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Logitech G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset

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  • Virtual DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound on PC
  • Noise-cancelling microphone with Blue Voice technology
  • 20 hours battery life

If style and looks matter to you and you’re bored of the same old boring headsets, then this Logitech headset might be an option. Styled more like traditional headphones, the Logitech G Pro X wireless is far more understated, doesn’t have any RGB and as is pleasing to the eyes as it is to the ears.

It’s comfortable, thanks to a choice of faux leather and cloth styled ear cups. It also has large drivers that offer a good range of sound with deep bass levels and a brilliantly immersive sound quality that gamers will love.

One of the main selling points of this headset is the microphone. This headset makes use of the Blue Voice technology that allows you to customise the live sound captured from the microphone and adjust it on the fly.


All-in-all, the Logitech G Pro X wireless is an impressive headset for the money. It’s comfortable and delivers great sound, but most importantly it does so with style. Unfortunately, there’s no Bluetooth, 3.5mm connection and you can’t connect to your phone using USB-C either. But if you’re gaming on PC and that’s all you need it for then you won’t be disappointed.

For Whom Are Wired Headphones Useful

Office workers

No-nonsense headsets are essential for office workers, particularly those working in customer service. They should have headsets capable of delivering high-quality sound and good input. These headphones are best for those areas.

The best part is that wired headphone doesnt need to be charged. It means office workers can plug it in immediately and get to work. This is much more convenient than waiting for headphones to charge.

Musicians And Audiophiles

Musicians and audiophiles share one thing in common: they have well-trained hearing. They believe music should be heard the way it ought to be heard. They value every musical note and bass beat.

It is no secret that wired headphone produces better sound quality than wireless headsets. They can hear the slightest difference in sound quality with their trained ears. Both prefer wired headphones to wireless.

Gamers Who Cannot Afford Latency

Precision is the key to hardcore gamers. They cant afford any level of latency, especially when playing intensely. Any sound delay could lead to them losing their position or, worse, even the game itself.

Wireless headphones are preferred by gamers who dont tolerate sound delay. Even Bluetooth headphones with low latency can be susceptible to unexpected interferences. This is why wired headphones can be more reliable in terms of latency issues.

Budget-conscious People

People Who Prefer Plug And Play

Price Of Wireless Gaming Headset Vs Wired

If you compare headsets of equal quality, wired models are always more affordable than wireless. Because wired headset uses older technology and are more straightforward in design, they are generally cheaper.

Wireless headsets require a wireless dongle to function. They use advanced technology to transmit/receive data and also require more expensive hardware.

Wireless headsets are more expensive than wired alternatives due to their advanced technology and the need for wireless transmitters. Wireless technology is growing in popularity, so the gap between the prices may shrink.

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How Long To Beat Shenmue 3

A look at how long it’ll take you to beat Shenmue 3.

Technology is constantly moving forward, and with that technology comes advancement in the area that we care most about: Gaming gear. Gaming is constantly evolving. From next-gen consoles, to audio codecs, to new wireless communication technologies, the continual march of technology powers us forward into new gaming horizons. However, just because a technology is new doesnt automatically make it right for you. Its also not always a given that newer technologies are better than older ones. Take the evolution of keyboards, for example. We have touchscreen keyboards now, but few, if any would want to replace the tactile feedback of mechanical switches with touch-typing on cold glass for their daily work.

Headsets are another obvious area where new technologies are being pushed, and slightly older technologies are maturing. In this article, were going to focus on the choice between wired, wireless, and Bluetooth headsets. What are the differences, and more importantly, which one might be best for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Corsair HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth

Kimber Streams has spent thousands of hours yelling at friends across the Internet while playing games like Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. Kimber has also written or edited all of Wirecutters gaming guides since 2014, and they tested more than 50 gaming headsets for this update.

Thorin Klosowski, the previous author of this guide, has written about technology for nearly a decade and handled the bulk of Wirecutters gaming-related guides, including those covering laptops, mice, and keyboards.

This guide also benefited greatly from the expertise of Wirecutter senior staff writer Lauren Dragan, who holds a bachelors degree in both music performance and audio production from Ithaca College. She has tested more than a thousand pairs of headphones and earbuds while working for Wirecutter, and has been in and out of top recording studios for over a decade, first as a radio producer and on-air talent, then as a professional voice actor.

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Best Affordable Wireless Surround Sound Headset

  • Detachable design
  • Mic mute button on the rear

If you’re the sort of gamer that likes to play on a multitude of different devices, then you might find the Arctis 1 wireless highly appealing.

This is a wireless gaming headset that not only works on PC, but is also compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch and even your phone. You get all those connectivity options, plus the great sound of the Arctis range at a pretty incredible price.

