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Sony Playstation Platinum Headset 71

How to connect any Bluetooth Headphones to your PS4

For a joyful experience when playing on your PS4, it is worth investing in a great gaming headset. And the Sony PlayStation Platinum might be your ideal choice.

This headset features 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by a state-of-the-art 3D audio tech. You can enjoy an immersive experience with sound emanating from every direction.

Sony Playstation Platinum Headset 7.1

It also comes with multi-device compatibility that can wirelessly connect to your device and PC. There are also 50mm drivers to offer a range of sound and clarity to your world, from rich bass to soaring mids and highs.

This pair of headphones features an advanced wireless microphone capturing your voice and canceling noise.

That said, you will need to plug its cord into the console for connection.

  • Needs cord to connect with the controller

Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset

Image Credit: Amazon

Sony PlayStation wireless headphone also made its place in our top 10 list. The Sony headset has a fantastic mixture of quality, performance, durability, and price. The overall quality of the audio is really impressive.

This wireless headphone is compatible with Play station PS4. The advanced features, the built-in dual mic captures your voice and cancel out the noise. This gaming headset provides premium gaming audio. The high-quality audio helps the player in competitive games. It’s comfortable design and noise cancellation are the plus features of this headphones.

  • The sound is not louder.
  • As it should have to be.
  • Noise cancellation could be better.
  • Platinium wireless headset by Sony redefines the premium audio quality for PS4. It support 3D audio, which gives an amazing experience with audio coming from all the sides. You can connect your personal computer and PS4 with it.

    Why Are Bluetooth Audio Devices Not Supported By Ps4

    After launching the Playstation 4, Sony announced that the device does not support audio streaming Bluetooth profiles and A2DP .

    The question is, Why does Sony stop supporting Bluetooth devices for its PS4? It is because A2DP is lagged about 100-200 ms, making things weird when you use these devices. Thus, you cannot pair most Bluetooth devices to your PS4.

    That said, theres a workaround for this issue. If you wonder Can you connect bluetooth headphones to PS4?, the answer is a big Yes.

    You can try the following ways to connect your wireless headphones to PS4 and enjoy the games!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Headsets

    The biggest difference between the two headsets relates to design. The Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless sports a sturdy metal frame with jet-black finished ear cups, while the Corsair Virtuoso Wireless SE is adorned with gunmetal aluminum accents and micro-perforations for the RGB lighting. The Virtuoso Wireless SE also delivers better sound quality compared to the Void RGB Elite wireless, although its sound profile is still better suited for gaming rather than casual listening. Besides those two key differences, both headsets deliver comparable wireless performance, isolation, and battery life.

    No, none of these headsets feature active noise cancelling. That being said, its important to make sure that your next headset has good isolation performance, which ultimately determines how well a product is able to block out ambient noise.

    When it comes to convenience, wireless is king. However, wired headsets have superior sound quality over their wireless counterpart. This is because wired connections allow for a greater amount of data transmission, resulting in higher fidelity audio with less latency. It is worth noting that as new wireless technologies develop, the gap between wired and wireless sound quality is closing to the point where unless youre a true audiophile you may not even notice a difference.

    Be sure to check out our list of the best Playstation 4 headsets, which feature some wired options for those who prefer sound quality over convenience.

    Connect A Bluetooth Headset

    Bluetooth Headset compatible with PS3 and PS4 ...

    Unfortunately, most Bluetooth headsets don’t work on the PlayStation 4. Wireless headset that do work on this console often come with an extra USB receiver that you connect to the PlayStation.

    Want to try with a Bluetooth headset anyway? Follow the steps below.

    • Boot up your PS4 and go to Settings, then go to Devices.
    • Select Bluetooth devices. The PS4 will now automatically search for Bluetooth devices in the area.
    • Follow the pairing instructions for your Bluetooth headset.
    • Select the headset when the device becomes visible in the list of Bluetooth devices.
    • In the menu, adjust the sound settings. Do this by holding the PS button and going to Sound/Devices.
    • Grab the PS4 controller and the headset.
    • Plug the headset’s 3.5-millimeter jack into the PS4 controller’s headphone connector.
    • Press and hold the PS button on the controller. A menu will now appear.
    • Go to Sound/Devices. In the menu, you’ll be able to adjust the sound settings.

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    If None Of These Look Good

    We’ve rounded up a wide selection of the best gaming headsets we’ve tried, but there are countless others on the market. Our list is great if you want recommendations so you don’t have to deal with combing through all the options. But if you want to explore for yourself, here are a few important things to look for in a good headset.

