatsoever.

If youre going to use a more sophisticated fitness tracker like the Vivosmart or the Gear Fit2 Pro, then accomplishing any kind of tracking without a phone will be a bit more difficult. Its best to keep Bluetooth off during the day and then sync with your phone at night.

You can just turn the Bluetooth back on for your fitness tracker, and simply set your phone and fitness tracker together, away from your body, while they sync.

If you dont have a smartphone and want to accomplish this, many fitness trackers like the Fitbit have software that you can install on your computer and accomplish the same syncing of data without an Android or iPhone app.

Garmin Vivosmart Hr *recommended*

Willful Fitness Tracker Non Bluetooth (Simple, No App No Phone Needed ...

Starting up with the list, we have Garmin Vivosmart HR, which does have Bluetooth but gives you an option to turn it off. It doesnt require to have Bluetooth ongoing to make it work. If you dont want to use features like a music control, remote camera, smart notifications, then you can completely disable the Bluetooth functionality directly from the Vivosmart HR.

As a bonus, there is no WiFi option available in Garmins Vivo series. So you can limit yourself more towards the EMF exposure. Turning off Bluetooth in Garmins Vivosmart HR is pretty much easy Go to Settings > Scroll down > Bluetooth > Status > Off.

The band has a sleek and ergonomic design, making it comfortable to wear all day long. It can monitor your steps, calories, distance, heart rate, and more. You dont need to sync with your smartphone to view this data you can get all the information from the watch itself.

Battery life wont be a disappointment as it can last up to 5 days with normal usage, which is enough. If you are more concerned about storing fitness & health data to prevent data loss, you are just one step away from enabling Bluetooth. However, that totally depends on your requirement. Overall, a great fitness tracker that justifies its price.

  • Bluetooth: Yes, but can be turned off completely.
  • How to disable? Open Settings > Scroll down > Bluetooth > Status > Off


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