The build quality isn’t quite as good as others we’ve seen but for the price this headset has surprisingly good and sound and plenty more to offer. That includes 2.4GHz wireless audio transmitted over a 30-foot range for up to 20 hours. Up to 20,000Hz frequency response also results in clear and rich audio thanks to the high-quality drivers.

Despite the lack of Dolby or DTS surround sound options, this headset sounds great in-game. If you want a headset that can connect to multiple devices, has a decent battery life and still has good audio too then this is it.


We’re thoroughly impressed with the Arctis 1. It’s an affordable, comfortable and feature-packed headset that’s well worth considering. If you want a headset that can connect to multiple devices, has a decent battery life and still has good audio too then this is it.

There’s no Bluetooth, but the USB-C wireless dongle is multi-capable and a great alternative. If you’ve been eyeing the likes of the Arctis Pro Wireless but were put off by the price, then this headset is the one for you.

How To Connect A Gaming Headset To Playstation 4

In a broad sense, there are two ways to connect a gaming headset to your Playstation 4through the controller and through the console. Unfortunately, its rarely as simple as just plugging something in.

If your headset uses a 3.5mm connection, like many of Razers, the first step is plugging it into the bottom of your Playstation 4 controller. Once thats plugged in, its time to go into the settings menu, navigating to Devices page and selecting Audio Devices. Change the Output option to Headset connected to controller, if it hasnt done it automatically. If this headset uses a mic, set the input setting the same option. After that, make sure the Output to Headphones option is set to all audio. Once youve done that, youre all set, though if you had to do it all manually checking that Switch output device automatically box wouldnt hurt. If youre using a USB headset, the process should be pretty much the same, even if youre just connecting a dongle for a wireless headset.

If your headset uses a base station that requires an optical connection, before doing all the steps above go to the Sound and Screen page in the main settings menu. Then select Digital Out for the Primary Output Port. You may also need to change the Audio Format setting, but that will be particular to the headset you use, and should be listed in its manual.

Once youve done that, you should be all set for gaming on a Playstation 4.

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How Do You Test Wireless Gaming Headsets

Many of the qualities youre looking for from a wireless headset are the same youd hope to find in any audio equipmenttone, build quality, and reliability leading the charge. As such, we listen to each review model while playing different genres of games, listening to music, and watching movies with bombastic sound effects and surround mixesthink less Werner Herzog, more Chris Nolan.

There are a few wireless-specific elements we need to test for, too: battery life, charge time, range, and latency. The former is pretty self-explanatory, though, in addition to an everyday use battery life test, we also run the headset at full volume to discover how quickly the charge drains under those conditions. To ascertain charge time, we well, we charge the headsets and note how long it takes.

Range and latency are trickier to test scientifically. However, having a pleasant walk around the house gives a good indication of range, and latency ultimately comes down to perception. After several days of use, were in an excellent place to make the call on a headset with all that taken into account.

Sizing Up The Competition

Phoinikas Q10 Wired and Bluetooth Gaming Headset review & Unboxing

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a gaming chair is size. Gamers vary wildly in body types, and most manufacturers make chairs specifically designed different sizes.

Standard gaming chairs usually support a maximum of 240 to 300 pounds, depending on the model. Larger, more heavy-duty chairs support maximum weights of 350, 400, and even 450 pounds. The difference in seat dimensions can vary by several inches in width and depth, which can lead to an uncomfortable chair if you buy one that’s too big or small.

Fortunately, most manufacturers offer detailed measurements for every aspect of their chairs. Seat depth and width, backrest height and width, armrest height range, and other measurements can all affect how a chair will feel to you. If you aren’t sure about a given model, go over the measurements and compare them with your current chair.

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Battery Life Vs Movement Freedom

Theres a particular type of convenience that only wireless headsets can give, and thats freedom of motion. Having the freedom to move without removing your headset is a convenience that many people enjoy, not just gamers.

Portability is also a factor to consider. If youre the type to travel often, bringing wireless headsets might be easier to manage since the cords of a wired headset can get tangled easily.

However, the downside is that wireless headsets need to be recharged every couple of days. In contrast, wired headphones dont need a power supply.

Depending on the model, charging can take up to 3-4 hours. While high-end models can last up to 24 hours without charging, lower-end models will not last that long.

The battery life of wireless headsets depends on the quality and type of headset you buy. Some only last a day of use, while others can take three days before recharging. So, thats something to consider when looking at wireless headsets.

For almost every gamer, especially PC players, wired headsets offer better quality for a lower price. Theres no need to worry about suddenly plugging it into a power source in between games.

Also, as long as youre using an audio jack or have adaptors available, most wired headsets are compatible with any device.

How To Connect A Gaming Headset To Your Smartphone

Some gaming headsets offer Bluetooth support as a secondary connection method.

The process of connecting a gaming headset to your smartphone is rather straightforward. If your headset supports 3.5mm connections, all you have to do is connect via your phones headphone jack. If your phone doesnt have a headphone jack built-in, youll need a dongle in order to connect your headset.