  • Audio quality: It seems like it would go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway: You can’t always tell from a spec sheet how a headset will sound. A well-made stereo headset can sound better than a poorly made 7.1 Dolby Atmos surround sound set. Check reviews to get a sense of how a headset performs in real life.
  • Surround sound options: Modern headsets have gotten very good at recreating or simulating surround sound in headsets with systems like Dolby Atmos for Headphones or DTS:X. These systems are particularly impactful in games where you want to be able to hear exactly where an enemy is firing at you from. Be sure you can turn surround sound on or off.
  • Comfort: This is another subjective category, but if you’re going to wear a headset for hours while you’re gaming, it’s important that it doesn’t hurt. A heavy headset pressing against your temples can give you a headache after a while. Look for headsets that have adjustable, ergonomic designs, plenty of cushioning, and are generally lightweight.
  • Steelseries Arctis 7 Lag

    – Surround for PC, Playstation 4, VR, Mac and Wired for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS

    Image Credit: Amazon

    The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is the great headset for play station 4 and pc users. This headset has excellent audio quality. Yes, the microphone is directional, but it adjusts nicely.

    This wireless headphone provides you with lag-free audio using auto-channel hopping technology. Arctis 7 is personalized for the perfection and beauty. When the headset is powered on, the speakers connect with the transmitter automatically. Ergonomic ear controls give easy access to the volume and mic mute option. Here are some pros and cons of the Arctis 7 headsets.


    • Mic could have been stiffer.
    • More PC focused wireless headphones.

    For the low price as 120$, this headphone is an incredible addition in wireless headset giants. This headset has an awesome pro look. But still, this headphone is not used mostly for the play stations, actually it is more focused towards pc’s.

    The comfort level and audio quality are up to the mark at this low price. Arctis headsets feature athletics-inspired performance fabric AirWeave ear cushions. It also comes with a ski goggle suspension headband for long-lasting comfort. This headphone also provides you with lag-free high quality audio.

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    Go To Your Ps4 Settings

    To get to the Settings, switch on your PS4 and sign in so that youre on the Home Screen. From there, hit up on the analog stick to open up the top Menu Bar, then go all the way to the right hand side and select Settings.

    When youre there, scroll down until you see Devices. Click on Devices and then select Bluetooth Devices.

    Settings> Devices> Bluetooth Devices

    Will Any Bluetooth Headset Work With Ps4


    There are a lot of Bluetooth headphones that arent compatible with the PS4, so youll need to make sure you have headphones that are specifically designed for the PS4. There are some Bluetooth headphones that come with a special dongle that needs to be plugged into the PS4 controller or console to be able to use them.

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    Can I Connect Airpods To Ps4

    There is a way to connect Apple AidPods to the PS4. The problem is that connecting other ear/headphones to Sonys console isnt as simple as connecting other ear/headphones to Sonys console, as you cant actually do it out of the box, so to speak. If you want to use AirPods with your PlayStation 4, youll need some extra equipment.

    Thee Best Wireless Playstation 4 Headsets: Notable Mentions

    • Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset: Based on the same design and tech as the original Bose QuietComfort 35 II, these cans double as a great-sounding gaming headset and a reliable pair of Bluetooth headphones for casual listening.
    • HyperX Cloud II Wireless: This no-frills wireless gaming headset gets the basics right, offering great audio quality, a comfortable design, and over 30 hours of battery life. Its available for $150 USDa price tag that shouldnt be too out of reach for most gamers.
    • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro: This headset has everything youd want in a gaming headset: a low-profile aesthetic, unparalleled comfort, great sound profile, and compatibility with a wide variety of gaming platforms.
    • Sennheiser GSP 670: This sub-$200 headset offers a very comfortable design and very accurate audio reproduction, and should appeal to gamers who are quite picky when it comes to sound quality. It also comes equipped with Bluetooth, with support for high quality codecs like AAC, aptX, and aptX Low Latency.

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    How Games Are Meant To Sound

    7.1 Surround Sound

    Add incredible audio clarity to every adventure and bring your games to life with 7.1 virtual surround sound, available in all PS4 games including Fortnite, Days Gone and Red Dead Redemption 2.

    40mm audio drivers

    Experience powerful bass response from the built-in 40mm audio drivers in each ear cup and hear earth-shaking explosions and the rumble of oncoming vehicles for full immersion.

    Can I Use My Airpods With My Ps5

    Official Sony Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 ...

    What You Need to Connect AirPods to PS5. It may seem hard to believe since the PS5 is the latest and greatest video game console, but it doesnt support Bluetooth audio when you first buy it. That means that you cant use any Bluetooth headphonesincluding AirPodswith the PlayStation 5 without purchasing an accessory.

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    Wireless Headphones For Ps4

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    Mayflash Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter Popular Choice For Its Compatibility

    This MAYFLASH Magic-NS adapter is compatible with a wide range of devices. That is the trait that put it on my list.

    The benefit that comes with this adapter is that you can use it on almost all sorts of devices. It supports PS4, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Wii U Pro, and even Xbox One. As you can use the same adapter on other devices, at the end of the day this ps4 Bluetooth dongle for pc will save you a few bucks.

    To improve the ease of use, it has connection indicators. The color-coded indication lights indicate different states of the adapter for easier understanding. Also, you wont have to worry about upgrading as it supports the PS5 Controller.

    The USB Type C cable is included in the package so you wont have to spend extra for the cable. This adapter allows adjusting dead zone and vibration intensity, which is quite rare to see in adapters. To ensure the best experience it also supports the PS4 controllers gyroscope input.

    ? Pros:
    • Some controllers require button remapping
    • Might experience input lag from time to time

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    How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Ps4

    There are different ways that you can connect wireless headphones to your PS4. However, its important to know that not all Bluetooth headphones can work seamlessly with the way Sony sets up its Bluetooth connections, which primarily focuses on branded PS4-compatible wireless headphones only.

    Theres no need to worry though, as other non-compatible headphones can still work on the PS4 using a few tricks.

    Q: Which Features Should You Look For While Shopping For A Wireless Headset For A Ps4

    Tech Tips: How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4.

    Each gamers headset requirements will vary a little bit. But common features that should be evaluated before purchasing a headset include noise cancellation, surround sound, wireless connectivity, sensitivity, cord design, and more. If youre hoping for an entirely immersive gaming experience, finding a headset with surround sound capabilities will be your biggest game-changer. A wireless design will allow you to operate without cords, but the battery life is a limiting factor. Instead of being able to play non-stop, youll have to charge your headphones periodically. Additional features that may be of interest to you include LED lighting, drivers, sensitivity, and comfort. Do you need your headset to accommodate hours of use, padding the sides of your head lightly to allow you to stay comfortable? Do you intend to use your headset for multiple gaming consoles? Answering these questions will help you to begin your search for the perfect wireless headset.

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    How To Choose The Best Headphones For Ps4

    The best way to really enjoy playing on the PS4 is to invest in a good-quality gaming headset. You dont have to worry about breaking the bank and spending a lot of money because expensive doesnt always equate to high-quality.

    If youre interested in finding out the best wireless headphones to use on the PS4, please feel free to check out our review.

    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Ps4 Wireless Headset

    A wireless headset makes it easier to chat with friends while you play, and it can also help you get the most out of your PS4 by making it easier to hear in-game audio cues. Browse the top-ranked list of PS4 wireless headsets below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews

    Top comment

    Im not a gamer but I love hello kitty and wanted to try a headset over my AirPods and this pair meets all of my needs . …Compared to BT Razer Kitty Headphones this headset is much more softer/comfortable on the ears/head.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART Say hello to the Razer Kraken BT Kittyreimagined with a heart of gold! Freshly baked with Razer Chroma RGB and a burst of stream reactive lighting, this headset is the perfect companion for those who speak from the heart.See all Gaming HeadsetsTop comment

    Im not a gamer but I love hello kitty and wanted to try a headset over my AirPods and this pair meets all of my needs . …Compared to BT Razer Kitty Headphones this headset is much more softer/comfortable on the ears/head.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART Say hello to the Razer Kraken BT Kittyreimagined with a heart of gold! Freshly baked with Razer Chroma RGB and a burst of stream reactive lighting, this headset is the perfect companion for those who speak from the heart.$119.99Your price for this item is $119.99Add to Cart

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    Do You Really Need Gaming Headphones

    If youâre a casual gamer and rarely use your console, then itâs not worth investing in a pair of gaming headphones. BUT if you take gaming seriously and want to own the game every single second, gaming headphones are a must! A decent pair can even give you and edge in competitive gameplay, such as hearing your enemies approaching in Call of Duty.

    Sony Playstation Gold Wireless

    2.4G Bluetooth Wireless Over

    Made directly by Sony, and exclusively for the PlayStation, it has got a lot to offer.

    There are 3 colors available, Gold, Platinum, and the signature White edition. The headset features a sleek design with a glossy body on the outer side of the earpieces and the PS logo. It matches perfectly with the Sony PlayStation.

    • The headphone delivers 7.1 virtual surround sound.
    • It has an app to improve functionality.
    • The device has augmented noise-canceling mics hidden within the body.
    • It can be used wirelessly or with 3.5mm wire.

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    Best Bluetooth Adapter For Ps4

    Sony PlayStation 4 does not officially support most Bluetooth audio devices. That does not mean its a dead end. Many people have to deal with extra wires or buy from only a few choices that support PS4 Bluetooth audio. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

    You might be surprised to know that you can bypass this wall with a little help from a Bluetooth adapter for PS4. Once you get one of these, you can hook up pretty much any headset with it. These little dongles can change how you experience your games.

    But the market is flooded with cheap to high-end dongles. Once youve reached the end, you will have profound knowledge about what to look for and which one to pick.

    Here are my top picked Bluetooth adapters for ps4 you can buy in 2021:

    USB interface, PS4 and PC support, 0.71 x 2.95 x 0.35 inches dimension, 0.02lbs weight

    USB Type C, compatible with PS4,PC,Xbox, Nintendo and more, 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.6 inches, 0.09 lbs weight

    USB, support for PS4,PC and Xbox, 0.74 x 0.58 x 0.27 inches dimension, 0.02 lbs

    USB-A interface, PS4, PC and switch support, 1 x 1 x 1 inch, 0.03 lbs

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