Additionally, some gaming headsets support Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth isnt really a connection meant for gaming, as almost all consoles dont support it, but having the option to connect with a phone when youre not gaming is a nice additional feature. However, unlike the act of plugging a headset in, theres no standard of compatibility with Bluetooth.

Headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis 9 and EPOS Sennheiser GSP 670 can handle a simultaneous connection using 2.4GHz for gaming and Bluetooth with a phone, so you wont miss a call if your phone starts ringing mid game. A headset like the HyperX Cloud Mix requires unplugging all its wires before you can pair it with a mobile device. Each headset also has a slightly different method of pairingits usually some form of holding the power button until something beeps, but make sure to read manual for whatever headset you get.

All this info also goes for connecting to computers that support Bluetooth.

Have any other platforms youd like help setting headsets up in? Sound off in the comments.

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Modest Price Premium Features

The Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is an excellent choice if you want high-end features and build quality at a relatively low price. The $130 package includes a sturdy, comfortable, headset with two sets of earpads, plus a DTS Headphone:X 2.0 USB sound card that enables a remarkable variety of EQ and audio processing adjustments for both the headphones and microphone.

If you want an even more premium wired headset, you’ll have to spend significantly more on the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp or the Astro Gaming A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR. At $200 and $250 respectively, both alternatives move up from a USB soundcard to including physical mixing amps with controls and a variety of connection options, and offer slightly superior build quality. In the other direction, the Astro Gaming A10 is an excellent, simple wired gaming headset available for half the price of the G Pro X, though it doesn’t feel nearly as solid or comfortable. In the middle ground, the Logitech G Pro X is a fantastic performer, and our Editors’ Choice.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth ...


  • Pro Specs Glasses Relief system
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is, in our mind, one of the very best gaming headsets we’ve seen from the company. It has a number of features that make it fairly outstanding, not least of which is a rechargeable battery system that lasts for up to 30 hours.

Other highlights include ultra-deep, uber comfortable gel-infused memory foam cushioned ear cups that do a fantastic job of blocking out external noise without making your ears unnecessarily hot. Large drivers with Waves Nx and Maxx technologies offer an impressive 3D audio experience. While the software gives you access to a wealth of customisation options that include masses of EQ presets and custom options.

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same wireless range of other headsets, but it has plenty of awesome features that we love. The glasses relief system allows you to tighten up the ear cups and create a channel for your glasses so you don’t get any unnecessary pressure on your face while you game.

A detachable microphone and the ability to use this headset with other devices via a 3.5mm cable make this a capable and delightful device to own.

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How To Connect A Gaming Headset To Pc

This ones dead simple. Most of the time, all you have to do is plug a headset in and itll work. Depending on how involved the headsets features are, your computer might need to install some drivers, but that should be an automatic process.

After everythings installed, just make sure your computer is using your gaming headset for audio input and output. Normally this happens automatically, but sometimes things can get a little jumbled. Just left-click the little speaker icon on the right and make sure the correct device is selected. Its also probably a good idea to make sure apps like Discord are also set correctly, so check out the audio settings menu there too.

Left-clicking the speaker icon will let you choose which audio device you want to use.

Thats all it takes to get almost any gaming headset up and running on PC, but often theres actually a little more to accessing its full features. Depending on the model of headset, there may also be a particular app to install. Most of the time, the apps are like Logitech G Hubmainly meant to keep the LEDs of your various peripherals coordinated. However, sometimes theyre more like Audezes Mobius app , offering customization options for EQ and a host of other features.

These apps are typically optional additions, so youll need to read up on your particular headset to see what software is available and whether its worth downloading.

How To Connect A Gaming Headset To Playstation 5

A wide USB-C dongle like the one with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P will make accessing the other USB port on the front of the console impossible .

Connecting a gaming headset to your new PlayStation 5 is very easy. The first thing to do is plug your headset, or its wireless dongle, into the PlayStation 5either through the 3.5mm jack in the DualSense controller, or via the USB-A or USB-C ports in the front of the console. As soon as you plug in, the console will recognize a headset connecting and switch audio output over to it.

Right below that option is where you can adjust the PlayStation 5s built-in spatial audio settings. The feature is on by default and compatible with just about every gaming headset, and it brings virtual surround sound to any game programmed to support it. Theres not much in the way of customization, but you can switch between height profiles so the vertical aspect of your game audio sounds correctjust flip through the five height settings and pick the recording of running water that sounds like its closest to your ears .

You can adjust your basic audio and mic volume controls via the menu that comes up on the bottom of the screen when you tap the PS button. Just head to the speaker or microphone icon, and you can make quick adjustments. If your headset has on-ear controls, then you probably dont really need to worry about these menus much, though.

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